A look at the present moment in time

This is a channeling from a man I visited in Oregon with a friend, Sue. As you read you will understand why Im sending it to a select few. I understand this better that anything I have heard in ages. Amore y Paz

January 24, 2009

I am coming to you as Kahama.

I am here to introduce you to the new process that has been enacted into your system by changing the leadership of most of the conscious world. The one that has taken over this leadership was introduced in to the system approximately 28 years ago and I am the one. I came from the Romanonic process of life that was originally introduced by the Pleiadiens soon after time was introduced into the universe of Klaneen. So, for those who don't understand and still live in time, this is when records were introduced because everything that is in time needs to be calculated, so it can be kept track of because the process of time demands this to enhance the understanding of beginning and end.

Back in the early '80's, Hollis offered the job of taking over a young black man's body, what you call a walk-in, and because of my eccentricity it was much more easy for me to be accepted by most of the planet's human forms because I had a little bit of everything to make each race feel comfortable.

Because of the tremendous shift in the energetic field that is starting to take place at this time, I was groomed and sent in to help introduce this new process. As you know, the financial system is starting to self-destruct and this is a good thing. It's an old antiquated process that doesn't work anymore controlled by greed and power. The new system that is going to be set up will run totally on each individual's energetic formula, which will self-balance throughout the world and you will draw to you whatever you need, as long as you put out the correct energy.

The energy you have learned to work with is a total manifestation of the energetic field that is in process. To make this simpler, whatever energy you put out, this is what you receive. This process will work in a very perfect process and allows everybody to live on a level they are experiencing, at whatever time sequence that they are involved in. this process will only work in the confinements of time, but it's a very high and efficient way of exchanging the needs and goods of others. I was just asked if I was concerned about this information getting into the wrong hands. There are no wrong hands. It will find its way to the ones that understand and use it properly, so that it doesn't have to be a concern for the ones that are still in fear.

My job in human form, at this time, is basically to keep the lid on all of the different nationalities and countries on the earth plane, so they can go through a change that is in the process of becoming the New World. We have one of the best combined energy fields between different races on this planet than we ever had, with this when thisenergy kicked in approximately the middle of September, the energy field that was introduced into my system was felt by all people that had a positive intention to experience*********everything from the heart.

There is a group of both beings on this planet now that are pretty much in control of most of what is going on, they are slowly losing their grip and are not very happy with the outcome of the elections because they put a lot of energy into not allowing the outcome that took place. In reality, the whole thing was a landslide, much more than you have been told. I have been basically trained to come into this young man's heart and direct him in a fashion that will bring upon a new consciousness that is being introduced at this time, to the entire dimension. One thing I would like you to keep in mind is, is that we are not trying to repair a broken system, we are introducing a completely new process of community survival, because the process in place now cannot work in the new frequency that is being introduced at this time.

My job is to stand in the middle and keep the old process going and also keep the new one progressing, so it can advance into the New World. So, sometimes it looks like I'm doing some unorthodox processes, but that's what I said, standing in the middle, you have to keep everybody somewhat comfortable in their beliefs. Sometimes you have to stop doing what you're doing in order to start something new.

Even though I have been with Obama for a number of years, just recently he has understood the difference he has gone through, which gives him strength and wisdom that he never had before. Just because you entered into another's physical body, doesn't give them instant understanding of what you brought in for him to use. There will still be many that will disagree with him because of the unorthodox process he is going to use to help raise the radical frequency change that is being put in place. It's like anything else, the more the "we" energy is applied, the further we will expand and help switch the world over to its new process. Barbaramoses and some of his colleagues made themselves visible at the inauguration last week, this is very pleasing ( at least like you, study the law of attraction of them were caught on tape). There was a lot more going on there than people realize, we were able to connect many people to my frequency at that time.

