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Thank You for Your Patience and Understanding!
In the Light of Love As Always,

May 11, 2009


Blessed Be Dearest Ones as we send you Blessings of the Highest Light of Love as
We gather together once again in the Light of Love and Oneness.

Welcome Dearest Ones, Welcome!

It is with our Greatest Love Dearest Ones that we come in this day to bring forward another message for your discernment and enjoyment. It is always our intention to provide you with information to support your journey of awakening, remembrance and empowerment.

Dearest Ones, We invite you all now to get comfortable and close your eyes as we invite you now to enter into your Inner Center of the Temple of The Sacred Heart within your Being, the Holy Grail of Reunification.

We invite you to focus on your breath in this now moment and to breathe into your Sacred Heart Chambers. Just breathe Dearest Ones and settle into the peace of the breath for a few moments. Yes, feel the stillness, feel the peace. Yes, feel the centeredness and the balance of the breath… Yes! Through the breath you will always find the nourishment you seek as you receive The Breath of God, the Light of Love into your being… Yes! Open to the Magic and the Miracles of the Breath! Yes!


The waves of Photon Light have accelerated once again setting up the forward movement, so fasten your seat belts as the Waves of Light increase. Many shifts and changes are still occurring in your living arrangements, residences, and relationships as many alignments are being adjusted for those of you who have felt unsettled for the past few years. Work situations or job opportunities are making themselves known and the opportunities to make choices to improve your finances are available. With this tremendous increase in the Waves of Light expect the unexpected and anticipate Miracles! Remember YOU are the Creators, what would you like to see made manifest in your worlds? The energies are ripe for you to examine your deepest desires once again, yet with greater clarity this time. Set your intentions with clarity and CLAIM that which is yours for the asking. Then remain in the Conscious Observer Self for the synchronicities to align for you to choose and claim. By the end of June much will have shifted. Most of you will feel as though you have found more clarity in your life and have more certainty of your directions for the next few years.

The first half of this year many have been given the opportunity to CHOOSE AGAIN to stay and do the Ascension Journey. Many of you most likely have experienced the "doorway of choice" more than once since the turn of the century/millennium. We invite each and every one of you to recognize that this CHOICE POINT is most often the opportunity to recognize that this journey is about LOVE and the first step of that journey is in TRULY learning to Love and Accept YOU and the more complete you are with this realization, you are beginning to discover that there is great potential for you to actually have a good time as you go forward into the future! Longevity and youthfulness are available for the journey ahead, if you so choose.

Mercury is retrograde through the month of May so this is a good time to reevaluate your priorities, review your feelings and make changes where necessary. This is also a good time to service the electrical components of your cars, homes and computers. The opportunity to reconcile family patterns, break the mold from old patterns and recognizing old belief systems that no longer serve you will be up for your review. Resolution continues to be a main theme as you move forward. We invite you to step up to the opportunities that will become available to make significant changes for the better, CHOOSE NOW from the heart for these choices will influence how you will experience the next few years.

We highly recommend that you NOT give your energy to the negativity. With every report you hear that can be viewed as negative look for the positive in it, you will always find it if you simply look more closely. We also recommend that you remain positive at all times, this will empower you and support you as you remind yourself of your Sovereignty and your ability to manifest YOUR experience in any given moment.

For those of you who are tuned into the media, especially in the United States, you will continue to repeatedly hear of the "woes of the world". Please know that the governing structures are indeed being, and must continue to be transformed and re-birthed as you go forward. Rather than submitting to fear or anger, find constructive ways to contribute your views and ideas of what is needed to make the necessary changes to your governing bodies and your financial systems. Do your part in creating the change that you want to see. One of the most powerful ways to contribute to this change is to HOLD THE FOCUS in your mind's eye and in your thought processes of a Country United in Balance, Harmony and Justice for all concerned and then carry this vision forward to the whole world. Discipline your thought processes to remain POSITIVE in the transformational process of that which is out of balance.

