AUGUST  2010
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***The Future Comes Around The  Corner Of Time To Speak To You
*** The Future Self Speaks
*** The Mechanics of Creation
Council of She Speaks
*** The Gathering of She: The Holy She Smokey Mts. Tennessee
*** Cosmic Classified
The Future Comes Around The
Corner Of Time To Speak To You
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
As the energy of August comes to a peak, we all are forced to slow down and smell the heat wilted flowers. We are asked to breathe deep of what still fancies itself as a force to be reckoned with. Time itself has shifted once again as we move thru the time gates that were once activated in the mid forties. Remnants of what once was, whiffs thru our lives like warm chocolate chip cookies in an imaginary oven. We seek that which brings us peace and sweet memories of an easier time and place and life.
We are stretched thru time everyday filling the needs a very demanding world, never getting to the place that we ourselves can, sit, and sup in peace and quiet. There was a point in our recent past that we had more than enough time and looked for recreational ways to fill the time slots. In this day and time, we look at pictures of ourselves having fun and wonder where did that fun go? We want so much to get back to who we once were. Fond memories cloud the screens of out thoughts as we seek to bring that fun loving happy self to the surface for a few gulps of good air.
Our past self is no where to be found on the radar screen but a new blip shows our future self is coming around the corner. The light we see from the stars is many many billion years old. It is a Light that travels thru time just to shine for us. Our future self has traveled thru time just to cross our path and in-lighten us with a new perspective. If you could give a gift to your self of the past would you? If you could assist on ones eternal evolution would you? The rules of engagement have changed in accordance with the spin of the molecules. As the matter of earth lends itself to a finer degree of light that, which is of a similar nature can penetrate the walls of separation that keep those of earth confined in thought and deed. The possible future can in-deed step into your playing field and show you probabilities in choices and events.  The future you/person may be disguised in-deed, but there will be a very familiar vibration, like a name on the tip of your tongue, never to be reached until after the fact.
The trail of tears you have walked is soon to be parted and never experienced again. Looking back thru the veil of time is exhausting and time consuming. The future of mankind beckons to itself in order to save a drowning populace too tired to care any more. Mankind has been worn away drop by drop/ pebble by pebble. The skin has hardened and no longer feels the way it once did.  Continual disappointment creates a callas of the heart. The future comes to soften what has hardened so that mankind can once again see with love.
Humanity does not see Hope in the forecast of a cloudy day. For the emotional weather is often holographic in natures and changes with the season of ones thoughts. Ask for the seed of eternal immortal hope to spring forth in your heart. Ask for that which brings you peace in a world of turmoil and deception to be made visible and tangible in the here and now. Allow these visitations from your future selves to being you to a point of knowing that is as a fortress. Do not allow the consumer created woes to climb up and destroy your tower of hope. The seed of hope was originally given to humanity as a promise from the Creator. The Universe sustains life but promises little, so this very promise of Hope is large of nature and should be taken to heart.
The vibration of Hope is a #26/#8 energy, perfect to be forged in the hot summer month of August. This configuration gives to you the infinity portal escorting you past all pervious limitations. It is a number of going beyond what you know to be your normal boundaries. It asks you to fly to the moon and stop by the Milky Way on your way back. It is pure spiritual atomic energy.
I am an ageless timeless eternal being of light and beauty and truth and wisdom. I wear this costume of earthen colors with pride and a deep reverence. I am thankful for the form that allows me to play out the many energies of the Creator. I am an essence of light that cannot be contained nor housed in anyone place or person, I live beyond the boundaries of time and space defined. being human allows me to see into places I never dared  go, to think, and speak from a heart that beats just for me. I know the divinity  I am  and it can be no other way, I will always remember. deep within the recesses of the soul all will come face to face with the God within. The reflection that is seen within the eyes of the creator for his children of light  is only of a deep love and reverence for his creations. laced with a shiny hopefulness that this creation will reach its full potential, which is natural of nature.  I observe what happens around me with a deep understanding that all are reactions from a hurt heart on some level. I give to those that spew the fire of their heart, the gift of the sound and vibration of 'I love you", allowing the I AM presence to unfold its wings and become a holier spirit. Sprinkling the fire with some very holy words calming the angry flames. Let not the reactions and angers of others enter your camp, stay vigil and rebuke what tries to steal your Peace. the vibration of peace is priceless of nature and should never been given away.
