Massive Shifting, Decisions, and Michael Jackson

June 30, 2009


Over the past week, my father suddenly began experiencing an acute decline in his white blood cell and platelet counts. Suddenly spiraling out of control, acquiring new symptoms right and left and greatly declining, he was finally admitted to the hospital. With suggestions from doctors of acute leukemia, aplastic anemia, and even imminent death, we have been waiting for his bone marrow biopsy test results, which take quite a while.

My father and I have always been very close, with an unusually good and special relationship. This has been a trying time, as one minute we think this, and the next perhaps that, with different doctors giving different diagnoses and treatments. At times feeling hopeful and relaxed ,and perhaps knowing what we may be dealing with, and then finding an entirely new scenario unfolding the next minute, it has been a real yo, yo ride with the unknown. And being so close to it and stressed, I am yo yoing as well, in regard to receiving clear information from a higher vision, while at the same time being here in human form and experiencing the accompanying human emotions, along with the confusion.

This same scenario holds true for the energies now, even after the solstice. Many are still very confused, feeling the pregnant pause without the pregnant part, as one of my readers so eloquently described it. Many are still feeling absolutely no movement and with no sense of direction. Just like the situation with my father?a little piece here, and then another piece there, but still no resolution or actual grounding in of anything definite. And in addition, with a total disconnect from the old reality, finances are very tight for many, and possibilities for anything new unfolding perhaps seeming nil, at best. The only real space of comfort for the scenario with my father, and with many in these unknown energies is simply acceptance, surrender, trust in a higher power, and the belief that everything is indeed in divine and perfect order.

But although it may seem that the dead zone, empty space, or confusion with no real sense of direction, is all that currently exists, there is actually more going on with our current energetic situation than meets the eye.

The solstice, as it usually does, shook things up for many. Much that had still not left its old and familiar groove, was suddenly usurped and thrown up in the air, creating sudden losses, catastrophes, and instant changes of direction. Energies (within individuals) that had not yet made their decisions, were now very suddenly forced to look at things, address things, and make some kind of change or decision. The solstice on June 21 was indeed a catalyst for many, and it succeeded it creating new growth and movement at different levels.

And yet for some, another experience was indeed present. For me, I have never experienced in this lifetime the energies and space I am occupying now. After many of my new pieces of awareness and direction began arriving preceding the solstice, immediately after the solstice, I felt an enormous downloading of a new me embodying my every cell and awareness. With the non-physical beings ever present now, I feel them at my elbow at each turn, as each step toward creating my new begins and arrives. It is an amazingly magical time, with supports and awarenesses I cannot describe. I am currently beginning the stages of creating a very new physical space in a very new reality, with an unsurpassed feeling of fullness, direction, and enormous connection (even though I have very recently lost 15 pounds!).

So what is going on here? Why are some having one experience and others having another experience?

The solstice created the grounding energy, so that everything could then follow. Thus, things would begin to manifest and move, after the arrival of the solstice. And it is a very deep and grounded connection we now have access to. Because everything is indeed connected, in this way, one piece affects another?.meaning that one energy must reach a certain place before it can reach out and connect to another energy. In this way, then, some energies are still waiting for the energies in front of them, to complete their new connection before they can then in turn, reach back and connect again to the corresponding energy behind them. All these pieces eventually create a whole, or new grid. And in addition, many are still deciding.

The new reality is very new indeed. It is a blank canvass waiting for our artist brushes to apply the paint, guiding the colors oh so precisely in order to create whatever we choose. It is indeed empty now, so that we can start very new?all over again from scratch. So even though we may have the paint and the brush, it is up to us to decide what we are going to paint. We can direct the paint intentionally, or we can place some paint here and there, and then see what may have emerged. So then, knowing what we are going to paint before we begin can greatly help (it has for me), but at the same time, experimenting with the paint can also lead to the emergence of something new as well.

It feels empty now because it is. The way that I finally connected to my new space was through surrender. I had to really and truly get out of the way and give up. I ended up opening to things and new spaces that I would have never imagined possible, and that were also very far beyond what I thought I was capable of. But once I surrendered to it all and allowed it to manifest, supports arrived at every turn (especially after I was certain of and willing to accept my new direction). In this way, many of us will be dedicated now to the humanitarian aspects of our new endeavors, as serving with disregard to our own needs will carry us on a white fluffy cloud, while our own needs are miraculously met with ease when we discontinue paying attention to them.