It is up to each individual to do their part NOT to repeat history, but to write a new script for the next stage of evolution for humanity to CREATE a better world without having to use destruction and violence as a method of the dissolution of "the old systems".


Now on a more personal note, how this can look within the self; At any moment should you experience a thought or emotion that is limiting, judgmental, angry, sad or fearful, PAUSE.... BREATHE.... and gently embrace the self lovingly. Recognize that this is simply an aspect of the self which has remained hidden in the deeper regions of your consciousness or unconscious self. Close your eyes and in your inner-vision see yourself embracing this aspect of your Soul that is feeling angry, lost and unsafe, or simply not accepted and loved, it is yet another aspect of you. Breathe them into your heart, welcome them back Home into the safety of your heart, just as you would a small child. Love and Accept them WHOLELY and COMPLETELY. Speak to this aspects of Soul as you feel guided to reassure them that they are PERFECT just the way they are and that you Love them! Continue to breathe them into your heart until you feel complete and at peace.

First and foremost remember that all that is in need of resolution is indeed rising to the surface in all expressions of creation. Recognize that much of what appears to be negative is actually supporting the transformation of that which is out of balance. Within you recognize that all aspects of ALL THAT YOU ARE, are indeed continually appearing and reappearing until they are WELCOMED AND LOVED back into the WHOLE of you. Any time that you experience an emotion that represents suppressed thoughts of being less than, unworthy, separate, unloved, useless, or whatever limited, judgmental perception of yourself that you deny, this is an aspect of you showing up to be recognized, to be acknowledged, and to be loved back into your heart, back into the whole. Some may take you completely by surprise, so we encourage you to remain aware by utilizing the Observer Self at all times.

Body changes: For those of you experiencing fatigue, recognize that the new adjustments within the body are realigning much and we recommend that you allow for extra rest, naps and we suggest that some TLC for the self is called for.

Recall our discussion for this year of 2009 being a year filled with tremendous opportunities and well as much change and potential challenge.
2009 ~ the 2 represents duality and the 9 represents completion, while together they add up to an 11, which again adds to a 2. The 11 of course represents a master number, or mastery and so the end of the duality cycle is to be mastered this year! Duality will continue to rear "its fearful head" for it is losing the "push-pull tug-of-war". Beloved Ones it is the Light of your Love that will transform all into balance, into Oneness! We highly suggest that you bring this to the forefront of your thought processes when the going gets tough.

For those who are choosing to stay and do the journey, this year of 2009 more than any other year prior to now offers the opportunity to master duality. It is the year in which your Soul, your Over-Soul and Your I AM Presence are closer then they have ever been since the days of LeMuria, and there is increased support to embody CONSCIOUSLY the LOVE that you are! This is available for you to CHOOSE in the NOW! This is the year to recognize YOU ARE THE CREATOR IN EACH NOW MOMENT of that which you will experience next. LOVE IS THE KEY Dearest Ones, in EVERY SITUATION.

The journey of Ascension is about embodying Christ Consciousness, embodying The Trinity of the Self. The REBIRTH of the Christ within the Self is ripe with these current energies. We invite you to spend extra time each day to just BREATHE IN the Christed Self each day using the Pranic Breath breathing down through the crown chakra, down through the Pineal, down through all the way into your heart. Doing this each day will do MORE toward your fulfillment of your Ascension Journey then most of your other practices. It is that simple Dearest Ones!!!


The Soul is functioning in and through your body, Soul integration has moved into the body now.

An example of how this might look, or how to recognize this working in your world: A Story

An enlightened lady went to a Spiritual lecture late one afternoon at a building she was not very familiar with, which had multiple parking areas around the building on different levels as the building was on a hill. The sun was still up at the time, when she noticed a parking area that didn't look too crowded and was close to a ramp leading up to the building where the lecture was, so she decided to park there. She went up to the building and went in to attend the lecture.

