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● Global Transformation and the Enlightenment of Mankind

● Babylon to Wall Street; the Secrets of Global Power

Lecture & Multimedia Presentation

Thursday, 7.May, 19h

Auditorium, Kolpinghaus Alsergrund

1090 Vienna, Althanstr. 51 (U4, U6, D)

(Suggested donation: € 7,- / 9,-)

Topics :

• The Year 2012; the Mayan Calendar & Prophecies

• Crop-Circles, Bar-Codes & the ‚New World Order’

The prophetic Aspects of the Crop-Circles Phenomenon

• 2009-2012; the critical Transition-Period

Introduction of the global Surveillance System

Implantable RFID-Chips & the Number 666 o Censorship of the Internet

• The new American President

Who is Barack Hussein Obama ?

How could an unknown novice Politician become President of the USA ?

Who brought him to Power ? What is his geopolitical Function ?

His Role in the Construction of the World-Government

• The coming World-Government; its current Stage of Progress

The Mechanisms of the manipulated Crises; Financial Crisis, Bank bailouts

& Mergers, Unemployment, Worldwide National Debt, the coming Eco-Tax,

Stock Market & Currency Manipulation …

• The Middle-East Conflict; why are the US-Troops really in Iraq and Afghanistan ?

・ How to prepare for the coming critical Transition

Lecturer: Victor Zelikovsky

Author of the Bestseller „2012; Prophecies of the emerging Golden Age“

Victor Zelikovsky was born in Hungary in 1948, emigrating with his family to the United States in 1956. He studied Old Testament theology at the Yeshiva Hebrew Academy in New Haven, Conn., philosophy and political science at the University of California, Berkeley and UCLA.

Mr. Zelikovsky has been residing in Europe since 1971 and is founder of the Vienna Metaphysical Society as well as president of the Metaphysical Society of Switzerland. He also founded one of the most successful spiritual magazines in Europe and is the author of several popular books as well as of hundreds of book-reviews and magazine articles.