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Cardinal Grand Cross & The Harmonic Trigger
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn 

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Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light ! 

As the most powerful phase of 2014 begins , we ask each of you to take pause and consider the powerful progression of events you have experienced individually and cumulatively over the past few years.. Whether or not you fully recognize  that the Planetary Ascension has occurred is truly a moot point, for time moves faster now than ever before.


 And so as we begin this discussion, we encircle each and every one of you with a nurturing energy and with the field of self empowerment, for each of you are truly Masters on your path of individual Ascension. It is our purpose to offer you inspiration and clarity, but indeed it is once and always requisite that YOU, as a sacred and sovereign BEING, practice discernment with this and any such 'channeled' message.  


The Harmonic Trigger


2014 offers great opportunity for achieving crystalline integrity. This is a frequency termed impeccability. it is simply stated, walking your talk -  Standing in your Truth. 


Each of you has an opportunity to be impeccable every day. The scenario in which you recognize your own failings, your own conflict with integrity, is the day you more fully encompass Mastery, and indeed it is a journey. Likewise the day you stand in your truth with willingness to recognize another person's truth, you achieve the compassionate aspect of  integrity. This truth then applies to individuals and nations as well, it applies in macro and micro. Understand then that it is the energy of the Earth in the Ascension in parity with the 144-Crystalline Grid that enabled and continues to drive  the crystalline energy expansion of the Earth into greater and more lucid dimensional reach. And take note Masters, the energy from 5d to 12d that is accessible to you now  is only the beginning. For the aspect you term zero field is the aspect of crystalline dimension. It expands into energy dimensions that indeed exist within you, but have been dormant, inaccessible to the masses of humanity, yet these crystalline dimensions are your true impeccable origin, and you exist in higher form within them. 


2014 - The Seeds of  Change


Masters 2014 is a year of that will seed change...extreme change. And the 'codes' of the requisite  changes occur in openings, primary nodes that  you term as astrological events. These are far more than you currently comprehend. Within each astro-node are codes that affect both your auric field through induction, and shift the planetary resonance. These codes serve myriad purpose. 

A coded astrological event is like an animated energy fountain, an organic cascade that affects all of you on a very deep level. It is an infused conscious and purposeful coordination of sacred frequency. Within its own arrangement of particalized light, it is just as alive as you are, the difference being that it has no 'individual' agenda and its evolution depends somewhat upon its astrological 'blend' & resonance  as well as the environments of the earth-plane. But to be clear the geo-codes & ionic infusions brought by the astro openings bring a subtle upshift that not only allows for change, they underpin up-shift by bringing a higher frequency matrix.

 If astrological powernodes, specifically solstices, equinoxes and eclipses were to be truly understood as the devices of induction they truly are, you would then define them more aptly as an aperture in the space time contingency, a hologramic  insert succinctly purposed & governed by the organic geometric nature and framework of resonance of their entry into your plane and their expansive essence. Nothing stands still, and regardless of how time and dimensionality are measured, change continues to reveal and express itself through the mechanism and driver of that termed astrological gravity-waves. And there is a divine logic in this process, for you in higher selves have created it. 


 In Year Two of the New Earth, you are required to make a greater effort in your mental focus. It may at times feel to you that you are struggling to maintain balance, to keep focus. This is a combination of the new energy influxes and the requirement to not only adjust & calibrate but to crystallize your purpose and intent. The Aquarian shift with its change in ionic ratios (from the past 2 decades of Solar Radiation) now surrounds the planet and is compelling each of you to put your spiritual life in order. The ionic ratio change is up-shifting the 'code-wiring' between the mental fields of the conscious and subconscious, between physical actuality and divine pattern. Because of the coronal mass ejections jet streams of anionic plasma circulate the earth and pocket around specific 'sacred sites'. These allow for easier access into theta coherent consciousness, and it is within theta coherency that you are able to more effectively create the New Earth.


The Cardinal Grand Cross

April 2014 presents the most extraordinary heralding of shift in all of your current lifetimes. It is an astonishing & exquisite frequency...albeit intense. Our goal here is not to give you a horoscope, rather to tell you of the grand purpose in what is taking place. Yes, the energy will challenge you, but it can be optimally managed, and in doing so will you  increase your light quotient. The Solar Maximum and reversal of the suns magnetic poles began in the 2nd half of 2013, and it created a state of subtle disorientation & unrecognized confusion for many of you. A lethargy pervaded. But we tell you that effect will absolutely  evaporate in May, and you will lunge forward on many of your projections. You will have a renewed sense of direction and clarity.So although this timing of transition in the Grand Cross and Harmonic Trigger will have its challenges,  It is essential that you not only maintain stability during this phase, but also utilize this energy for highest good. One of the key points is that your creative abilities are being liberated in this new matrix. This carries a responsibility, for what you dwell on you will bring to yourself much more quickly than ever before. You must be the responsible  steward of your thoughts.