By the time the lecture was over the sun had gone down and as she left the building she noticed that she could FEEL herself moving along a lighted path that led to a lighted stairway down to a parking area when all of a sudden she became alarmed "thinking" to herself, "This is not the way I came up! Oh my gosh if I go this way I might not find my car!" (it was not that large of a building that she needed to have any great concern) However her "mind" had taken over the situation with doubt and fear. She turned around to find the ramp-way she had used on her way into the building which she knew was right by her car. Now this sounds logical however notice the events which follow.

As the lady turned back she found "her" ramp-way, however it was very dark and there were no lights to illuminate her path back to her car in the dark of the night. She walked all the way down the ramp-way and at the bottom all of a sudden her foot turned and she fell to her knees and then down onto the ground. She was unable to see the step that was at the bottom of the ramp-way in the dark. Her knees were scuffed up pretty badly and they were bleeding. No one was around to notice her fall. She felt a bit stunned and wasn't sure what to do. She was feeling extremely tired and decided she didn't have the energy to seek out any help and decided she wasn't seriously hurt, so went on to her car and drove carefully home applying healing energy to the worst knee.

As she drove home she was reflecting on what had occurred and began to recognize the symbology of what had "plaid out" in her world. She realized that her Soul had been moving her along in a lovely flow that she could FEEL in her body that led her in the direction of a lighted pathway leading to some well lit stairs that lead down to the parking areas when suddenly her mind became fearful because the path was unfamiliar. Had she continued on trusting her forward movement along the lighted path and down the lighted stairway, it may have been a slightly longer walk to her car, yet the path would have been illuminated all the way. Out of doubt and fear she chose the path that was "familiar" even though it was "dark", rather staying in the trust that there is never a need for fear and remain in the flow of Souls gentle guidance along the lighted pathway. This was the "ego" through the mind reverting back to the need to be in control to be safe.

The "moral" of this story we have chosen to share with you is the Principle of practicing the Observer Self to realize when you step "out of the flow" and into "fear or doubt". There is great VALUE in becoming aware of both what you are feeling in your body and what occurs within your THOUGHTS, and how your thoughts can actually interfere with the graceful flow of Souls guidance. Are you changing your direction or course of action based on a fearful thought to follow what is "familiar" even if it takes you into areas of darkness moving you in the opposite direction of where you were gracefully being lead by Souls Light to your desired destination? Remain alert so as not to let the intellect confuse you or distract you. Stay grounded and become more aware of the subtleties of the Soul as it functions more fully within your body. Breathe into your hearts when you experience these moments of ego's need to be in control. The signal that you are in "the ego consciousness" is when you experience fear or doubt.

We highly suggest that it will serve you greatly to 'tune in "and recognize what you are feeling in your body as well as the upliftment within your feeling nature and emotions when you allow yourself to be moved along "energetically", you will begin to notice how you are guided along the best path and in the safest manner in your world (this is where the Observe Self will assist you greatly in recognizing this experience). If you find yourself moving along in a "natural flow" of energy, it is in those moments when the "mind" interjects with that word "but" that you may potentially and suddenly shift your focus to that of the ”mind "and make a decision based on "a thought" that is "debating" your current course.

As you reflect on moments such as these you may discover that you are removing yourself from the "Flow" you had been feeling which had been guiding your movements gracefully until your "mind" had the need to be "in control". Observe in the moment if this is just a "thought" that you "should" do things differently because of a "fear" or "doubt", or if you are truly "FEELING" that you "want" to change the course of your direction of movement. By simply staying in the "flow" of your body movements rather then abruptly changing your course, or direction based on an "analytical" thought triggered by doubts or fears, ignore the doubts, BREATHE and follow the "flow" of where your body was naturally moving before the "mind" jumped in.

Realize that life is now more of a "dance", where Soul is the one "leading" each one of your steps as you move gracefully in a forward movement, learn to "follow" the movements of your Soul by staying in your feeling nature, this is easy and natural when you remain in your hearts. When you remain in your hearts, TRUST is a natural response and there is no room for doubt or fear.

