Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Beloved Lightworkers, so you enter into this month of September and you are integrating the powerful energy shifts of July and August. Yes, you are in a new cycle of energy and events are moving very fast. The New Earth energy is pulsating with Diamond Radiance as the New is being seeded into manifestation on the Earth. In this month of September, the Full Moon falls on the 4th of September in Pisces, while the Sun is in Virgo. This is a wonderful
combination of energies, for the Piscean currents energize the deep levels of your being, while the Virgo energies will connect you ever more deeply to your work of service in the New Earth. The Earth herself is pulsating to the new frequencies of light as she aligns with the new Cosmic portals and stargates that are opening and realigning for the coming Cosmic era of Light. Deep within your hearts and souls, Beloved Ones, you are all feeling these shifts and changes.

On the 9th of September, the Collective Consciousness will join together to receive another influx of Cosmic Light that will accelerate the Earth's process of change and transformation by bringing more Light and more Love into every situation in your life. Yes, at this time, you are being greatly supported and assisted by the increased flow of the Diamond Light in your lives. Everything is becoming clear and transparent, everything is illuminated, nothing can
be hidden. This is becoming clear in your larger social systems, as well as in your own lives.

The 9th of September is a powerful date, because not only does it carry the vibration of the triple 9 - 09:09:09, but also the date produces the master number 11! And, of course, 2009 is a year of the 11 vibration. So, it is, that the energies of this date will be a preparation for the even more intense energies of the 11:11:11 on the 11th of November. This will be what we might term the "Master Portal or Gateway".

The New Moon falls on the 18th of September, and then, on the 20th or 21st of September, depending on where you live, you will celebrate the September equinox. This will be Spring in the South and Fall in the North. This time when the day and night are of equal length, marks the change of the seasons, as the South heads for Summer and the North for Winter. Dearest Ones, the flows of Time and Season will also impact on what is being experienced by you at this time.

**Shadow Energy and the Role of Atlantis**

Beloved Lightworkers, as the Magical and Mystical energy of the New Earth is established, you are also having to confront a resurgence of the energy of fear and manipulation within your social and media systems. Now you might ask why this is so, when the New Earth energy is so powerful? Well, we can say that as you transform into the higher "version" of your Human Angelic Self, you have cleared your DNA of all distortions and you are in the process of integrating and synthesizing all that you have been in the past cycles of time, so that your true or essential core self can emerge. In this process, you have integrated both your Lemurian and Atlantean lifetime experiences. This has enabled you to activate the Paradise Codes and energize a long term restructuring of the Planet into a Paradise home for the Beings who inhabit the Earth. But, it has also meant confronting the dealing with the shadow energy that is still being projected by one of the greatest traumas that the Earth and her people have ever faced in recent

This, Beloved Ones, was the destruction of Atlantis, when the huge crystals that held the Light Codes for the Cosmic Portals and Stargates were no longer able to do their work as the hearts of those who were their keepers had become darkened. As we have said before, this was the result of choices made on many levels to allow a certain path of evolution that would develop certain abilities in Humanity. These included the rapid development of the Mental facilities and the emergence of the Ego self. Neither of these was "bad" as such, but they did result in unfortunate side effects that included a sense of separation and alienation, low self-esteem and loss, and the
consequent feelings of guilt and depression and anxiety for failure that was registered in the DNA and Akashic records.

We call this energy, the "negative Atlantis Codes", and we know that these are based on false ideas and information and a lack of true understanding of the processes of Human Evolution on the Planet. But, it is these that are being used and manipulated by those who seek to maintain control of the Earth and her people through fear and to deny
them their Freedom. Beloved Ones, you are Free! Know that you are Free! Know that you no longer need to carry fear and anxiety about apocalyptic destruction scenarios. Those who present these scenarios are activating the "negative Atlantis Codes" in the Human Collective Memory, and producing fear and anxiety in the population as their deep subconscious remembers with feelings of guilt and stress.