Cardinal Second Phase 

 In candid truth, this magnificent Cardinal Grand Cross is the second phase forerunner of a series of harmonically blended events that will have a monumental effect on the Earthplane and Humanity. The events in the 'short-term' will occur in an intense expression over a 4 month period from that began in March and extend to June 2014. But in the 'long-term' but these will crystallize in a manner that will change the paradigm forever.

The astrology over the next 7 weeks will represent some of the most powerful & transitional shifts of the New Earth thus far. As we have now passed the initial phase of the Harmonic Trigger , the March Equinox,  April 2014 precursors a very rare and extremely potent astrological event, where four planets (Pluto at 90 degrees  opposing Jupiter   and Mars  opposing Uranus at  exact 900 angles  to one another, hence forming a Cardinal Grand Cross. 

Each are also at 130  angles of the 4 Cardinal signs: Pluto at  130  Capricorn, Jupiter  130   Cancer, Mars at 130  Libra & Uranus  at 130  Aries - signifying major  up-shift The rare Cardinal Grand Cross  will be exact April 23-4, with all four listed planets at thirteen degrees . Thirteen is the frequency of the New Earth  transformation, as well as the Auric -Crystalline Lite Body Codes of the 12+1 =13.

There are other very  significant coded astrological factors amplifying this Grand Cross that must be recognized:
  • Two eclipses bracket the Grand Cross - a full moon lunar and a solar, both in the effect.
  • Mars, Pluto & Saturn are also retrograde during the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment.
  • The Sun is still completing its pole reversal and Solar Maximum
  • There is a potent meteor-comet shower
  • Less than 2 weeks ago the strongest X-Class Solar Flare (Coronal Mass Ejection) bombarded ions onto the planet, these are still in effect as amplifiers...

The frequencial bar is again being raised.  The planets forming this Cardinal Grand Cross on the 23rd and 24th of  April are located succinctly and exclusively in Cardinal (Primary Force ) signs, representing the Four Sacred  Elements  of the Earth Kingdoms.


The 4 planets of the Cardinal Grand Cross further accelerate  an opening that began with the March Equinox.  This will be an extremely challenging configuration , and the energy will combine with all of the factors of this frequencial blend. It is a quickening of all in the etheric and physical realm of the Omni Earth  and is in  effect now. 


Lunar Eclipse - April 15


 With the   full moon Total Lunar-Eclipse of April 15 , each of the Earths Kingdoms and Humanity will quicken into major change.  All of the living kingdoms and multi-dimensional aspects of the Omni-Earth are becoming more lucid, more capable of communication and life vitality expression. This is part of the expansion.


 *Already your scientists are noticing curious new forms of light, which are termed light-sprites and 'interestingly 'photonic jellyfish'. (*Reference - past channel 'The Aquarian Shift')

The solar eclipse is followed by a coded comet-esque meteor shower for the first week of May with Mars in retrograde. May is embellished with a  Star-Gate occurring between the 23rd & 28th leading into the June Solstice. This is the Portal of Harmony.

Solar Eclipse - Star-Gate & Quantum Emanation

 In veracity, the coming Cardinal Grand Cross is the aperture mechanism of a spectacular triggering , a Quantum Emanation seeding the path and potential to a heralded a sacred potential ; a cosmic truth built upon the foundations of Unconditional Love and fulfillment of hallowed prophesy. It is occurring on many fronts.
  • Pluto - Capricorn (Cardinal Earth)
  • Mars - Libra (Cardinal Air)
  • Jupiter - Cancer (Cardinal Water)
  • Uranus - Aries (Cardinal Fire)

None of this is by chance, these energies encompass a magnificent 'astrological cocktail' of energies that will bring incredible change in the following ways:
  • Equinox & Solstice Aperture amplifiers
  • Eclipse apertures and coded downloading  shift
  • Thinning the veil in the resulting Star-Gates
  • Bringing in the Codes of the 'Return of Dharma' &  'Seeds of the Cristos Return'
  •  Leading to the 2038 New Crystalline Firmament  Completion
  • The DNA Shift to Crystalline Body thru the Ionization - CME Process

Humanity must awaken  en-masse to  higher consciousness, to sacred wisdom and transcend the social, political and religious frameworks built on greed, power-lust and  fear to co-create the dawning New Earth  on foundations of harmony, peace, highest good in  sovereign compassion  and integrity.

