Energies for July 2009



Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Beloved Lightworkers, the month of July will be one filled with the
energies of Change and Transformation. The Diamond Light continues to
bring illumination and awakening to the Planet, and at the same time,
there are new Light Codes for the evolution of the Planet that will be
activated in the Collective Consciousness at the Full Moon and Lunar
Eclipse on the 7th of July, and the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the
22nd of July as well as the Lion's Gate which opens on the 23rd of
It will indeed be a powerful time, and one in which you will need to
hold the Diamond Light in your Heart and hold your energy in Peace and
Calm as the changes occur and the New Earth energy facilitates the
disintegration of the old energy and the birthing of the New Earth. In
this process, you will find that your own inner energies are in the
process of rebirthing in order to be able to take form in the higher
frequencies of the New Earth. This Rebirthing process will affect the
energies of the lower chakras, as the Diamond Light frequecies are
activated within the three lower chakras to allow for the radiance and
clarity of Cosmic Consciousness to become part of Material Reality in
the New Earth.

So it is, Beloved Lightworkers, that at the Full Moon and Lunar
Eclipse, the Masculine energies of Planet Earth will be rebirthed into
the Higher Frequencies of the Light. The Collective Consciousness will
embrace the more gentle and Ascended and Christed Masculine energies.
This will be facilitated by the Lunar Code activations of the Full
Moon and Eclipse in Capricorn, assisted by the powerful transformative
energy of Pluto in Capricorn. The "Lunar Codes" for the Masculine
energy that have been absent from Earth Reality for so long will be
fully restored and activated at the New Cosmic Christ level.

At this time, the Divine Masculine energy within the Collective
Consciousness will begin to express into form, through Co-Creation,
the ascended energies of Unconditional Love, Sharing and Empowerment
for All. This shift within the Collective will raise to the surface
much anxiety and stress, as the old is released and the new takes
form. These energies will create an opportunity for the release of old
patterns and the embracing of new patterns of being and relationship.

These new Light Code Activations will affect the lower three
chakras, and there will be a releasing of old energy and an alignment
with the Diamond Light energies that are held within the Diamond of
the Heart and are radiated into the lower Chakras to "tune" the
frequencies of these chakras to the new Diamond Light frequencies.

These shifts may be felt on the physical level as vibrations and
pains within the lower part of the body as the incoming energies
restructures and realigns the lower chakras. Other feelingts may be
hyperactivity or extreme fatigue as the chakras recalibrate their
frequencies. There may be extreme mood shifts and emotions as the
emotional cleansing and realignment occurs, and some of you may feel
very tearful with the desire to cry for no reason as you release old
sadness and move into the new joy. On the mental level, there may be
extreme anxiety as old patterns of fear are release and replaced with
new patterns of Love and Sharing.

At this time, Beloved Ones, you may also experience the closing and
completion of many relationships as the ole energy patterns of
relationship are replaced with the new Ascended Energy of the Sacred
Heart as the basis for relating and relationship.

This will mean, dearest Lightworkers, that the old energies around
Money, Sexuality and Power will be replaced with the new higher
energies that you have held for the Collective. In place of the
distorted energies of Greed and Fear around Money, the new energies
will introduce the higher frequencies of Abundance, sharing and Enough
for All. The Ascended Human Angel will be quietly confident that he or
she will alwasy be able to manifest exactly what is needed to provide
for life, and that he or she will always have enough to share with
others who may not as yet perfected the skills of manifestation in
this time of transformation and change. These energies will be
introduced by a realignment of the Base Chakra energies.

The new energy around Sexuality will replace the distorted energies
of ownership and control through manipulation of the creative and
reproductive energies. As the Sacral chakra aligns with the Diamond
Light from the Sacred Heart, the new energies will create Sacred
Relationships in which every relationship will be held sacred and will
be a reflection of the Divine Union of energies. At the heart of
Relationship will be the energies of Unconditional Love, Acceptance
and Commitment. Each Relationship will have a focus of energy and that
will be the focus of the Sacred Commitment within the Relationship.
The energy of Creativity that is the purpose of the Sacral Chakra will
be used within Sacred Relationships to manifest the energies of the
Sacred in the New Earth. And, because you are now Co-Creators on the
Planet, each of you will decide within your Relationships what is the
Sacred purpose and focus of your partnerships and how you will express
this in alignment with the Mastery of your Diamond Light energy.