No matter how many stories you have heard about the controlling factor of your planet and you know what I mean, each day now since inauguration day you are going to systematically default on their processes of controlling this planet. There is a new method of exchange that is being put in place at this time, it works totally spiritually, like you study the Law of Attraction. There will be some hierarchy using fear to control the masses and there could be some violent response from them, they can't last long because their energy has been depleted in most situations they will do and just fall by the wayside. Energy fields around the planet, at this time, have been setting up for this process for a long time. What I need from you is confidence in backing spiritually and always check with your guidance that everything you see in here is actually true, so when somebody starts different rumors you can weed through the non-truth.

Like I said before, you have to tear down the old before you can introduce the new. So by thanking George W. for what he dismantled, it gives us a much easier run to re-create a new system into this higher frequency. Mr. Obama, which is basically myself and him combined as his adviser, will be putting into place many new avenues for the country to follow that will allow it to start interacting with a much higher vibrational path than it has never had before. This will take a new process that mankind has never been familiar with because basically you are using energy instead of money for product exchange, so the populace has to be educated on how this process works. There will be many that will rebel because of the fear of anything new, which will cause this rebellion, but it will finally be put in place because it already has been written, which means it has to be a thought before it can become reality.

There is going to be a big opposition against the new process, mainly because of the same thing, fear of change and also the ones that are in power will start losing their control, which will push them in to defensive mode, which of course because of the Law of Attraction, they will self-destruct. So, basically the ones of you that are connected with the planet and all of natures wonderful gifts, you will not be affected by any of the ones that are in control.

Everything that is starting to change is getting ready for the new higher frequency the world is changing into, the ones that are not ready for this change will take a different path and eventually will self-destruct, just like the ones did during the plague 600 years ago. Each step has to be perfectly put into place for this to happen, the right leaders must be also put in place. Many of you that are reading this document will be teachers of this new process because you receive an abundance of information, so you an be part of this process in the very near future.

The entire government structure in most countries has been specially chosen for this new process to take hold, there will still be many who will resist the new process and most of you now are learning how to not draw this into your lives. Like I said earlier, this has all been orchestrated by the Pleiadiens and this is where we originally destined from, this is another big story that some time you should probably learn about. There is about 90% of your history that has never been exposed to the general public. According to your historians, life on Earth pretty much started with the Egyptians all those thousands of years prior to the Egyptians and the great things they brought to the planet, don't ever seem to be acknowledged in any of your history. Anything that doesn't have any physical proof of some ancestry doesn't have a chance in the world's history books, this is why starting to look on using different methods than fossil recognition must be put in place.

One thing your president has at his disposal is an overall understanding that is being provided to him by a much higher consciousness than anybody ever experienced in any form of leadership since the planet has been colonized. Just by leaving him alone and allowing him to do his job will be the biggest help you can give him. He has something that no other presidents have had and that is the foresight on how to handle situations with the least amount of energy administered. Every day I am introducing new methods that will allow the new flow of energy to take its place in creating new frequencies of life that are about to enter into this human consumption.

What you are going through at this time is learning how to use an energy field for monetary exchange, which is called reactive energy, which keeps track of energy fields that are put out and has a receivership in a creative motion. In all your and a whole rules and is as old as you did for you and a Trusting an outsider to print paper money and put a value on it, for your exchange, will have no meaning in the near future. When you have drawn from the universal bank of energy, this will be a true form of exchange because energy is energy and cannot be tampered with. This also eliminates criminal aspects that has been built around money. Where you are looking at this concept at this time, many of you will understand at first, and then it will become normal for such an extreme switch over.

Everything in your life, from how you breath and how you have food consumption and elimination will be a completely new process than you have ever experienced. I already see many of you putting this new concept into action, and this will not take long once the crowd mentality starts working together in a creative force and not a destructive one.

Soon the children will start waking up, and they hold a tremendous amount of knowledge that will lead the way into the New World. This new world consists of life forms that you never dreamed existed, each from the animal world and also from the so-called human experience. Many will be very different in shape and design and for the most part there will not be any hostility. The only hostile group of people still taking form on the third dimensional humans that preside on Earth, these also will begin to perish, because there will not be a match anywhere on Earth that will comprehend that energy.

