An Urgent Appeal from Mother Earth


A personal message from Kathryn.


I don't know how to write this, or even what it is I am supposed to be writing.


I have just come from a grounding session with Mother Earth, and the result has been profound and disturbing.  I feel compelled to call on all of you for your special help because you are the people who can reach deeply to find what is needed to help Gaia right now.  I believe it is crucial to our ascension.


I asked to be told; I even said, "Speak to me, Gaia.  Tell me how I can help.  Let me know what needs to be done."  I saw visions of oil wells pumping, fracking drills penetrating deep into her body, and I was reminded of the irritating, itchy spot on the back of my neck that has been annoying me for the past few weeks - a skin irritation that refused to respond to healing efforts.  It is on the left base of my skull, and it made me think occasionally about how difficult it would be for those to ascend who are truly in pain.


I saw my body as a map, my head as the Northern Hemisphere, my spine the center of the Americas.  The spot on my neck where my skull connects to my spine would be Texas.  The irritation flared as I recognized it.  Images of oil rigs and Bushes, toxic spills and oblivious humans in charge of attacking Mother Earth to rape and pillage her natural resources.

She showed me crowds of elementals - fairies, elves, nature beings of all sorts.  I was aware that I needed to call upon the human incarnations of Ariel and other EarthKeepers to enlist their shy troops to help come to the rescue.  We must find a way to stop these painful activities immediately!  

Two facets of the work were clear:   One, appeal to the Ascension Council to disable all drilling and digging that is causing pain to our Mother Earth.  Two, enlist all nature spirits and their human overseers to create/instigate mischief everywhere there is destructive action toward Mother Earth.  All of these activities must be stopped before final Ascension can take place!

After about 40 minutes with my heart pressed against the earth, I arose feeling in an altered state.  Everything around me appeared crystal clear, but multifaceted.  I saw every flower and branch, every living consciousness, and was dizzied by it.

I walked into the house and smelled acetone - nail polish remover - and the reaction I felt was like a mad dog.  I felt a sudden flash of rage, like an injured wild animal facing its attacker.  I felt wild frustration, the impulse to lash out and destroy everything around me that reminded me of toxins, chemicals, man-made poisons.  Connected to this was a feeling of frustration verging on hatred for those humans who casually ignore the destructive actions around them, focusing instead on combing their hair or proudly driving their fancy gas-drinking cars.

I have personally felt some of these things, but never to this utterly disorganizing intensity.  I felt completely shaken, barely able to breathe, so overcome with frustration, sadness and rage that I was beside myself.  

I remembered Father God once saying to me, "Mother Earth will only tolerate the abuse so long, and then she will simply shake off humankind the way a dog shakes water off its back."  I now understand the feeling that would lead her to do it.

I know that our efforts to ascend, to raise our consciousness have been helpful.  It has created the possibility for all of us to jump from the old timeline in which Mother Earth would have been completely destroyed, and us with her, to the beautiful reality of Mother Earth restored to the Paradise she was meant to be.  It feels to me as if we are at a shift point - where we will fully accomplish the Great Plan, or something less.

If we are to reach the highest potential we must help Mother Earth to heal, to forgive us, and to accept our own responsibility for her suffering.  We are the ones who can see the destruction, feel the pain of hundreds of years of injury.  We can ask forgiveness and cleanse ourselves of the darkness that has lingered in our psyches - the residue of so many lives in collusion with the Dark Ones who manipulated us into accepting their destructiveness, which they convinced us was for the greater good.

While we are still here with two feet on the ground, we must do more than envision New Earth.  We must take direct action to protect her, now.  How that will be done will emerge from each of us personally - our inspiration, our networks, our friends and our location on the Earth.  We are a formidable army of Lightworkers.  Mother Earth needs our help right now.  Every act which directly protects her from attack will resonate around the globe. 

I know this message will create new ideas, new possibilities for how we can fearlessly stop the abuses, right now.  The more people involved, the safer it will be to take action in opposition to The Powers That Were.  In the meantime, I ask for the Nature Spirits to come forward to help organize a most effective campaign of Liberty and Justice for Mother Earth. 

With all my love,


Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

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