The Harmonic Trigger is a time of action. Gather in mass, plant the seeds of change, and fear not ! The revolutionary astro-dynamic that dominates the Portal of Harmony requires group understanding and indeed participation of the savant among you. 

Most of your astrologers will look at the events  occurring in the traditional studied manners . But we tell you that much more is occurring here than many may understand or accepted . Everything occurring is coded in a manner that could not have occurred before the New Earth of 2014 everything leads to 2038.


And we tell you that those of you in what may be termed 'senior' phases of your physical sojourn, may indeed feel very driven, compelled within the energies of 2014 to 'make things right', to improve relationships. Dear Hearts, there is no better time for this, no better energy for this, than the 'Harmonic' phases of 2014. The two Uranus-Pluto Squares of 2014 (April & December) offer superb timings to make major changes, needed changes for those who wish to clarify into greater honestly in their relationships, to make necessary 'repairs' Keep in mind that your time on the duality plane is measured in heartbeats, and changes can happen anytime. Take advantage of 'Now' time. 


The Aquarian Shift


The current time offers each of you an opportunity to  choose to live free, to choose to release worry and fear, and create your own well-being. Respect and Nurture one another, and embrace LOVE. It is the science and frequency of God. It is the way that the Nation of Humanity will UNITE, it is the way humanity will Ascend, and 2014 is a key phase for allowing you to coherently  create the Earth you desire. Year Two of the New Earth, 2014, energetically  initiates the true phase into what is termed the 'Age of Aquarius', the true beginning of the Aquarian Shift.  


ccordingly Masters, you are in the folds of a key sojourn. Indeed there are specific lifetimes that are more highlighted within your vast sojourns, certain vectors in space-time that offer succinct quantum leaps. Within these are crucial crossroads of decision that define you. This is one of those lifetimes. Energy and time are moving fast, much is happening on your Earth as you continue to adjust and calibrate to  the Crystalline transitions  of the New Earth in 2014. It will not be easy, nothing truly worthwhile occurs without focal effort ... but it will be a joyous accomplishment and credential. For you are among the souls that are collating to create the planet of harmony.  Accordingly  2014  is an incredibly important year, in many ways more so than 2013. For in 2013 you were in the early phases of adjustment to the New Earth. You were exercising the utility of new chakras that extend into higher dimensions. In 2014 you will begin stretching new wings and trying out flight into new spectra. You will be working in theta coherency to visually create a world of harmony ! It will take time but potent  tools are now in place. 


What happened in 2012 was a beginning, not an end. 2013 was Year One of the New Earth paradigm,  a new beginning. That new beginning is the New Template of the New Earth. The Ascension of the Earth has allowed for the dimensional revision and expansion of the planet. The Earth is expanded to a Crystalline Field, expanded from the 5th to the 12th dimensions. In 2013 you began learning the ropes, and in 2014 you will progress further in this exploration. It will take concerted effort.


2014 will be a year in which you continue to experience  many subtle shifts on your levels of awareness. Your expanded 33-chakric system is still adjusting to operating in new manners and indeed in new dimensions. The layers of your CEF (Crystalline Auric Field) are still somewhat in flux, still stabilizing for most of you. The expansions can and do  effect to varying degrees your sensory systems emotional field.


Bearing the Cross - the Grand Cross   


In 2014, the aspects of inner conflict will move into the crucible phase for purification. Any dishonesty, any flaws that were hidden, any shadows will come into light in order to be faced. Align your  actions to highest goals. Prioritize ! Examine your path..and plan your journey consciously.


Life can be difficult, and that is a great truth . But it is in only through facing  your challenges that you transcend them. You are not only graduate students in the 'University of Earth', you are the professors who wrote the curriculum in higher realms. Mental focus is required, but you have the tools to walk the path of Mastery.




You can not sit complacently on the fence in the Grand Cross energies. You will be effected. We urge you to embrace it, for although it will have its challenges,  it is an exquisite benevolent resonance .