The old energy of Power as a means of control and manipulation will
be replaced at the Solar Plexus Chakra by the new ascended Christ
energy of Personal Empowerment and the ability to hold the energy of
Unconditional Love in the Heart at all times. The frequency of Love
transmitted through the Diamond of the Heart will manifest as the
ability to flow your personal energy in any situation without needing
to exert control and domination. The Flow of Unconditional Love
ensures that each being is able to express their needs and desires
without fear and to have those needs met in love by those with whom he
or she connects. The essence of the New Earth is negotiation and
co-operation as a way of manifesting for the highest good at all
times. Beloved Ones, you will learn the skills of working together as
groups to ensure that everyone is able to manifest what they need and
desire at all times, and that you can support the process of
manifestation, not just for yourself, but for others as well. In this
case, learning how to create Harmony through Oneness will be the
essential skill that will bring the energy of the Solar Plexus into
alignment with the Diamond Light of the Heart.

So, Beloved Ones, on the 22nd of July, the New Moon will be in
Cancer and there will be a Solar Eclipse which will also activate New
Solar Light Codes. These will be the Activations for the Solar
Feminine energies, the Ascended Feminine Christ energis that are being
encoded into the Diamond Heart of the Planet and into the Diamond
Heart of each Awakened and Ascended Human Angel on the Earth at this

At this time, the old "victim" energies of the Feminine in the old
energies will be replaced in the Collective Consciousness with the
Ascended energy of Empowerment and Creation with Spirit. The New Human
Angel will be open to Receiving with Grace and Gratitude the Abundance
that is offered by the Cosmic River of Life. The Base Chakra will be
realigned from the lack and poverty of the old consciousness and will
be set at the frequency of Acceptance and Gratitude, within the
knowledge that Abundance is always present and that lack is an
illusion. On the level of the Sacral Chakra and the Sexual and
Creative energy, the New Code will allow the Feminine energy to be
empowered to express Passion and Creativity and to receive these
energies from others with Grace and Gratitude. At the level of the
Solar Plexus Chakra, the new Light Codes will allow the Feminine
energy to express its power and empowerment through the energies of
Equality and Sharing. Giving and Receiving will be held in balance at
this point, and the new Light Codes will enable the Human Angel to
ensure that he or she Receives and Gives in a balanced and loving way
that honors the essence of each individual within the group or

Within the Collective Consciousness, Beloved Ones, the old energies
of Polarity and Duality will be replaced by the Yin and Yang of
Complementarity and Co-Creation.

And then, on the 23rd of July, when the Sun moves into Leo, the
"Lion's Gate" will open to bring through the new Evolutionary Codes
for the New Earth from the Cosmic Portals of Sirius, Alcyon and
Arcturius, and to bring new codes to the Heart of Humanity from the
Galactic Center and the Andromedan Consciousness. As the New Earth
manifests, the Stellar, Galactic and Cosmic Codes for Light Frequency
Evolution will also be encoded into the Human Collective Consciousness
through the Diamond Light Frequencies. At this time, those of you who
are fully Awakened to your Cosmic Consciousness will begin the process
of integrating your Stellar and Cosmic Codes and co-creating with the
Galactic and Stellar Consciousnes. Initially, this will be through the
Dream states, and many of you will be called to meeting and councils
in your dream states to share in the new Galactic Council that
includes the New Earth and her Ascended population. But, as the Cosmic
energy becomes stronger, you will be empowered to participate in
Galactic Council gatherings in more conscious ways.

