10th February: The Lunar Eclipse and the Reconnection with the Elemental Energies on the Paradise Grid.

At the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse last night, we were given the new energetic "codes" for making the reconnection with the Elemental energies on the Paradise Grid. I must admit that I felt the energies in a powerful but wonderful way. I had spent the entire week-end working on the website, and then the Monday running around in the summer heat to travel agents and doing the weekly food shopping. By Monday afternoon I was tired, and I spent the rest of the afternoon having a lazy swim in my pool and lying on the grass in the late afternoon sun. Connecting with the Elemental energies. I started to feel very happy and filled with love. In fact I felt ridiculously happy, like I was slightly tipsy. It seemed to me that the Elementals were filled with Joy to be making this reconnection with Humans on the new grids. After that I felt very relaxed and sleepy, and I had some food, too much as I also felt very hungry, and then went to bed and fell asleep. As soon as the moonlight came in the window, at about 10 pm, I was wide awake again, feeling the powerful energies. I must admit I felt a powerful urge to be running through some wood or forest, just feeling the energies of the Elemental world all around me. However, as most of you who have ever walked in a forest at night will know, they are full of things that bite and nip and scratch, and so this atavistic memory must have come from a time when we had a different relationship with nature, and we knew how to be part of the Forest without arousing aggression and anger, or being seen as "dinner".

This made me think of a time just after my marriage ended and I was living alone for the first time. I opened the front door and discovered that a rather large spider had made her web across my front door and I walked straight into it, spider and all. We were both alarmed. I spoke to the spider and informed her that I didn't mind if she made her web outside my door, but not across the door itself. Well, it worked. She then made her web from the side of the door across to the light fitting, and I had the pleasure many evenings of watching her weaving her web, having private lessons in Sacred Geometry and the wonder of the "intuitive" skills of these creatures. I thought of how different this was to how most people in my community react in the same situation, reaching for a can of poisonous chemical to kill the spider. I had to inform visitors to be careful of the spider when they arrived or left in the evening, and most of them thought I was a bit strange. My neighbour gave me a long lecture about people who had been bitten by spiders and what happened to them, trying to pass his fear on to me. Well, the spider and I lived happily alongside each other, and when she died, I buried her little body in a pot plant next to the door, and was rather sad that my friend was no longer there.
I suppose I have always been more sensitive than most people to nature and the "feelings" of creatures and elemental energies ever since I was a child. At this point, I am lucky in that I have my own home with a garden, and I am able to connect with nature in my own environment. I am aware of the passing of the seasons and how the plants and the animals fit into these cycles. So many of us in the modern world have disconnected ourselves from the grid of nature, and live our lives totally without the elemental support of nature that we were designed to enjoy.

If you think of it, the trees and plants absorb Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and transform it, through photosynthesis with light, into food and oxygen that can sustain life on the Planet. They are the part of the grid that was designed to sustain life through elemental energy, by connecting us with Light, Water and Air, so helping us to remain grounded and connected to the Earth grid. When we disconnect from that grid, and build concrete jungles, we render the grid void of most of the support mechanisms that will help to sustain our bodies, and we put great stress on our bodies because we have to draw entirely on the resources of our own bodies and our own light grids to sustain us. Which of cours, can be done for a limited amount of time, but after a while we run out of energy because we are not getting the elemental support that we need and that we were designed to enjoy.

We have also lost the ability to "see" the Elemental presence, and one of the reasons for the acceleration of the higher chakras that we have felt recently, is to enable us to once again begin to see the Elemental and Devic energies on the New Earth Paradise Grids. Here are some really beautiful images that were sent to me by Lightworkers who are already able to see and feel these presences. The first comes from Debra Graves in Canada, who is a talented Spiritual Artist and Channel. I have featured Debra's work before, and if you would like to see more you can go to www.debzartonline.htm. Here is an images in which Deb shows how the Elemental energies are there if you can just "see" them:

Then, I also received these lovely images from Silvia Viktorin in Germany, who creates Devic images. You can see more at her site , but it is in German.

While I was writing this, I also thought about how out of balance the old earth energy is with the Elemental energies. I thought about the devastating fires in Australia, and the storms in Europe and the USA. It is certainly true that we have lost our ability to live in harmony with the Elemental energies, and that we have created imbalances that do become devastating when we have to experience the force and power of the Elemental energy in this unbalanced way.

So, as we make this gentle reconnection on the Paradise grids, it is up to us to start living in harmony with the Elemental Energies and to see and feel their presence, or the absence of it. This is especially necessary in our Lightwork. As I travel around the world, I am often amazed at how Lightworkers choose to hold their gatherings in poorly lit and ventilated venues. I suppose it is because people are used to living in this way, with a complete disconnection from the Elemental energies. What happens if you work in such an environment is that you limit the potential of what can be achieved in the gathering. Your body is going to be channeling powerful spiritual energies, and if there is no light or air to suppport that process, if there is no elemental support, then you will be drawing on your own energies to transmute any lower vibrational energies that arise off the people at the gathering. Of course, you can do that, but don't be surprise if you are exhausted afterwards.

It is much better to choose a venue that has natural light, whether sun or starlight, and that is well ventilated with natural air. Then, your body is being supported on the grids and you are able to operate at maximum capacity without exhausting yourself in the process. This awareness is about becoming part of the New Earth grids and dawing energy from those grids to support your life and work. Many of the "symptoms" that we suffer in this Transformation process are just exhastion, because we are drawing off our own energy all the time and not receiving the support from the grid that we were designed to receive. We are All ONE. Try to imagine that you are not separate from anything, and that you need the presence of air, water, plants and animal life to feel completely strong and "connected", and that as you make these reconnections, both your body and the Elementals will feel happy and joyful. Being absolutely grounded into the New Earth grids is an essential part of the Ascension process. You cannot expand your consciousness unless you are fully grounded and connected into the grids. If not, you run the risk of becoming ungrounded and losing touch with the nature of Fifth-dimensional Reality as it is being woven. People who are ungrounded live in their heads and their thoughts, and all their energy goes into fuelling their mental and emotional lives. They also live in the future, always waiting for something to happen or something to get better, instead of living in the present moment and enjoying the rich blessings that the Divine offers on the Grids of Love and Light at all times.

So, let's celebrate our Reconnection!

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