Surrendering can help in identifying our new direction. Allowing it to unfold while being willing to accept things grander than we have ever imagined, and that were seemingly not our idea, can help as well. This is because we are stepping into the next phase of our soul shoes, and this next phase is amazing, grand, and allows us to become so much more of our original soul blue print and intention. This next phase is what we really came here for. It is absolutely finally time. It is the fun and juicy part. So then, being willing to become our true and authentic selves, with our true and authentic purpose, while letting go of a smaller and more diluted version of who we thought we were, can place us there more readily.

If you feel you have already surrendered, and are still confused, you may not have really let go all the way. Letting go means really giving up everything that you thought you wanted. It means giving up energetically?completely. Not hoping someone will buy your failing business, or holding on while you are waiting for something to change or save you. That is still holding on. It means being willing to disconnect from everything, before you start anew. No wishing, wanting, hoping for certain pieces to arrive to save you or that will allow you to leave, or the like. And I am referring to letting go energetically here?not suggesting that one physically walk away, unless that is a comfortable decision.

As we leave certain spaces, there will be new arrivals on our old rungs of the vibrational ladder who are now ready to occupy these spaces. So then, again, we arrive somewhere new, which leaves a vacancy, and someone new will then occupy it. The shaking up process of the solstice is creating the changes and new decisions that will be made, in order for these very new arrivals to finally get here. And know as well, that where many are going is still in the process of being created by the forerunners. We are going somewhere very new, and it is not about us?it is about our souls contribution to humanity and the new reality. In other words, a higher version of us.

So then, some individuals may still be occupying the no space, because they have either not surrendered all the way, allowing their final release into the next dimensional reality, or (more than likely)? they may be waiting for their new connection to reach out to them, as there are currently forerunners paving the way and opening the new doors for all to follow. The new connections form an amazing grid and domino effect?all perfectly placed to connect together at precisely the right time.

In addition, whenever we arrive in new territory at new dimensional levels, it is very common to experience a brief period of darkness. At the moment of the solstice, everything dark and unpleasant that we had previously succeeded in parting from, may have suddenly arrived once again, seemingly pestering us for a connection. It may have seemed as if we were going backwards, but this is always part of the process. This time is very brief, and then it is over, and it can arrive at different times for everyone.

Michael Jackson

When substantial shifts occur, it can create the departure of souls who have been carrying significant amounts of higher level energy. When Steve Irwin died, he left the energy of wildlife and wilderness conservancy behind. He had embodied this energy within himself to a massive degree, so by departing, he then allowed this energy to be dissipated to many others on the planet, thus creating a more widely spread purpose and higher energy for the planet as a whole.

Dana Reeve created the same effect when she departed. She embodied angelic energy, and thus, when she departed, we were then given the opportunity as a whole to now embody this energy ourselves.

At other times, souls carrying a significant amount of energy depart because we have evolved beyond the energy they are embodying, and the role of these souls is now over. Anna-Nicole Smith was one of these souls.

When souls depart who carry significant amounts of energy, their sudden absence can be greatly felt, and what they leave behind creates a ripple effect as it migrates and dissipates out for the entire planet to embrace and now embody in a more evenly distributed way.

Michael Jackson, perhaps the most talented performer of all time, embodied a massive amount of higher level energy. He was extremely connected to a higher level and to the other side. He was unmistakably a bridge; bringing this higher level energy into form and then giving it out to the masses. Remembering oh so well what the other side was like, he, like others, found it extremely difficult to exist within and understand the strange and many times darker energies that were on the planet while he was here.

So then, he embodied massive amounts of energy relating to the other side and bringing it here. In this way, he suddenly departed precisely around the time we experienced the solstice of June 21, because it was now time to dissipate that energy to the planet. He has now given us this energy to embody ourselves. He no longer needed to hold so much of it himself, as the shift of the solstice created this new connection for the planet to now experience on its own.

Apologies for a perhaps scattered and poorly written WINGS post this time. Due to the situation with my father, my concentration is not the best right now. But as always, I thank you so much for your continual dedication as my readers. May you each be blessed as I have been blessed by you?.

With much love and gratitude,

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