Be gentle with yourselves now as there are continuing shifts and changes. If you feel you require extra sleep please allow for this as your body continues to transform.


Why did the Creator have a desire to experience the 3rd dimension? What was the purpose for this experience? What was the potential value available in manifesting the world of duality?

It is the conclusion of this channel and the aspects of self within her awareness that have concluded that the journey of the 3rd dimension was created to allow for the opportunity to heal the "Original Wounds of Separation"!

There are many dimensions of reality, many that reflect love and beauty. The world of LeMuria was a world of harmony and beauty yet even in this beautiful world of Love and Harmony there existed the perceptions of separation, there existed issues of in-harmony based on perceptions of separation and so the decision was made to focus on creating a world of more uniformity in form and mind and so the birth of the journey of Atlantis began offering the consideration that more uniformity might provide the opportunity to perceive Unity & Oneness with greater ease. However the mind became a large part of the focus and the world of Love became diminished in their pursuit for "the appearance of sameness". It was when the evolutionary focus became one of the mind, that love became 2nd to the mind and became less and less the focus as the journey went forward.

And so we come to the time "called the fall of man" where the decision was made to experience a world of opposites in all things where there could not be good without bad, or dark without light, positive, without negative, male without female and so on. The journey of the 3rd dimension became a reality in which to experience what appeared to be COMPLETE separation and/or opposition.

The potential opportunity available during the evolution of the 3rd dimension is that of the FULL AWAKENING TO LOVE, FREE OF SEPARATION! How is this so you may be saying?

The innate nature of mankind is that of an individualized aspect of the God Creator. Being placed in a journey where one is COMPLETELY veiled of their TRUE NATURE makes it very much a challenge to KNOW that NOTHING exists that is not LOVE and that there is NO SEPARATION! However even behind the thickest veils one cannot escape the feeling that even when things look hopeless, when one witnesses hatred and greed, when one experiences brutality that the "spark of light" that is YOU speaks to you inside and you say to yourself; "This is not how it is meant to be", this is simply not right", and this "sparks" the need to find the answers to why, and what is REALLY going on here in the 3rd dimension.

If one is placed in an environment that seems to represent the exact opposite of how you innately know life is meant to be experienced and you still manage to muster the strength and courage to persevere long enough to recognize that you have the opportunity to awaken to the fact that none of this is real anyway and that it is up to YOU to claim this as your TRUTH, then you have OVERCOME THE ILLUSSIONS SO COMPLETELY that you are no longer EVER fooled again to believe that there is anything less than LOVE and ONENESS. It is then that you will MASTER DUALITY and the illusions of the 3rd Dimension.

The Gift of discovering that separation is only a perception based on ignorance, fear and doubt in oneself as a God Being to finally AWAKEN as you REMEMBER your True Nature and Identity and KNOW that there is nothing that is not a part of you/us, and that there is nothing that is not LOVE, YOU ARE THEN FREE! Free to ENJOY the beauty that is all around you, free to create a world of Joy and fulfillment, free to demonstrate the Love and the Oneness that is the Truth of All That Is, the Truth that is the REAL YOU sets you free to manifest this Truth in an expression of any reality you choose to create and experience!

And in the awakening and ACCEPING of this Gift as ABSOLUTE TRUTH each God Being REMEMBERS there is NO SEPARATION, that everything that exists is an expression of God. Everything in existence is made up of the same essence, which is Light, which is Love. There is nothing that exists that is not made up of Light, made up of Love. Everything is simply another expression, another aspect, another perception of the ONE. The perceptions of this PERFECTION are endless! We invite you to share your perceptions of this PERFECTION with all who come to your "Door"!

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have Chosen, We Love You Dearly!

We Send Each of You Blessings of the Highest Light of Love! The Love That You Are!

Blessed Be,
We Are One, Master Dakon, Sariniela, Anjuriel, and the I AM That I AM

The information in these writings are dedicated to the Empowerment and Awakening of the Divine Human.


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