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Welcome.  We are the Pleiadian energies.   We come to fill in the spaces in your life, in you heart, in your thinking, and even in-between the letters and energies of your names.  All of you have shown great potential.  You show signs of not being consumed with the stoppages and the startings of life. 
As the summer fans herself in the heat of transmutation, you will all begin the arduous task of casting away parts of yourself that you still hold onto, parts of yourself you once identified with. As you cast these very heavy nets of self, you may start “throwing stones in the direction of others’ blaming them for all of your choices, beginnings and endings”. 
Pointing fingers at parents and siblings aunts and uncles. Hosting the blame game on your very own network of ‘poor me’. As you begin this dialogue with cells and universe and memory, you will push and alienate those who once had a place in your heart, throwing out the baby with the bath water. You will find yourself emotionally stranded upon an island of self, creating from empty spaces in your heart.
The haze from your eyes will be lifted so that you will be able to see the past potential within every ingredient and choice of your life.  Every failure, every success, every loss, and every gain will fuel the fires of transmutation.  Finally opening your eyes to fully understand what the word 'Creation' means and how it takes all elements and all choices to fully create as a God-in training- without fear.  Your choices that seem so limited today are vast future potentials disguised with a veil of invisibility, a sub-atomic membrane that surrounds what is not yet birthed.
It is said by many that there are secret chambers within the Great Pyramid and within many sacred sites.  Yet using all scientific instruments of the day, nothing can be found. Yet millions of people continue to search because innately they know it is true.  It is hidden from the eye of the beholder,  but it is not hidden from the eye of the future and the eyes of the past. 
It is the same with you dear ones. You feel every thing around you beginning to take form, offering you new opportunities, new understandings, and yet, you see it not with the eyes of your humanness.  You know it is there because you can feel it.  It silently breathes upon you; it fogs up the lenses of your eyes.  Nevertheless, it avoids your touch.  You look deeply at your world and you see nothing.  Yet, you feel it with every inch of your body.  The invisible is alive and kicking, but it cannot be seen as with all the great secrets of life. 
You are straddling the boundaries of the formed and the unformed.  You visit the land of the void and you bring back creations from that land, but they are invisible in the now, the present.  Yet you know you held them in your hand as you came across the boundaries of the formed and the UN-formed.  In the present vibration of earth they cannot be seen.  You wait with bated breath for the next level of energy so that you can see all that you have not seen, all that you have not dreamed, and all that you cannot capture in a picture, in a thought, in a hand-full. 
Your sensories are being unveiled, but you trust them not.  You trust not what you see internally because you do not see it externally.  You trust not what the heart tells you for the mind is in command and the brain is captain of your ship, or so it seems.  You trust not the feelings that come to you, that wrap around you, and slink by you.  You trust not the touchings, the promptings, and the yearnings of your sensories because they cannot be depicted as tangible, as material, as 3rd dimensional. 
You all enter a doorway that is so much more than you can understand.  As a castaway on your island of light, reformat what is tangible, re-examine what you 'can' see.  Look in-between the letters of your name.  Look in-between the vowels of your life.  And look in-between the consonants of your expectations.  Just for a moment, focus upon your name; see it etched in the mind.  Now in-between every letter, there is another letter, a vibration, a sound.  It is the name of your soul that is etched in-between your human name.  Look for it.  It will explain much to you.  In-between is where you are right now. 
