Children of the Awakened Heart
Michael Gathering
Michael Message
Channeled and transcribed by Jeff Fasano

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael We welcome you at
this wonderful and most glorious time as you
the journey to the core of your heart to begin to reveal and unravel
it. The depth of your feelings is now being revealed, the feelings
you have not allowed yourself to feel, yet now beginning to
These feelings coincide with your old habits, patterns, rituals and
attachments and you are beginning to realize that with an old
attachment there is an old feeling. And the reason why you continue
these old attachments, patterns, habits and rituals is because of
feelings. As many of you are entertaining old feelings, you find
yourself repeating old habits, patterns, rituals and attachments.

Look now at your relationships and at your attachments to these
relationships. You wonder why you are attached to these old
relationships, why you are still in them and why you continue in
And ask, "Why am I continuing in this relationship though it no
resonates for me and doesn't resonate with my requirements for a
relationship and my boundaries." And with this feelings come up.
yourself, if I moved away from this relationship how would it make
feel? This is an example of what is now happening to each of you as
entertain feelings that you never wanted to feel and fully resisted.
They are attached to old habits, patterns, rituals and
The most prominent example of this is looking at a relationship and
asking, does this resonate for me any longer and why am I still in
And, if I release it how would that make me feel? This is the old
feeling that you are avoiding. Also, "The old pattern persists and
know it no longer serves my highest good yet I am still doing it."
am I doing? Why am I doing it? And if I stopped doing it how would
make me feel?

You are now moving to the depth of your heart to feel the core
feelings. Doing this will allow you to release the old habits,
patterns, rituals and attachments to old relationships so you can
forward and towards and be who you are, live the life that you say
want to live and begin to manifest what you say you want. Then find
why you are here. This is why We brought you back to the basics so
speak by looking at 5 aspects of you that you love so you can move
to who you are and back within. It is quite cacophonous outside in
3rd dimensional world, things are changing, monumental rapid change
many of you are getting caught up in it. It is most important now to
move back within to begin to fully entrain yourself to be who you
You look outside of yourself wondering how you can fit in "out
Asking, when will everything manifest for me "out there" and when
it all happen for me "out there"? And then you move into old habits,
patterns, and rituals about being validated and gratified "out
You are moving outside of yourself and this is why We gave asked you
look at 5 aspects that you love about yourself. This will bring you
back within so you can begin to fully entrain yourself to be who you
are. You are on that pathway, about one third of the way toward
entraining yourself to who you are so you can begin to trust you.

As you entrain yourself to be who you are what will come to you are
your talents and gifts. Many of you are now using your talents and
gifts and ready to embody them, yet having questions about them. As
have asked you in the past, look at what you are doing, do you love
Are you utilizing your talents and gifts? Many of you are but what
becoming clear to you as you continue to embody who you are, is the
meaning, value and purpose of you thus the meaning, value and
of your talents and gifts. Your talents and gifts are becoming
to you and it is time to embody them because they are simply just an
extension who you are. As you embody you, understand the meaning,
and purpose of you and begin to love yourself more deeply, you will
then realize your talents and gifts and see what you have and how
are utilizing them. You no longer need to use them to validate and
gratify yourself or to prove who you are to those outside of
because you now can simply be who you are. When you do this you can
look at your talents and gifts to see that they are there for a
purpose, to give to the world.
As you entrain yourself to be who you are, your talents and gifts
becoming clearer to you and they taking shape. They are no longer
you can use to get something outside of you, or to prove who you are
those outside of you. You no longer need to do this. And as all of
takes shape you will begin to realize in an organic fashion, why you
are here. Yet this all begins with you and what lies in the depth
your heart.

All this can now begin by moving though the remnants of the old and
this is what each of you is beginning to do. As you move through the
remnants of the old many of you are repeating old habits, patterns,
rituals and repeating them in old relationships. Many are feeling
frustrated by this. As if to say, "Michael I am stuck in the old. I
not moving forward and towards as quickly as I would like to." Many
you now are feeling the feelings connected to being out of control
because you had your life fully "under control". But now you are
realizing that you do not control anything and that is where the
frustration comes in.
As you walk on the pathway into the unknown and creating the new,
are not in control of anything because the unknown is unknown and
nothing is there.
As you open the gate and walk through it onto the pathway into the
unknown you are in nothingness. And you are about to create the new
world of harmony, community and equality by simply being who you are
and utilizing your talents and gifts to do so. Then in the process
doing this and as you take each step in the unknown what will be
revealed to you is why you are here. Once you do this and move
the depth and breadth of the feelings that you have avoided to
now feel them and release having to control everything, you can get
back on the pathway and move more stridently into the unknown. This
why We asked you to take a step back and look at what you love about
you because many of you have gotten off the track. The track is the
commitment to who you are.

