Mary Message
May 25, 2009
Brought forth by Peter Frame

It is to the Children whose path grows ever deeper within that we now come to thee with our energies to awaken you further to the beauty and truth of who you are and who you are now ready to claim.

Your lives are no longer mired in the small distractions that once consumed your attention and separated you from entering into the depths of your hearts, for you are seeking peace, clearing and making ready for your journey into your World as a messenger of love.

You are the Disciples who are to bring forth the message. The energy and truth in these words conveyed to you are not accidental nor fanciful or whimsical beloveds. The message that now comes before you is prophecy made manifest.

At this time within your hearts burns a light. The deeper you go within so the light will grow brighter and shall bestow upon you the winds of inspiration and guidance you will need to fulfill your mission to mankind.

Have you surrendered to your mission? Have you embraced the shadow surrounding your hearts that silently deafens you to who you truly know yourselves to be? The darkness within the shadow holds the lantern that is to illuminate your pathway. Go within and embrace that which seems void of light for surely you shall disarm the myths and illusions and reap the harvest that will sustain your journey into manifesting your Soul's truth for you and your World.

Beloveds listen to your hearts. What is the message being revealed? What is most important? Are you ready and willing to forego the doubts as to your ability to stand as the light bearer for your brethren? Are you willing to close the book on what was and begin writing the first chapter of your new life? The comforter is upon you now with the divine inspiration to usher you out into your World filled with those hearts who are now ready to receive guidance with the new message for a new age.

Your time has come. The waiting is over for the time to reveal the light within you is upon you. You are the vessel through which great works are to be done. Your world is in need for many are losing the ground beneath there feet that was once familiar, solid and reliable. There is increasing unrest within the Children of your world for the old doctrines of an old world are not providing them the spiritual sustenance they are seeking and yearning for.

Your light is what many seek. Have you acknowledged the treasures that lay within the chambers of your hearts? The truth within your hearts will provide your brethren the new firmament they will stand upon. Do you see Beloveds, they are waiting for you? You are the disciples of the Christ Consciousness for the New age to fill the sacred chalice within there hearts. They are thirsty beloveds. Would you deny another the life giving waters of spirit?

What do you possess within your hearts that another could benefit from? What flame of joy burns from within you so bright that you would bestow to another? Was it not the Master of Love, the servant for mankind who reached out his heart to the World to give the hope and promise of a new life?

Are you not the second coming? Are you not the embodiment of the Christ consciousness? Who do you know yourselves to be?

Your individual journeys have taken you down many paths and you faced many challenges and disillusionments that have enlightened each of you to continually surrender to the inner journey to awaken your hearts and embrace the thorns and briars of ancient pain and hurt. The road within deepens for those whose intent is to share the majesty of their hearts with your World. It is the pathway of the children of the awakened hearts, the pathway where you will release the encumbrances of a world that is no longer a viable option to live within.

We lend our light to you as you make your way through those memories that await your compassion and acceptance. There we stand as witness and as a beacon of love as the old within you dies. We are the witness, the midwife to the birth of the Christ Light. Our arms are open to enfold you and welcome you to a new world. Be born anew Beloveds.

Beloveds you cannot live in two worlds governed by two masters for one must fall to give rise to the other. The disciple is asked to leave behind their attachments to the known and familiar for within them is ignited a fire that is to blaze a new path for a new world.

Search within your hearts and find that light. Be with that light and be lead to the promise land that your pathway as a disciple for your new world be illuminated. Being in a world consumed within its attachments will never quench the thirst of your Soul. It is through the gateway of the old and born into the new where you will enter as the humble servant a messenger of light. The promise land is where souls gather in harmony who have chosen to be the message.

You stand at a crucial time where you are to make the decision to which world you are to reside within. The old is laden with repetitive cycles that perpetuate the lessons of duality and the disconnection to your hearts. Have you completed the lessons Beloveds?

It is but a choice to which world you will choose to inhabit. There you shall be. One world promises more emptiness and yearning, the other promises the continual evolution and fulfillment to your Soul's divine mission.

You are bridging a pathway between two worlds, two realities and the light within your hearts is calling to you to make a clear decision as to what reality you shall live your lives by. We offer our light and the power of the divine feminine to nurture you through this profound transition and to welcome you to a World ripe with the promise of beauty, purity of spirit and the joy of celebration as you make manifest the spark of light within the depths of your hearts.

The old world has taught you much and for many you have completed that cycle. The time is at hand to leave behind that reality. Take our hand as we bridge a pathway for you. And as you cross the divide from one world to another, call upon the Mother that we may bestow our nurturing energies of love and compassion upon you as you embody and assimilate the birthing process into a new world promised to you long ago.

Between two worlds, between two lifetimes lies the key to unlock the doorway to your Soul and the pathway that you are intended to walk as the Disciple, the lantern of the Christ Light. Be mindful of the potent path you are presently walking upon for it is written that the meek shall inherit the earth. Be those children whose hearts are intended to awaken, destined to illuminate and make known the pathway to a World your brethren shall dwell within.

Glory and Peace be unto you Beloveds