You are not formulated.  You are not your past.  You are not future.  And in truth, you are not your NOW.  Because there is no 'now'.  This metaphysical rhetoric of 'now' does not exist in the higher planes of energy.  Everything that you see has already passed.  The images your eyes give you are of the past.  The thoughts your mind gives you are of the past.   So there is no present, as you know it.  As you grasp for the present, it immediately becomes obsolete and the past. 
You are moving quickly through time gates of self.  You are at the octave in-between these next levels of self, of soul, and of expansion.  You are the unformed clay upon the potter of life’s wheel.  You are the chrysalis, you are the cocoon, and you are all that is not formed.  And we ask you to become comfortable in this.  For this will be the place of your future.  Do not expect to go back and have your world solidified as it always has been for most of your earthen existence.  You now enter a time of vaporous energy.  A time where the ether, the ethereal is the doorway you enter day by day, minute by minute, and experience by experience.  Do not bet upon the horse that you can see, but bet upon the horse that is about to run the next race. What is in front of your eyes is not as solid as it appears.  Do not place all of your provisions upon the solidness that you see.  You are all building rafts to escape what seems to own you. 
You are building rafts out of parcels of thinking of the past, placing your future self upon a raft venturing into unknown seas.  Venturing onto unknown platforms.  Do not tie yourself to a raft of expectations that cannot assist you into the higher realms of light.  Do not tie yourself to your life as you have known it up until now, but allow it to be birthed free of form, something that was impossible to accomplish in the past. Throw out the expectations through the window of the old self, let them go.  Allow yourself to ride the winds of change into a newer shinier, less solid future. 
The human body will do much to confuse you as you make choices that you feel are necessary for its survival.  The human body can only re-live what has passed.  There is nothing within the human physical continent that in actuality is futuristic. Visualize yourself in a fog so thick you cannot see your hand.  See your human body within that fog. The human body cannot see the past, it cannot see what is behind it, and it cannot see the future and so it panics.  As it panics, memories that are held within the cell structure of the body come forth to draw your attention away from what your original intent was.  Expect your humanness, to kick, to scream, and to sidetrack you, as you become more comfortable with the unknown. 
Know dear children that you are of the flesh of light and you place the light into flesh.  You are of the flesh of God and the flesh of the angels and the flesh of all that have ever existed.  When one leaves their body on Earth, it is then poured back into the reservoir of where all bodies are formed.
When the body begins to hurt for no apparent reason, understand that in that moment of time, that you have entered a portal of dimensional flux.  Every time the body pains and hurts and suggests other actions, you are on the threshold of a breakthrough.  Do not allow it to sidetrack you. Do not allow it to push you backwards, paddling back to the island of thought that you so yearned to leave.  You are paddling out to sea as Christopher Columbus, not knowing what lies in the fog, but moving forward regardless. 
You wear the fabric of the skin of your ancestors, of Christ, of the good and the bad and the ugly that have walked the Earth. Your flesh holds that memory.  You are the flesh of all the angels that have walked the Earth.  You wear it within and throughout your body.  Call upon the ascension particles of your body to help you remember that it is capable of ascending into higher light.  Before every individual left there was an energy signature that was encoded upon earth that this can be done, that this was accomplished.  Remember that anything that is accomplished by another can also be accomplished by you.  Do not give up in your life.  Do not give up in what you perceive to be the wantings and the needings of your existence.  You have the capability to move past these perimeters of limitation if you choose.  We are the Pleiadian Elders.  We leave.

The Mechanics Of Creation
By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
The opulence, the prosperity, the role of Creator-ship that you so seek is within the cellular structure of your being.  It is not housed in a thought, it is not housed in a meditation, it is not housed in a way of life. It resides within all potential tapped and untapped deep within the multi-dimensional structure that you exist within. 
When you sense a lack within your life, you immediately move your presence into that place and you are united within that structure of lack – not as a punishment, but as an instructional  knowing.  When you have a need within your life, you are moved into a situation with a potential for that need to be fulfilled existing along side the potential of that need not to be fulfilled. 