In the human condition everyone would love for everything to happen
instantaneously, thus instant gratification. However, this is a
because you are now moving into your soul's divine plan. Many of you
had a plan but it is not your plan. The plan is out there for you to
discover and for you to create and to embody it as it comes to you
simply being who you are. To honor and value who you are, love who
are so you no longer have to look outside of yourself for
gratification, validation, to get something or to prove to anyone
you are. The old way in which you did this was to use your talents
gifts to do so. Now that you no longer need to do that you can begin
look at your talents and gifts and at how you can create the new by
using them. Then during this process, why you are here will be

So We ask you to continue with the exercise 5 Aspects of Who You
Continue writing down 5 aspects that you love about you then look at
your old relationships. Look at where you focus your attention in
relationships. Are there any attachments in them? What habits,
and rituals persist in my life that I realize I am doing and what
the feelings that come up?
We also ask you, where are you focusing your attention? Are you
focusing it outside of you in the world of form to see what you can
"out there", what you have to prove and what will validate and
your old habits, patterns, rituals and attachments?
Look at your old relationships to see if they resonate for you or
By doing the exercise of writing down 5 aspects of what you love
you, you will re-focus your attention back within.
Many of you now are going through a clearing process, clearing out
old that no longer serves you and the you that will be giving out in
the world. You are going through a period where you are faced with
residual of the old and the old feelings. And it is time to
these feelings, to feel them so you can release those old habits,
patterns, rituals and the attachments to your relationships.

You are now moving forward and towards in the unknown and creating
new soul family and many are connecting or re-connecting to it. We
you to look at those who you are in relationship with and the model
that you created them with. As your heart is opening many are coming
you and they are not quite how you pictured them to be. And you are
encountering many who are more diverse than anyone who you have ever
known before. It is important to keep your heart open as the door
and you create your new soul family. Look at the new, the new that
on the horizon. Many of you are moving through the shadow. It is
to look at the new because the new is where creation is born.

Move back within now and re-connect with yourself.
In the next 7-10 period write down 5 aspects that you love about you
everyday and re-connect with you. Then look at your talents and
in a brand new way. How can I use them to give to the world? Or, am
still using them to prove something to others, to get something from
others or for validation and gratification? You are now ready to
into fully embodying these talents and gifts. Along with doing the 5
Aspects exercise, look at your talents and gifts and make a list of
what they are. Many of you know them but it is time to introduce
yourself to their depth to see how you are using them.

We now take our leave at this time. As you move within to fully
and know who you are, continue with the exercise The 5 Aspects. As
do this add to it your talents and gifts that are within these 5
aspects. Look to see if you are using them to be noticed, to prove
you are or to validate and gratify yourself. Or, can you now move
within to be who you are and begin to embrace and embody your
and gifts to utilize them to give to the world?

Disciple Simon Peter
February 3, 2009
Brought forth by Peter Frame

From the Light we are summoned this evening and through the Light
the Christ Consciousness we come to serve. You are here to bare the
word through your actions and deeds. And at this most important and
potent time we are here to tell you that it is time to trust who you
are and who you have become. Your World is on the brink of great
and you my Beloved Disciples are the change and an integral part of
movement towards manifesting the beauty and peace that is to
upon your earthly plane.

We come as a messenger to bring you out into the forefront of the
you inhabit that you may shine the Christed Light for all to see.
is set in motion for you to emerge and to radiate that light as you
step out from behind the veil to let your truth of who you are be

It is time to gather together as a unified force for the good of
mankind and indeed that is what you have been preparing for and now
Legions of Light are calling to you that you may unite in the common
cause that you know within the depth of your Soul's truth that you
come to serve.

Contemplate all that has been before you that has read ied and
you to be the vessel through which great works shall be delivered.

Gather and join in oneness and unity with one another that you may
recognize your common desire to openly share yourself with your
Bask in each others presence with open eyes and full hearts as you
recognize the common ground you stand upon, for if you look closely
enough you will see the Light of the Lord Jeshua shining from
Are you ready to greet your comrades in the Light of day that you
gather your strength as you are called to arms to shift the
of your earthly realm? The time in which you live is potent with the
Light energies streaming forth from the Higher Dimensions.