As you are passing through chronic frequency change, calm your body, it will think it's being attacked at times, which would entail some weakness and discomfort and quite a bit of forgetfulness until you reconnect in Mother Earth's new vibration, and once this is a reality, a huge new clarity connection with the new frequency of the planet. Each of you at different times will experience this switch over, so it would be a good idea to keep in touch to support each other as you go through the change. It is not that it is so uncomfortable, it is basically an inexperienced that hasn't been through your processing and you can take it as thinking something is wrong instead of something is changing.

The most efficient way to enter into the new frequency is to allow everyone to process their own thought and action without having to have a say in it or even thinking how somebody else should do with their process. Every time you put out an energy field that you are trying to control something, you stop your own creative manifestation and if you do this enough times, it starts working on your physical strength because like we said earlier, if it isn't in forward motion, it starts shutting down, at this you could become nauseous and sick. Getting used to this new hyperdimensional exchange of energy, allows you a much clearer view of a whole new consciousness. At first this will seem almost like you're dreaming and you won't be able to trust what you see. It takes a while for this to be integrated with the old conscious mind that has to be run by a belief system and as you know, belief systems have no creative force behind them, they mean absolutely nothing. You must get to this stage of knowing and this field of thought will allow your mind the ability to not only see what creation has put in place, but also allows you to add to it.

Soon it will be a huge breakthrough which will allow many of you to see what really is going on and not just a little picture that is being presented to you.

I understand it's not easy to accept my role as Obama's oversoul because it's not something that's completely understood yet, a group of you that read this and at least make this a possibility until you see everything fall in place. There will be a lot of people that will either be in fear or confusion that will attack us, but when you are working in the combined unit of consciousness and coming from the heart, this system will prevail. I know you will wonder how it works when you come in as a physical intervention, which you call a walk-in. What basically happens is the physical part of the person that is being connected to keeps his or her same personality and remembers their entire life stream. The only difference is the picture of reality raises to whatever level that the person at this new physical intervention is vibrating to. In my case, I have been known as Kahama, which I originated from the Pleiadiens, and by now I think most of you know that your planet was originally inhabited by the Pleiadien astrological connection. After we put this into a full creative motion, others from different places came in and tried to change everything and to their perspective of life, which did work for a while, but now they are starting to lose their grip because the original inhabitants of this planet are opening up and using the tools that were originally presented with, and most of you know who you are because once you see everything in perfection, this allows you to have a much broader scope of your planet and the surrounding energy.

Because of our spiritual acceptance of creation, we knew by just leaving everything alone, eventually this outside control would self-destruct and that is what it is in the process of doing now with the economy collapsing. The collapse of the world's economy is like getting rid of old nasty sores and now it allows a new system to be put in place. Food for thought: don't let yourself get caught up in the world's accusations about the new system, the more verbal dissent that is labeled toward this administration, the more it fuels the old system. By saying nothing, this new energy is allowed to expand in a much more efficient way. Like you were told many times, it is not your job to save anything, nothing needs to be saved, just allowed to fall into place from the original plan.***********

There are many people that will never understand how the original plan has been put into place prior to human intervention on Mother Earth, they just are not ready for that at this time. So, it is up to the rest of you that understand how the original creation was set into place. The entire third dimension was not just an experiment, it was an introduction from a higher frequency to learn how to survive without understanding the entire process of life, not only survive but learn how to work with the energy fields and understand them and at the same time process their life experience. There are about 20% or less of the inhabitants of Earth at this time, that are actually seeing how the original design was put into place, so basically these people will lead the planet into this new evolved state.

Even though everything has been perfectly set in place, everybody in physical form still has to put out some sort of energetic field that allows this to transpire. In other words; it will not happen unless the inhabitants of your planet work expeditiously together to make it happen. So, if you go to the biggest understanding of creation within time and limits, it is already happened. Mother Earth's blueprint knows where it is going because of the original rating process that was put in place when you decided you wanted to experience physicality in time.

