St Germaine and The Elections;Powerful and Inspiring!

St.Germain addressing the November 4, 2008 Ashtar teleconference:

"Greetings Everyone! It is I, St.Germain and I bring with me an air of excitement at this most momentous time in what we call the United States of America as representing the entire world of planet Earth. Indeed, America shines forth in this hour for the commitment and for the joy that the people have felt in casting their votes. There is an uncommon air of excitement here and this is most appropriate because this, beloved citizens, beloved family, this is truly the beginning of the change that you have all gathered together and come together to create in this glorious land.

"And as the leader to the world, the United States of America shines forth tonight in its time as it has not shown for quite some time. All of its weaknesses have been well exposed to the rest of the world, and the world and its peoples, as they are inclined to do because they are human, has made an evaluation that there is a lot of distance between the Constitution and the principles upon which this great country was founded and the actions of its leadership and its powerful and influential beings around the world.

"Now you may have heard that there have been attempts on the part of this leadership to continue in their inappropriate and indeed traitorous actions, but they have been curtailed. There is no welcome mat out for them anywhere in the world, not really. Not even in that land to the south, and the land itself in this new kingdom of Dubai does not welcome the presence there of these ones and all that they have built to feed their own greed for opulent luxury at the expense, literally, of the people of the United States of America and indeed of the world. Because if they have stolen from one, even one, they have stolen from all. If they have murdered even one being, they have committed that act against all by their callous indifference to the sanctity of all life.

"Now there will be justice, tempered with compassion, and tempered as always with the opportunity to lay down their burdens of guilt, shame and general dislike of themselves and everything that they have done. And they have that opportunity and we assure you of that. So have compassion for them and bid them farewell, because they will no longer be able to curtail your freedoms or to detract in any way from your lives, and from your love of living your life, and from all that you dream yet to do, and for all the passions that you have. They're out of it. They cannot interfere, they cannot steal from you, they cannot enslave you, they cannot imprison you.

"They themselves have been enslaved and imprisoned by their own programming which has been dark and harmful. But remember again they have been players upon the stage and as the curtain rises, just see all of the light and see all of the joy, the celebration - fireworks if you wish, that is a grand tradition - and there will be magnificent fireworks, sparkles of light. Now look closely, because all that you see in the skies that sparkles and glows at you may be more than a fireworks display. We are with you and I myself do appear from time to time in a rather disconcerting way for those whom I pop in to visit. I've always enjoyed a bit of drama, and all of the different personalities, personas and lifetimes that I have enjoyed on planet earth. Drama is a passion of mine.

"So yes, there will be continuing drama but it will be of the most joyful kind. It is happening now, beloved ones, thanks to you. If you had not raised the voices of your hearts to the level that you have done, this would not be happening as it is, and for those of you who feel as though it has taken a bit longer, yes, but we have wanted to do everything that we have done with honor and integrity, and we have co-created this with you and if you will start living NESARA, breathing it in, breathing in the freedoms, go ahead, get out or go online as you say, and look up the Constitution of your country and there's a little bit more to it than what you see. But if you read through it carefully, at least the first ten amendments, as you call them, and that beginning paragraph, let yourself just breathe it in.

"Put it to your heart and assimilate it and then live it, always with an air of grace and a joy in its revival. It's more than just a document. It lives! It breathes! Ask Lady Liberty, invite her in. She's quite a lady and easy to love and easy, easy to live with. And your Constitution is a living breathing document, breathe it in. Breathe it in and if you want further inspiration, go back and read your Declaration of Independence. Oh, you don't need to go into all of the crimes of King George, you already know that. Just read it for the inspiration. Make a copy of it if you wish. Print it out on your computers and sign it! And then hang it on your wall to remind yourself how precious, how precious your freedom is, how much has happened in the short lifetime of this country of yours, and then rejoice that it's all true, it's all restored.

"And know that you're all leaders, as is your country a leader to the world. And as the restoration of the Constitution and all of its rights and freedoms and liberties happens here, it is simultaneously given to the world. And there's one other important aspect to all of this. You cannot have freedom for the individual, for the community or for the country if there is war anywhere. By your command and with your permission, peace is declared upon planet Earth, peace within each individual. That's where it has to start, within the heart and peace for the world. And there may be a brief span of time as you measure time in between this announcement and the day that the last of the soldiers come home, but just as NESARA is now, peace is now! So breathe that in too.

"The time has come, Beloveds. The time has come to bring the curtain up on the Golden Age - totally up. Time as it is known here on planet Earth is over for the ways of the dark hats. They are invited to continue in the new world, the world of peace, the world of love, the Age of Aquarius, if you will. Whether they come along or not is up to them. Be not concerned. Be compassionate. Be in forgiveness, but be not concerned. If they want to muck around in the dark a bit longer, that is their choice and they have the freedom to do so. Everyone is free to follow whatever lifestyle they choose. No exceptions.

"There is only one rule and that is to express only love. That rule says it all, doesn't it? It says to treat your neighbor as you yourself would be treated. It says make love, not war. It says be in peace, be caring and sharing. All men are your brothers and all women are your sisters. And that goes for the little ones as well. Be especially welcoming to them because the Golden Age is within them. They are connected heart-to-heart and they have marvelous wisdoms and joys to share, so be joyful with them and allow them a place in your hearts and let them know.

"All of this and so much more, and this is the day that it is truly anchored upon planet Earth because it has been called forth. This election has decided much more. It is a culmination of the path that the United States has chosen. It is an announcement to the world that this country is ready for change. And it is the people who have created this with their hearts as well as their minds and all of their beings. And so we dedicate to you this congratulation, this thank you. We are so grateful to you that you have stayed your course, that you have joined with us and been so loving and so welcoming that we are able to do the things that we are doing.

"And so our hearts are full of gratitude and joy, overwhelming joy at the dawning, truly the grounding on planet Earth of this great Age, and all of the freedoms that we have been talking about here are hereby restored to this country and to every being in this country and then to the world beyond. There will be no turning back. There will be no breaking of the promise. The promise is being kept and it shall only grow and bloom even more. So know that upon this occasion you are honored beyond words and thanked infinitely for all that you have done to bring the planet to this moment and so it is. Namaste!"

Susan Leland 2008. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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ST. Germaine and The Elections;Powerful and Inspiring!