A Clarion Call to Keepers of the Violet Flame

Dearest friends: While I was preparing the flyer for the October, 2009 event at Lake Tahoe, as he often does, AA Michael gave me the title for the seminar: MANDATE FROM THE CELESTIAL AMETHYST HALL. And, as I occasionally do, I protested, "But people will not understand what that means." He replied, "They will at the appropriate time." past experience, I knew that he would give me the rest of information in due time and promptly forgot about it.

Most of you will agree that these last few months have been very interesting. One moment we are experiencing a "lightness of Spirit and soaring bliss," and shortly thereafter, we may feel as though our physical bodies are so dense we can hardly walk. We are on an emotional roller coaster and time is flying by so quickly, we can barely keep up. Consciously, returning to Center, and the Infinity Breath have been my most valuable tools, along with allowing a feeling of gratitude to fill my heart center throughout the day, for I then feel love permeate my Being and I am at peace.

A week or so ago, AA Michael said to me: The monthly message for September will be entitled "A CLARION CALL TO KEEPERS OF THE VIOLET FLAME," and it will also be the sub-title for your seminar in October. Briefly, here is what he told me:

"As I have told you, when humanity first inhabited the Earth, Lake Tahoe was not filled with water, it was an inverted pyramid with a gigantic quartz crystal cluster at the bottom. This inverted pyramid was/is Over-Lighted by the vibrational frequencies of our Mother God, and was/is a receiver of Love/Light Energy. Some of the spires of this exquisite cluster extended several hundred feet into the air, for they were programmed to be receivers of information from the higher realms. Mt Shasta was/is Over-Lighted by the masculine attributes of our Father God, and was/is a conveyer of information and energy from the Earth back into the Realms of Light.

"There was a wondrous crystal cave at the north end of the inverted pyramid and within this cave was placed a enormous amethyst cluster. In the center of this beautiful cluster was a fountain containing one of the largest Violet Flames on Earth. Many Star Seeds (old Souls) who came to Earth during the early times of inhabitation were Guardians of that Temple of the Violet Flame. The crystal cluster is still there, as is the amethyst cluster, while the Violet Flame is encased in a protective sphere of God Light. There is a larger protective sphere around the great crystal cluster, as well as the entrance to the cave, and all are buried beneath many feet of silt and rocks.

"If you have been following our teachings for some time, you are also aware that before you began your journey out into the Universe, you were given a Divine Mission. That mission included an assortment of tasks or lesser missions, and you were also offered many other opportunities as your expertise in manifestation increased, and you became accustomed to great diversity in form and expression. As Star Seed, those of you who answered the clarion call, which ultimately placed you in a physical body on Earth at this time, were taken to a star system in the Ninth Dimension that is composed of Amethyst Crystalline Energy of the VIOLET FLAME. There in the Celestial Amethyst Hall, and from the Amethyst Throne, Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst accepted your vow to be a KEEPER OF THE VIOLET FLAME. A Seed Atom, which contains the vibrational frequencies of the Violet Flame, was placed within your Sacred Heart. The Violet Flame contains the vibrational patterns of the love and compassion of our Mother God, as well as the frequencies of forgiveness and transformation. It also contains Adamantine Particles of Love/Light which are offered as a gift, a Divine dispensation; however, they must be activated by the frequencies of a loving, compassionate heart.

"As this Seed Atom is activated, the facet of your Diamond Core God Cell that carries the vibrational patterns of the Violet Flame will blaze forth into your auric field and will enhance the activation of your MER-KI-VAH vehicle of Light. As a Keeper of the Violet Flame, you are also to actively send forth the gift of the Violet Flame to those you are lead to assist, as well as out into the world-at-large. The MER-KI-VAH Ascending Vehicle of Light and the Violet Flame are instrumental in the process of ascension. The Violet Flame removes discordant vibrational patterns so that your MER-KI-VAH Vehicle of Light can more quickly expand and grow in radiance."

In the past, AA Michael admonished us "You may only radiate the Iridescent Pink love vibrations of our Mother God and the Violet Flame to others without infringing upon their free will."

I always ask for validation after receiving important /unusual information from AA Michael, and this time even I was amazed at how quickly what he had conveyed to me was confirmed.

First, Tyberonn called me just before he left for his seminar in Banff, Alberta, Canada. He wanted to tell me about some new information he was getting from Metatron; however, I had only a few minutes before I had to leave for an appointment. He stated briefly that he was getting a lot of new, detailed information about the MerKaBa and the MerKiVah. Part of his seminar in Canada was to be about preparing to activate the Ascending Vehicle of Light, the MerKiVah. We promised to have a long chat after his return and left it at that. I know we will be combining the information we have received and will present it together at our October event.

During the time I was receiving this information from AA Michael, Cindy, my assistant came into my office and said, look at what I found on one of our supplier's website. It was an Amethyst Star Tetrahedron. They are quite small, but very powerful. AA Michael told me, "You are to have these available at the October seminar." I ordered all they had in stock and will save them for our seminar participants before we offer them on our website.

The final and most profound proof was given to me when I was programming some new Vogel-like crystal wands we had just received. I always cleanse the new crystals we receive, and I place my AA Michael and Lady Faith crystals on them (all the new crystals must be touching so that the vibrational patterns will flow freely among all the crystals). I then add any other crystals that are appropriate for the specific programming of the crystals. For the 2012 Vogel-like crystals, I also placed my AA Metatron, Goddess, and Lord Melchizedek crystals on the new crystals, as well as my crystal Star Tetrahedron and my beautiful amethyst tower crystal. As usual, I placed my hands around the grouping and began to infuse the attributes and qualities of our Father/Mother God into the new crystals via the Accordion Breath and the Still Point process. Within a few moments, I felt myself being lifted out of my physical body into my MerKiVah Vehicle. I could see it very clearly with my inner vision; exquisite iridescent colors were sparking outward as the MerKiVah began to spin at an incredible speed. Above me there were great, brilliant streams of Light pouring down on my MerKiVah from a radiant sphere in the apex. My body began to vibrate very fast and I went into a deep Theta state for a few moments before my hands dropped away from the crystals and I returned to full consciousness. I sat quietly for a few minutes to figure out what had just happened, and to be sure that I was totally back in my body and able to stand.

AA Michael then told me that he would outline a ceremony we are to perform at the October event which will activate the Violet Flame Seed Atom within our Diamond Core God Cell and also begin the process of acclimating us to our MerKiVah Vehicle of Light. AA Michael will also take us, in our etheric bodies, into the Crystalline Violet Flame Temple within the Crystal Cave beneath the waters of beautiful Lake Tahoe. He has not told me exactly what will transpire at that time; however, I know it will be an incredible experience. We truly are moving into the accelerated process of ascension into a fifth-dimensional environment. The time we have been waiting for is upon us.

Please join us for this extraordinary event if Spirit nudges you to do so. Place your intention in your Pyramid of Light and ask for the best outcome. You may be surprised how easily everything falls into place and the way is opened for you to attend if you are meant to join us.

For those of you who can't attend, I am creating a special group Pyramid which will contain a luminous Violet Flame fountain where you can join us in meditation. Love and angel blessings, Ronna