 Dearhearts, the Harmonic Trigger & Star-Gate of 2014 is the perfect opportunity to determine the missing pieces of your puzzle. It is time to make your mark, to contribute your part, to consider the legacy your life will be. And yes it involves putting all the final the pieces together ... assembly is required!  


The Crystalline Frequency is becoming even more powerful in 2014. This is a resonance that increasingly will influence each of you into  your impeccability. Impeccability is simply understanding who you are and becoming true to SELF in the highest standards. It requires you each to take your power and walk in integrity...and that is the earmark of True Mastery. 


It is time for the Masters among you to take part and move into wisdom , heart & courageous action. 


We told you that there would be timings in 2014 in which you will be compelled to  focus on those remaining areas of your life stream that need to be addressed. That time is now.  You will be required to confront the self and  prioritize what actions are needed. Redefine your inner contracts and determine how you wish to utilize your remaining time on the planet. You will be compelled to seize the moment , and make a bucket list ...linear life is a quantum of heartbeats ...seize the day !


It is time to write the book within you, time for the dreamer to awaken. It is the time of the Grand Cross and Portal of Harmony !


I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.


And so it is...And it is so....


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The Planetary Oppositions Need Not be a Tug of War
Rather a Grand Opportunity for Harmonic Strengthening & Divine Application of Will 

" There are no astrological influences stronger than that of your will. Mind is the builder..." Edgar Cayce

The energy will be somewhat intense & challenging. The key is to manage it. If you lose your temper , get depressed or overwhelmed in this frequency,  it can disrupt your auric field and result in energy loss. Be conscious & stay cool. Use this timing to in a positive manner. Use this time in higher self  to meditate, contemplate t& prioritize. It will be a crucible and may  bring to the surface certain issues that you may not expect. Only by facing challenges can you clear them. The Cardinal Grand Cross is the time, the perfect time .

Major Astrological Powerdates of the Harmonic Trigger & Portal of Harmony 


March 20 - March Equinox. This Equinox opens the first power phase of 2014. The March equinox occurs at 16:57 UTC. The Sun will shine directly on the equator and there will be nearly equal amounts of day and night throughout the world. This is also the first day of spring (vernal equinox) in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of fall (autumnal equinox) in the Southern Hemisphere.


April 14: Pluto Retrograde : This is a significant factor in the Harmonic Portal & Star-Gate. It will particularly influence all over the next 3 months . Pluto goes retro and remains retrograde until the September Equinox. Under this  Pluto transit, you will  feel pressured to eliminate and release the old, outworn, outdated and obsolete in your lives. When Pluto is transiting retrograde, you  are urged to let go of attitudes, thinking or communication patterns, security drives, rigid emotions; a time to undergo an internal form of house cleaning. It is a good time to research into our own Souls in order to determine exactly what we do or do not need.


April 15 - Cristos Full Moon.  The Cristos Full Moon Very potent full moon, opening the gateway to harmony. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 07:42 UTC. This full moon was begins a triad of 3 extremely powerful full moons, April-May-June.


April 15 - Total Lunar Eclipse. Extremely potent total lunar eclipse on the full moon. It is energy of spiritual renaissance, a time for rebirth and calibration within the energy of the New Earth. A time to discover purpose and create harmony, to seed peace on earth.  This eclipse opens the doorway the extremely rare  alignment of the  mega-potent Cardinal Grand Cross, and apex of energies leading to the StarGate and Solstice "Harmonic Trigger & Portal of Peace.   The eclipse will be visible throughout most of North America, South America, and Australia. 


April 21 : Uranus-Pluto Square : A powerful indicator & opportunity resonance of change. Marks the beginning of an extremely powerful shift.


April 22, 23 - Lyrids Meteor Shower. The Lyrids is an extraordinarily powerful event in 2014. All meteors are vibrational amplifiers. The shower runs annually from April 16-25. It peaks this year on the night of the night of the 22nd and morning of the 23rd. These meteors can sometimes produce bright dust trails that last for several seconds. 

April 23-24 : Cardinal  Grand Cross :  Major Powerdate ! Four planets (PLUTO opposing JUPITER  MARS opposing URANUS), are at exact 900 angles  to one another, forming a super  Cardinal Grand Cross . Each are also  at '13 degrees' of the 4 CARDINAL signs: Pluto 13 degrees Capricorn, Jupiter 13 degrees Cancer, Mars 13 degrees Libra & Uranus 13 degrees Aries - signifying major openings & shift-transition .  Mars, Pluto  & Saturn is Retrograde during the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment.