So, by putting different people in different positions around the globe, this must take place in order for this to follow out the original design and purpose. The way I'm explaining this I'm sure many of you have heard before, but it needs to be examined and understood, which will allow the populace to carry this through and once this becomes understood to this point, the rest of the process will be revealed to you because at that point it will make much more sense than it would now.

*********Mother Earth is beginning her change into a new dimension and whenever this happens there is a period of readjustment before everything realigns back into order. Because most of the normal times it changes in the weather, all are quite even around the world and allow for her to keep everything supplied evenly with sun and water. There will be a disruption in this process as Earth Mother rearranges the anatomic connection between the two new and old frequencies until they balance out. This is where her inhabitants will be critically important so they can hold this new structure in place without panicking. It's going to take a joint combination that will move these new thoughts in and assist the old ones out, which basically once you are shown how, it is quite simple. There will be a good number of individuals that will take th easy way out and leave, so this will leave a small percent to take on this task. The main process to help this switch over is understanding and focus.

At this point your dimensional advancement will start taking place and this is where you will feel a tremendous physical exchange as you go back to your original form before you decided to incarnate into an elemental system. Back when you decided to drop your life experience into a lower frequency, you have acquired a tremendous amount of 3d experiences that could never have been obtained without experiencing this process. There will be a huge weight of conscious connection that will be lifted from your physical body's, if you notice, many of you are connecting that need each other to placate the part that others are not aware of.

When the process starts affecting the entire planet, there will be many that are still being controlled by organized systems that will want to rise up to defend their faith, whatever it may be. The difference this time, there will not be anything to rise up against, so this whole process will dissipate in a short period of time. If you don't have an opposition, you don't have an adversary, so that whole situation will defuse very rapidly and the ones that still have the belief in fighting for something will just create a physical shut down and go on to another life. So the whole process will really go through quite easy. The only thing that would cause any interference would be trying to process this with fear, and that does not seem to be an issue at this time.

Remember, there are many different life forms on your planet and in the past, this new process would not be possible to obtain, but there is enough of you that are now seeing with your new mental eye, which you are learning to process with at this time. The ore you can see of any process that is happening, the more you can react in a more definitive way and this is what is happening all over the world by allowing the Pineal gland to begin functioning, which allows you to see a new concept that you never could imagine before. Once you learn how the Pineal gland functions, there will be no way that you can be controlled by the lower frequency of fear and control. And that doesn't mean that the secret organizations and the ones that are in control are not doing a good job, they were for some time, but that was then and now that the planet's frequency has developed into a much more prestigious way and is going into a huge trance mental state that can only be operated by higher dimensional consciousness. So, each individual has to make a decision whether to enter into this new condition or stay back and continue on the path they are on now.

I was just asked what the formula was to enter into this new condition. Basically it's quite simple and most of you have heard this before. By not trying to change anybody's belief system or religion, just individually recognize that everything has been put into place since the beginning of time, and allow it to happen in perfect order and when each individual understands that and stops trying to make a religion out of some book or creed, at this point you will be able to be out of the control of organized religion and will allow yourself to see the real process of evolution.

Organized religion was all part of the plan, it needed to be experienced because it does have its spiritual aspect to it, which you are able to use in your next step. There are many stories and belief systems in the human consciousness and no matter how goofy they sound, there is a reason for each one of them to get you to where you are now. Everything has some validity, you are just in the process of working through them, which will allow you to have a frequency upgrade. This means going within and getting your information from the true source and not some written prophecy that has absolutely no meaning anymore.

At some point you will have to take charge from within and not from some other being that has its own agenda. Each individual has an agenda, separate from everybody else, so if they write a book or have a prophecy that is different than yours, there is no way there can be a vibrational match between others, each individual has his own code and once each of you find your own and follow it, this allows the planet to rise into a higher dimension. Another thing, understanding how to apply your Pineal gland and how it functions, this is one of the main steps into seeing a higher frequency. My name is Kahama and I will return because I have much more to say. Thank you.

shine the light that you are, speak the light that you shine, cheers, grace