Be not afraid to bring forth the light that now moves through you
it is a time of celebration as you are being liberated from your
and concerns for your individual and unified missions. Come Beloveds
and gather that you may combine your forces, your might and your
to fulfill your purpose and promise.

As you take your fellow brothers and sister's hands you will receive
all that you need to further illuminate the pathway you are
walking upon. The light that descends upon you grows in strength and
intensity for it now reveals the remaining shadow aspects of self
need to be cleared away in order for your mission to succeed.
The valley of the shadow that you walk through shall bestow upon you
the energetic codes that are to unlock aspects of your being you
long awaited to be liberated from. Always remember within the dark
there is also the light, for the passing darkness is but the
recognition and integration of what needs to be acknowledged and

Greet these energies with reverence for they hold the keys you seek
unlock your ability to access your Soul's Divine Plan. The
Energies that accompany these words hold a specific component to
mission for they support and assist you to tap into the passion and
creativity you seek that will propel you forward.

It is time to ask yourselves why you are here.

Is there Joy and Anticipation that lifts your Spirit upon asking
yourselves this question? Release the armor surrounding your hearts
move into its depths and feel. Welcome the silence, be with the
emptiness, release the control and set yourselves free that you may
experience what lies within. Draw upon the wisdom from your journey
feel, for the light will accompany you where ever you are lead.
are gifts within the Dark Shadow. The Light bearer Lucifer comes in
Fullness of love and his energy comes as you are now ready to
its gifts of light born within the darkness.

For many the darkness is greatly misunderstood. Many seek to avoid
being empty and choose to fill this sense of absence with
and resistance. But we say to you, beyond the distractions lies the
inspiration and the spark of creation where you will discover and
uncover your greatness for you are capable of great deeds and great
wonders. The source of creation lies within your hearts. It is time
journey within, far deeper that you ever imagined possible.
is at hand for the energies from the higher dimensional realms
accompany you on this sojourn within to embrace that which is
to be faced, released and garnered.

Are you fully ready and committed to move out into your World
the Light from your Hearts for all to behold? The Andromedan
that are brought forth to you this day support you on your journey
reawaken and ignite the passion to guide you through the darkness
towards the lighted pathway that is available to each and every one
you. Before thrusting yourselves out into the World it would benefit
you to ponder why you are doing so in the first place. Are you ready
serve your World or are you still motivated by the need for your
to still serve you?

Are you ready to serve or are you seeking to get?

Look out into your World and see where the latter choice will lead
As you open up the depth of compassion within your hearts you will
perceive many disconnected from within and longing and searching
without. It is an endless road that will serve you greater emptiness
and longing the further you stray from your hearts.
&n bsp;
Master Jeshua taught his Disciples to be in the World and not of it
to follow this pathway would lead us to experiencing Heaven on
As was then as is now, your Father's Kingdom is at hand. Heaven is
a state of joy whose comprehension is beyond the written word and it
through the action of servitude that its gates will open to you that
you will know of it. Ponder well your choices you make beloveds as
ready yourselves through the deeper awakening of your hearts.

Fear not the path before you for the ways of self servitude will be
revealed along with its false promises and attractions. The true
of self will be granted to those who willingly make the choice to
unselfishly give in the name of Love. Release the attachments to
World and the World will be given unto you.

Come! Gather together in discipleship that you may experience the
support and guidance to move out into the World to lift up your
brethren that they too may be given the same opportunity as you, to
awaken to the truth that is lying dormant within their sleeping

It is time to venture forth into your World and celebrate the
joy that comes from truly knowing who you are. Hold your lanterns
for all to see that others may follow in your footsteps. Joy begets

For those blinded from seeing the light, we say to you, move into
hearts and ask for guidance and it shall be given. Ask beloveds and
are surely to receive what you need. The light is always present and
ever ready to serve you.

The dark of night is always followed by the light of day and with
comes the hope of a new day filled with the endless possibilities
opportunities to make new and empowered choices to align you once
to shining your light outward into your World.

You are unique as are your gifts. It is time to truly know and value
you for who you truly are. Act in faith and your path will be
to you even in the darkest of nights.

We say to you, begin in earnest to fully shine your light each and
every day you have been granted with the sole focus on giving of who
you are and your searching and longing outside of the gates of your
hearts will be over. Are you prepared to receive?

What you will receive will far surpass the tangible objects of your
World for you will be granted the knowing of why you are here and
volume and depth of your gifts will flourish in greater measure as
your ability to joyously celebrate each and every day you have been

Be glad and grateful for this day Beloveds.