April 29 - Cristos New Moon: The Cristos New Moon of Peace & Discovery. This is a powerful time to visit power sites and seek renewal and create peace on earth. A time of exploration and deeper understanding.  The moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 06:14 UTC. 


April 29 -  Solar Eclipse.  This is an extraordinarily potent eclipse occurring on the Cristos  New Moon, an auspicious timing. This will lead into the Cristos seeding codes, and remain potent in effect through the June Solstice. This also marks the stabilizing of Solar Maximum, the reversal of the Sun's magnetic Poles, which has been a great subtle influence since the December 2013 Solstice.


May 5, 6, 7 - Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower. The Eta Aquarids is an above average shower, capable of producing up to 60 meteors per hour at its peak. Most of the activity is seen in the Southern Hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, the rate can reach about 30 meteors per hour. It is produced by dust particles left behind by comet Halley, which has known and observed since ancient times. The shower runs annually from April 19 to May 28. It peaks this year on the night of May 5 and the morning of the May 6. The first quarter moon will set just after midnight leaving fairly dark skies for what should be a good show. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Aquarius, but can appear anywhere in the sky.


May 10 - Saturn at Opposition. The ringed planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. This is the best time to view and photograph Saturn and its moons. A medium-sized or larger telescope will allow you to see Saturn's rings and a few of its brightest moons.


May 14 - StarGate Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 19:16 UTC. This full moon initiates the opening of the potent Star-Gate in the Portal of Harmony..


May 19: Mars Direct : MARS completes retrograde and moves forward, offering an upshift in frequency. This prepares the way for the Star-Gate Portal.


May 23 - 27 - Apex - Star-Gate Portal: The StarGate Portal is a time of Renaissance, and activation of the expansive chakras into the patterns of 12 physio dimensions and the intra dimensions of higher realm. It is a continuance of the 'return of Dharma-truth, revealing of all that is in shadow.


May 28 - Star-Gate New Moon. The Star-Gate Moon marks the completion of the Solar Maximum and the forward movement in the solar aspects of all astrological fields, meaning greater energy to complete actions required. The Star-Gate New Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. It is significant in the activation of 20 etheric chakras in the New Paradigm.


June 7-9 - Conjunction of the Moon and Mars-The Moon will pass within two degrees of the  planet Mars in the evening sky. The gibbous moon will be at magnitude -12.2 and Mars will be at magnitude -0.8. Look for both objects in the western sky just after sunset. The pair will be visible in the evening sky for about 6 hours after sunset. Mercury goes retrograde on June 7. Neptune goes retrograde on June 9.


June 13 - Full Moon in Solstice Energy. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 04:11 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Strawberry Moon because it signaled the time of year to gather ripening fruit. It also coincides with the peak of the strawberry harvesting season. This moon has also been known as the Full Rose Moon and the Full Honey Moon.


June 21 - June Solstice. The June solstice occurs at 10:51 UTC. The North Pole of the earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its northernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer at 23.44 degrees north latitude. This is the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the Southern Hemisphere.


June 27 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 08:08 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere.


July 1: Mercury moves forward


July 12 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 11:25 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Buck Moon because the male buck deer would begin to grow their new antlers at this time of year. This moon has also been known as the Full Thunder Moon and the Full Hay Moon.


July 20: Saturn: The ringed planet of transition completes retrograde and moves forward. Following day July 21, Uranus goes retrograde.


July 26 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 22:42 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere.


July 28, 29 - Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower. The Delta Aquarids is an ' Aquarian'  shower that can produce up to 20 meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced by the  comets Marsden and Kracht. The shower runs annually from July 12 to August 23. It peaks this year on the night of July 28 and morning of July 29. This should be a great year for this shower because the thin crescent moon will set early in the evening leaving dark skies for what should a good show. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Aquarius, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

2014 Retrogrades

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Clifford Ma'Hooty is a degreed professional engineer and revered Zuni Elder. A man of mystical wisdom, honesty, integrity, humility, open  heart & great courage.He worked over 30 years for the US Govt Dept of Interior as head of structural engineering. Now retired he is focusing on sharing a forgotten and secret history. He is a man  fulfilling a great role, called by the Ancients to share a great Truth. He was born on the New Mexico Zuni Reservation at a time in which few homes had electricity or even running water. He trained in the rituals & ceremonies, and heard the oral cosmology of the Zuni & Pueblo. Hear him speak with first hand knowledge of Native American interaction with extra terrestrials, termed ' Star Nation' by his Elders. He will speak of the secret world of 'Inner Earth' people, of stargates and shape shifters....don't miss this extraordinary presentation.


