Divine Consiousness

The Divine Consciousness is the purest aspect of the human soul. It is that indestructible part of us that is ‘God in expression’, or the ‘Divine’ standing forth, the ‘I AM’.

We are – each and every one of us - aspects of God. For most of us, knowing about Divine Consciousness is an intellectual exercise. Very few human beings fully know, express or are completely integrated with this Divine energy.

By experiencing the original energies of pure Love and the higher vibration of Divine Consciousness, we’re reminded of who we really are, where we came from and to where we must return: perfection.

It is an individual experience for each and every one of us, as we cannot know anyone else’s experience - only our own.

Activating the “Master” within us in this way enables us to recognise and give expression to our Divine potential.

To live at our highest vibration, our Divine Spark needs to be fanned into the three-fold flame of Divine Consciousness. In this state, we know who we really are – the I AM.

How can you activate your Divine Spark?

Working with the Sonic energies that are beyond this dimension, Divyael helps you break free from the bondage of your past – enabling you to live to your highest potential.

Working with both individuals and groups, Divyael offers you the opportunity to benefit from an energy activation – which will increase your own personal vibration.
After an energy activation, profound spiritual changes are often created – resulting healing and personal transformation for those who experience the pure vibration and love of this energy. Others report a shift in awareness, the clearing and releasing of emotional blockages and an expansion of consciousness.

Each person’s experience is unique. Many people say they feel very loving and peaceful, in a state of bliss. Some feel strong emotions – and laugh or cry profoundly. Others lose awareness of time as if they are in another dimension – often seeing images, colours or patterns of light.
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