When you place yourself in the sector of deserving, then you become magnetic to all possibilities that exist beyond the limitations of your dimensional perception, beyond the limitations of what your earthen mind forecasts, and beyond the limitations of what the self thinks it can accomplish.  You seek what you are.  You seek to learn and in that expression of expansion, it not only serves human-self, it serves all commodities of the universal community.  You seek to become blessed.  You seek to become love. And yet all of these qualities are inherent within your own creational field. 
It is by the poignant understanding of embracing what you think you need to be, need to receive, need to know --- that you will fully walk upon the not so distant land that holds these truths. In being human, you embrace the island of division.
The mechanics of manifestation, the mechanics of creating will be re-defined in the upcoming times for you.  The words 'want and need' will no longer be a logistic that describes who you are.  The words “have, create, deserve” will be where you land upon as you are flown through this universal understanding of who in truth you really are.  We do not come to conquer your thoughts, your world, your crops, or your children for we are beyond form as are you internally at the core of your being.  We exist as you exist – in a multi- evolutionary sequence where you are growing in spurts and bounds in many different dimensions and worlds.  
That is why oft times there is such a confusion in your human heart, inviting an inquisition of thinking.  There are places that you exist as pure undivided Light.  There are places that you exist as only color.  There are places that you exist as bacteria and viruses.  Some places you are only sound.  Some places you only exist in the dreamtime and not in a real world. Humanly your brain sensors much of this confusion as inter-dimensional static so that you live within the confines of what is described by your earth contract. 
Multi-dimensionally, you enter a place where you can become all of these.  In the time when you sleep, you enter into a place where you are a planet, a moon, a star, a fairy, a shadow, a light.  More and more your earthen dreams bring this reality back to you, but your brain sifts through the trash in the morning after a hard night’s awakening – and filters out what seems to be gibberish. 
You are all that you believe yourself to be on every level of your life.  Now take that knowledge and create a collage with it.  Take all the pieces of the broken vase of the universal you and paste them together to see who you really are.     When you embrace the complexity of your all-ness, then there is nothing that you need or want.  All is created with a thought as was originally intended.  We leave your presence at this time.  More will come from our part of the universe. We exist in consciousness beyond a Gate of Time. 
Council of She Speaks
As  received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
The light that you so seek has become activated.  You have cleared the debris from the landing field of your soul and self. You have announced to all the molecular content of your being will be light.  You have come into the center of the Universe that you represent. Slipping through the shackles that you have worn as adornments. In the stillness of all that you are resides the truth of the matter, resides the truth of earth and heart. It is in within the stillness that you will find the bioluminescent that you need to become.  The Light within the cell structure of your being shifts in luminance as a deep-water fish. Visualize your DNA becoming bio- luminescent, glowing in the liquid center of your cells, ebbing and flowing. 
We are the Council of She. We come from the past and the present simultaneously.  We sit at the intersection of time awaiting a doorway to remind you that within you is both she and he, the God and the Goddess.  When the goddess (God in Us) is activated it has no gender, no specifications. The doorways of the past now shut very quickly. You look back (hoping not to turn to salt) to find who your were but all has been shifted the landscape has been cleared showing a new shoreline.
When You came to earth you told the universe that you were capable, and not to worry  you would get the job done. Being earthen a great denseness befell you. Your light shifted and your contracts became a burden.  In that burden, you lost your lust. You lost your passion.  You lost your drive.  You find that very little of earth fulfils you.  You want to be happy in your light work. You want to be happy in your healing work.  You want to be happy in your life, but you have lost the pizzazz. You have lost your passion. These contracts and burdens that you carry upon your shoulders are like honey buckets from an oriental lifetime filled with what needs to be disposed. 