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And Two of the Original Ancient Crystal Skulls


Are these Crystalline Libraries Part of the Ancient Hall of "Records" that Edgar Cayce Spoke of in the Atlantean readings ?



Edgar Cayce gave in his readings an extraordinary confirmation that 'looking' into a crystal sphere (which would include perhaps the cranial sphere of a crystal skull) could in fact open the Akashic Records & Universal Mind to reveal astonishing information & past lifetimes by  the opening of the pineal or '3rd Eye'.


John Van Auken writes that the Ancients & Edgar Cayce readings state that the human cranium was considered sacred. He also stated in the readings that the records of Humanity including the origins, LeMuria & Atlantis were located in 3 places called 'Halls of Records'. The Atlanteans had extremely highly advanced technology, per Cayce's readings.


The question arises : 'Might the Atlanteans have used a more durable and technically sophisticated system such as silicon download recording to store data, just as we use crystal (silicon)  to store data in computer memory ?  Doesn't that make more sense logically than for an advanced society to record massive amounts of important information such as world history & human origin on paper or wall carvings that would quickly deteriorate...especially if the records were meant to be discovered after a great cataclysm for posterity? ...

And the answer is a resounding - YES!


Many of the renowned Crystal Skulls were tested by the British Museum to determine if they were made with modern carving tools. Of the many tested, only 'MAX' and Sha Na Ra passed the rigorous examinations...and were confirmed as being 'not modern'. All of the others showed clear evidence of modern construct including residue of carbide tooling.
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Earth-Keeper AZ 2014 Star-Gate Agenda

The below Agenda is not written in stone, there may be minor changes if required.


  • Friday May 23rd
  • 12:00 - 12:30 - Opening - James Tyberonn
  • 12:30 - 1:15 - Mona Delfino
  • 1:15 - 2:00  - Grandmother Bwaun Equa
  • 2:00 - 2: 30 -  Adrienne Goff
  • 2:30 - 3:30  -  Peggy Phoenix Dubro
  • 3:30 - 5:00 - James Tyberonn with Anne
  • 5:00 - 6:45 - Clifford Mahooty
  • 6: 45 - 8:15- Kirby Seid
  • 8:15 - 8:30 - Poetry of Michael Firewalker
  • 8:30 - 9:30 - Leela Hutchison

  • Saturday May 24th
  • 08:00 - 8:30 - Bruce 'Gentle Bear' Durward & Nia Kallhof- Opening Meditation
  • 08:30 - 9:00 - Meditative Gongs & Chimes with Journey
  • 09:00 - 10:30 - Dr Robert Schoch
  • 10:30 - 12:00 - John Van Auken
  • 12:00 - 1:30 - Lunch...  Music from Realm Ryder
  • 1:30 -  3:30 - James Tyberonn
  • 3:30 - 5:00 - George Noory with Tom Danheiser
  • 5:00 - 6:15 - Dinner...  Music from Realm Ryder
  • 6:15 - 7:00 - Dr Raman Gokal
  • 7:00 -  9:30 - Richard C Hoagland

  • Sunday May 25th
  • 08:00 - 8:30 - Meditative Gongs with Journey
  • 08:30 - 09:00 - Elaine Fidyk
  • 09:00 - 09:15 - Arielle Faith Michael
  • 09:15 -  9:45 - Dr Joe McNamara
  • 09:45 10:30 - Dr John Ryan
  • 10:30 - 12:00 - Dr Robert Schoch
  • 12:00 - 1:30 - Lunch...  Music from Realm Ryder
  • 1:30 - 2:30 - John Van Auken
  • 2:30 -  3:10 - Dr Cheri St Arnauld
  • 3:10 - 3:50  - Dr Jeri Castronova
  • 4:00 -  4:30 - Linda Robinson & Cathy Kominos
  • 4:30 - 4:45 - Michael Firewalker
  • 4:45 - 5:15 - Meditative Music & Entry of MAX & Sha Na Ra
  • 5:15 - 6:00 - Live Metatron Channel - James Tyberonn
  • 6:00 - 6:30 - Closing Announcements
  • Monday- May 26th
  • Pilgrimage to the Sedona Red Rocks with Ceremony

  • Location & Program Details Given at the Gathering...


The above Agenda is not written in stone, there may be minor changes as required.

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