So, Beloved Lightworkers, you can perceive that the energies of the
New are very strong right now, and that the old ways of being and
perceiving with their third dimensional limitations will not serve you
now. It is indeed time to fully embrace your multi-dimensional self
and to move into the new consciousness and the new reality as it is
birthed in you through the Language of the Cosmic Soul, which is Light
and Sound and Patterns of Consciousness.

**The Diamond Light Children : Supporting the New Consciousness**

At this time, this powerful changing of Light Codes and consciousness
is being supported by the arrival of the Diamond Light children on the
Planet. These are the Cosmic Master souls who have been incarnating on
the Earth in this year of 2009. As more of them arrive, they are
facilitating transformation and change, and mnay of the Crystal
Children are "upgrading" their consciousness so as to be able to enter
into the Diamond Light energy of Full Cosmic Consciousness. Their
support is enabling the rest of the Human Collective to make similar
shifts into Cosmic Consciousness and fully align with the Diamond
And so, at this time, the Human Collective is living within two
simaltaneous realities. The Old Reality with its old energies is
disintegrating and falling away. The old Light Codes and Energy
patterns are becoming increasingly worthless as ways of Being on the
Planet. This gives rise to deep anxiety and panic in many, and an
increasing fear of disasters and catastrophes. This energy is perhaps
necessary as a means by which the Collective can express the
transformation and work through the fears and anxieties that arise.
Many are replaying old survival fears and anxieties around the endings
of Lemuria and Atlantis. But, at the same time, the New Dream and the
New Earth are being birthed into the Collective Conscious and into
each awakened Human Angel, so that the New Reality can manifest and
take form. Beloved Ones, each of you has now to choose which Reality
you will inhabit, according to your ability to be conscious and awake
and to engage your Creative energy and work with Spirit. The Diamond
Children are here to welcome you into the New Reality.

Beloved Ones, many of you ask how you will know when you have
achieved the New Consciousness. How will you know when you have opened
to the full energy of the Fifth Dimensional New Earth. Well, we would
say that firstly, you will become aware of your inner Divinity and
your Cosmic Consciousness. You will feel the "I AM" energy of Soul and
Spirit that lives in the Diamond within the Heart. Secondly, you will
haev absolute trust in your ability to Co-create and Manifest with
Spirit and to provide all that you need on Earth within your Reality
and to live in comfort and abundance. Thirdly, you will have entered
into an awareness of the Infinite nature of Time and Space. You will
live fully in the Present Moment, knowing that past and future are
illusions, and that Now is the only Reality. You will have no fear of
death as you will feel absolute confidence to face all the transitions
and transformations in your existence with grace and peace. And,
lastly, you will feel yourself to be a Master of your own destiny,
knowing that you create your own Reality at all times. Andf you will
know that if you do not feel comfortable within a creation, that you
can change it at any time and create another Reality.

Indeed, Beloved Ones, we can only say " "Welcome to the New Earth!"

**The Energies for July 2009**

On the 7th of July, the Full Moon will be in Capricorn with the Sun
in Cancer. There will also be a Lunar Eclipse for the Activation of
the New Lunar Masculine Light Codes. The energy of Cancer and
Capricorn emphasizes the energy of the Mother and the Father, or the
Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. It is a time to celebrate the
emergence and rebirth of the Ascended Masculine energies of the
On the 22nd of July there will be a Solar Eclipse in Cancer, in
which the Solar Feminine Codes of the Empowered Feminine Christ
energies will be encoded into the Collective Consciousness. The Lunar
Goddess will assist in the rebirthing of the Full Solar Consciousness
of the Fire or Solar Goddesses, which will be expressed more fully in
August when there will be a Lunar Eclipse in Leo and Aquarius on the
6th of August at the Full Moon in the middle of the Lion's Gate
period. This will be another powerful nexus of Cosmic energies and
Light Code Activations.

On the 23rd of July the Sun moves into Leo, and the Lion's Gate
portal for 2009 opens. The Cosmic energies for the Evolution of Divine
Consciousness for the next annual cycle will begin to be received by
those on the Earth!

And so, we wish you a journey filled with Light, Love and Laughter
in July of 2009!

2009-10 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global


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