Message 12 

Transforming Work 

The physical unit or body was designed to support your divine presence, your soul essence while engaged in transforming and transmuting dense low frequencies of hatred, fear, prejudice, greed, control, manipulation and self righteousness. 
The physical body is a miraculous design. It was designed to continue to replicate and renew cells, tissue and bones. It was designed to be self healing. It was designed to support your spirit while your spirit accomplished its chosen mission. It was designed to support your time on this planet and your participation in this hologame. 

Our goal is to assist you in the remembering that you are a multidimensional starhuman. You have a built in receptor and connection to the galaxy and all other dimensions and timeframes.

You are here to transmute energy through your heart portal, the great[]transformer of energy. You are a multidimensional starhuman transformer.

When you recognize your personal power, you radiate a frequency and vibration that joins other like minds to shift the global matrix. 

You hold a steady frequency of joy, gratitude and appreciation in your heart. It radiates out into the global matrix and out into the galaxy.

This frequency begins to build, it begins to increase in volume and resonance, and like a tuning fork vibrating joy, gratitude and appreciation, it activates/stimulates the same frequency resonance in others. This is service work. This is transforming work. 

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