Mary Magdalena Channelling through Divyael

The Divine Light is sent to all sentience beings in the Universe from the heart of the Creator.

From the beginning of creation this light has touched all living, breathing and non-breathing beings, as we know it, and this light is hidden within all things in the universe. We call it the breath of God. This breath of God is within our Great Divine mother earth that feeds the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the rock kingdom, the crystal kingdom, the rivers, the oceans and most of all the children of |God that are on earth in the physical form.

In this light that we are in, is in the moment to create heaven on earth. It is in this creation that the great creator has given us dispensation to awaken the Divine light or the sacred light deep within our hearts, which we call the threefold flame or the Christ Consciousness. It is this Christ Consciousness that will bring us into our knowingness of who we are, what we have come here to create and to be the human messengers of God or the Divine, in this great awakening of the new human angel.

I send you this message and my love from the heart of my father creator.

Mary Magdalena

Channeled through Divyael
6th December 2008