About Divyael

Divyaprasad Pandya (Divyael) is a high vibrational Spiritual Teacher and practising Healer, working both in the UK and Internationally. A Magnified Healing® Master Teacher, he is also a 3rd Phase Magnified Healing® 'Light' Practitioner. Originally from Singapore, he has lived and worked in England for more than 30 years, and is based in Preston, Lancashire.

Divya now works with the 'Activation of the Divine Consciousness' in the individual, to enable us to recognise and give expression to the Divine potential that is within each of us. This can bring about profound spiritual changes, healing and personal transformation in those who experience the pure vibration and love of the energy.

As a healer and spiritual counsellor he is considered to be an 'Awakener' - acting as a catalyst to facilitate growth, self empowerment and healing. Many people who have come into contact with him have subsequently experienced changes on many levels, including shifts in awareness, clearing and releasing of emotional blockages and expansion of consciousness.
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Painted by Alexandra Hästesko

Divya is working to integrate the new galactic energies and higher levels of planetary consciousness, linking with the Masters, Archangels and other Beings of light who are assisting mankind in the building of our Light Bodies and the preparation for Ascension.

Divya offers Workshops, Talks, Group Meditations, Healing sessions and 'one-to-one' counselling and healing, both here and abroad, by arrangement. He also offers training workshops in Magnified Healing®. If you would like to arrange a group session in your area for the Activation of the Divine Consciousness, or to discuss any other aspect of Divya work, he will be happy to talk to you...

Mobile: 07966 373299
E-Mail: divyael@tiscali.co.uk