You try to birth yourself anew everyday yet no one applauds your cosmic completions, your human revelations, and your accomplishments.  Where is the applause?  Where is the acknowledgement your soul seeks?  A Great Depression has befallen the human race, a planetary sadness a giving up before the tides turn.   This energy comes from a DNA remembrance of a time that is aligned with the three falls of Atlantis. A time when you tried so hard to lift the world, to lift the light, to lift others to a point of safety, and you did not succeed. Lifetime after lifetime, existence after existence you have given yourself 100% and you have not seen the completion of the contract. 
We the Council of She ask you to take it to the limit one more time. We send you comets asteroids solar flares and energies from newly birthed stars.  We sent you postcards from Sirius, from the Pleiades, from Arcturus and Andromeda.  We send you etchings from the green grass and signature songs from the birds.  We do it all for you. To keep you from giving up, for you are the hope of the planet.  You are the ones who have never given up, even though they wanted to. In this lifetime you come to clear on a cellular level the three falls of Atlantis.  Not only earth Atlantis, but the destruction of the star Atlantis and the energies that befell it. 
You have reached out to God Almighty, to Great Spirit, to Shekinah, to everything holy throughout all your existences.  You felt your prayers fell upon deaf ears and a closed heart. How could your God, your Creator, your Holy Instrument not save you, not help you, not instruct you, not show you.  That dear ones is what you come to clear.  You come to consciously clear the times that you were the seers the shamans and the holy ones, the priests, the Messiahs, those that believed when no one else believed. You held that belief until the very last breath time after time.  You have stood for good and god and light in every level of your being and now we ask you to hold that trust and belief one more day, one more thought, one more heart beat. Take it to the limit of your light one more time. 
You are going to find that the God that you have worshiped, the God that you have bowed down to, the God that you have prayed to is but a sectional God. You have seen known and experienced but one slice of that pie of light.  We ask you to be the captains of your ship, the master of your soul.  You are not intended to go down with the sinking ship in this incarnation.  This is the one time and the one place that you have awaited.
The universe is about to unzip its limitations and open up for you to see exactly what needs to be birthed.  The vibrations that come to you already cause confusion within the brain.  There is so many levels of communication that you are hearing, on so many levels of light,  you are seeing, on so many levels of heart, you are experiencing, so many levels of dark that you are vanquishing all in the same breathe, in the same day, in the same thought. 
Each singularity that you are is divided into millions of components. That is approximately how many components you have within each thought. Each one of your thoughts is touching everything. Everything through your past, everything through your blood and your family history, everything through the stars, everything through the universe and all time all space and all dimensions. You are the place that life intersects life. 
If you could see the fabric of light that you come forth from, if you could know the history around each of you, you would understand that there is no failings, there is no shortcomings.  Always you have lasted until the last minute and never have you given up even when the universe did not show itself to you, even when your people were not saved, even when you could not heal your tribe, even when disaster happened.  You believed.
We know that you have many disappointments and angers at the Creator.  We know that sometimes you feel your prayers have not been answered. We know that you feel as though you have been discarded and deserted, but that cannot happen. You know that you are never alone. We ask you to take it to the limit one more time for all that you have ever believed in and everything that you could not prove.
We are the Council of SHE.  We are contained within you, as you are contained within us.  We are an ocean and you are the streams and the creeks and the rivers and the ponds that we open our arms and our hearts to. We ask you whenever you get tired and you want to quit earth, just think for a moment upon creation and see it as an ocean and dive into it.   Just for a little while, lose yourself, come home.  We leave you with a knowing that is stronger then anything that you have encountered.

 ‘The Holy She’
Sevierville, Smokey Mts. Tennessee
(right next door to Pigeon forge and Gatlinburg TN)
November 6-7, 2010
The Holy She will embrace the energies and light of all that is Magdalene, Sophia, Virgin Mary, Eve, Isis, Maat, Shekinah.
 ‘The Holy Shes’ throughout time.
Held at Hidden Mountain Bluff View Conference Center
Hidden Mountain Resorts
475 Apple Valley Road,
Sevierville, Tennessee
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