Beloved Ones, know that life, all life on Earth, is an intelligent force. It is a reflection of Divine Essence, it is the One. Your evolution seeks to lift you to higher levels of Being and Becoming, it does not seek to destroy you. The Unconditional Love of Source, of the Creator, seeks only the Highest Good of All, the Planet and her inhabitants, and no one is being blamed or judged. Beloved Ones, it is time to make a concerted effort to release the negative Atlantis
programming so that the Collective Consciousness will not be drawn into fear, and that you will be able to see clearly the wonderful new opportunities that are arising on your World as you transform and renew yourselves.

As we have said before, you chose, as a Collective, to go through a process of conscious evolution and not to take the Atlantean path of massive destruction. Beloved Ones, if you could simply release the negative programs from within your Collective memory, you would see how powerful you are and how you are so completely equipped to create and manifest the most glorious future for yourselves and your planet.

** Releasing Yourselves from Emotional Stress and Pain to Enter States of Joy and Bliss**

Beloved Ones, if you could finally release this old energy from your Human Collective Consciousness, it would also release you from the cycles of emotional trauma and pain that some of you still experience. For indeed, this is not "life", but a result of the manipulation of your energies in the later stages of the Atlantean era. Those with dark hearts filled with the pain of separation, took control and learned how to manipulate the population by a misuse of the sexual
energies in the Sacral and Base chakras. Now, Beloved Ones, in this recent powerful period, one of the gifts
that was given to you was the ability to reconnect or rewire the Sacral Chakra and the Heart Chakra so that you can express your sexual and creative energies with Unconditional Love and Joy and without fear and guilt. This powerful new wiring will allow you to bypass the Atlantis negative codes.

For, in Atlantis, as a result of the abuse of this energy, humanity became addicted to emotional dramas, for the Heart was disconnected from the emotions, and the "victim" energies of betrayal, abandonment, and pain and suffering became "addictions" of the human psyche. These emotional traumas became so pervasive that they entered into religion, and the beautiful and shining story of the Twin Flames, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, was distorted into the "cruxificion" of Jesus. Subsequently, Humanity was controlled by negative codes requiring release from "sin" and guilt and a need for "redemption". Lies and Deception, indeed!

Beloved Ones, the "Grail Codes", the Light Codes that will release the Human Collective from the negative Atlantis programs have already been activated in you. The Twin Flame avatars have shown the path to unified Unconditional Love and Oneness. They have taught you how to reconnect with your Divine Essence in a place of Love and Joy, beyond Guilt and Pain and Drama. They have shown you how to lift your emotional energy so that it is expressed through the Heart as Love and Joy.

Beloved Ones, in your lives you are constantly needing to be awake and aware of those who would keep you in the energy of emotional drama through the abuse and misuse of the sexual and creative energies. For, it is these energies that are your power to manifest and create, and if you are drawn into creating dramas of suffering and pain, then your Divine creative energy is being misused.

So, Beloved Ones, as you enter into this shining New Earth, we ask you to assist the Collective to ascend to Higher Consciousness by not allowing yourselves to enter into fear or to be manipulated by those wishing to create emotional dramas.

Keep your energy always in your Heart, as you were shown by the Christ Avatars, and you will be blessed with Peace and Unconditional Love. Do not judge anyone, but always watch your own heart and choose only what brings Joy to your Heart and Soul.

As the New Earth rises, it is indeed time to move beyond the negative programs that have held Humanity for so long, and to celebrate life and the joy of life on Planet Earth!

Life is a wonderful gift of Love and Grace. The original blueprint was for an Abundant life of Joy and Creativity. You are returning to this original pattern and you are evolving to ever higher expressions of Love and Joy. As you hold this awareness within yourselves, you provide the energy of love that will enable humanity as a whole to break through the Atlantis destruction codes and live in the Golden Age of Love and Peace that is being seeded right now!

So, in this powerful month of September, we are asking that you take time on the 09-09-09 and at the Full Moon and Equinox, to celebrate Life and Transformation. To Welcome the New Earth in your Life and Being and to make a commitment to being a part of the Age of Peace, Love and Harmony in your Heart. Express your creativity with music and dance, be with others in a celebration of the radiance of your Sacred Hearts, united in the Service of the Planet and the Service of the One Heart.

You are Blessed in Love in this month of September!

2009-10 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global


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