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Our transition from the old to the new continues on, and even though it may be producing fear and uncertainty within many, I can assure you that all is in divine and perfect order.

My brother David has created a new web site for me (it is almost complete now). He designed it from the bottom up in the little spare time he has. His area of expertise is in software programming and writing programs for governments and the like. He is very good at what he does, and is known far and wide. He can do things no one else has ever been able to do. He is making sure that each and every one of you will be able to access and view the site with ease in every way.

He designed the web site with the basic underlying structure and skeletal system in pure programming script. He wrote it from scratch. He was adamant that the new web site be very clean, pure, and clear. This being his area of expertise, he would accept no other way.

With a new web site designed in this way, I can no longer utilize the software I have been using for the past several years to update my site. David says that it adds a lower vibration, or rather a more muddled energy to the site that would clog it up again. So then, I am getting ready to learn some programming language so that I can update and add to my site on my own. Im very excited, as I actually love working on my own site; it has always been a great creative outlet for me?and now I get to learn a very new way without the crutch of a software program doing it for me. I will be utilizing and going directly to the source without the middle-man of software.

And this is the way of our current transition. We are letting go of anything that is not pure and clean, or vibrating high. And we are thus going directly to Source. And this creates the necessity to learn new ways. And this is why we have recently been plugged in to our true and authentic selves...connecting more fully to our souls or to Source. And this is why so much of the old world in now falling away in earnest. And this is why we need to be very good at what we do. And this is why we are now ready to be who we came to be, have always known who that is (even though we think we do not), or are now getting the opportunity to discover who that is and get up to speed with it.

Our time is now. We are in the intense staqes of the fall. This is the time we have been waiting for. This is why we arrived on this planet in the first place. This is why all our needs will be met and we will be OK no matter what is occurring in the other world. It was meant to be this way. We had to re-connect to our true and authentic selves right now more than ever before because of what is about to occur even more rapidly now. We are right on schedule and right on track.

I just returned from a visit to North Carolina to see my daughter, her husband, and my grandchildren ages eight, four, and twins born 2 months prematurely on June 12th. One day I took Solomon outside for some air. He is one of our new babies. They had been having a heck of a time adjusting to formula and to this world, so they had been fairly fussy and agitated. Their physical forms were still yet undeveloped due to their early arrival. Well, the minute he found himself outside in nature, he dramatically changed. He began looking around, got extremely calm, and seemed to notice every leaf, breeze, ray of sunshine, and blade of grass. But the most glorious part of all was the reaction of the nature spirits, the elves, and the fairies (lots of elves and fairies in the mountains of Western North Carolina!).

They immediately came out of hiding and greeted Solomon as if he were royalty. They were unmistakably in a space of high reverence for him. And they were so very grateful, thankful, and in awe that he was here. They were truly delighted and very excited. This is a very special time for the nature spirits?to be able to connect to a higher vibration such as his. It was quite a moment indeed.

The new little ones carry such a high vibration. As I have mentioned so many times before, they are arriving in droves as they are instrumental in holding a high vibrational grid to keep this planet intact through the transition. They are like no other. This is just one indicator that all is in divine and perfect order, or this would not be occurring. This is such an exciting time!

As much continues to crash and fall, we will be called upon to offer our areas of expertise. In times past, much of the old world paid little attention to us. The continual crashing and falling of the old will thus create a summoning for something very new and better, as there will not be much to hold onto anymore. We are now being given the opportunities to prepare our store-fronts and to get much in order so that we will be poised to assist and share our wisdom and knowledge. This is why we experienced such a lull in recent times past. It was a gift for us?a time to re-connect. Our store-fronts are one way that we will be ensured financial security in these rocky times. And the remainder of the time we will be safe and secure in our sanctuaries, enjoying ourselves with all our needs met.

While I was in North Carolina, they were experiencing a severe gas shortage. People were waiting in lines at gas stations for over an hour, only to eventually be told that there had been only so much gas available, and they were now out. In the relatively small town where I was, just south of Asheville, no one was coming together. There was no carpooling. People were not helping each other. It seemed that each and every one was on their own, desperate for gas (I am sure other areas reacted differently?I hope!). The lack of unity was blatantly evident and difficult to digest.

The fall will create unity. It will force individuals to come together and to assist one another. The earth and her inhabitants can easily provide all that is needed without the need for money, only we have been used to living as very separate entities and seem know no other way?until now.

My daughter Ari has a passion for childrens clothing. Through her passion, which creates a higher vibration within her, and also serves to provide a place for her attention to attach itself, she has created a network where several mothers exchange clothing. In this way, when their children outgrow one size, through their unity, all their clothing needs are met in an on-going way as they continue to trade with one another. Because she is aligned with her passion, she has then been able to create effortlessly in the arena of her passion and purpose. She is in alignment and thus a match for a higher vibrational reality.

Aris family is struggling financially now. But if she were to be bailed out by someone continually saving her and holding her up, she would never have the opportunity to arrive at new and better spaces on her own?.nor to connect with her gifts and talents. Saving and bailing out only serves to hold up old energy that needs to fall (generally speaking; there are always exceptions). Going to a store to provide her own needs, would have created separation, and an added stress that says we all have to do everything on our own while taking care of our own needs. This is part of the old world and the old reality that will rapidly be changing.

When we are willing to connect to our true and authentic selves, to know who we are, and to provide this energy to the whole, then unity is ever present while we are more connected as well to our souls and to Source. (Stepping Into the New Reality goes into great detail about this entire process and is meant to serve as a guide and support through these rocky and transitional times. It is currently in the hands of my publisher, and should be ready for purchase in a week or so.)

Although most of us are very aware that the old is collapsing because of the new and higher vibrations present, there are wonderful things that these higher vibrations produce as well.

Because it is now time for us to serve, guide, and assist, all our needs will be met. We will not be affected by what is occurring in the old world. After I arrived home recently, I knew I needed to start thinking about acquiring some firewood, as the weather would soon be changing here at 7,000 feet. In this way, it was on my mind. Today I was the only one at our small post office here in Ramah, except for a very young Navajo mother. As I was leaving, I noticed her spouse and their baby in the car waiting for her. Delighted to see one of our little ones, I poked my head in the car window, squealing with delight. Your baby is so precious! I exclaimed. How old is she? I was met with only one response. Are you by any chance in need of some firewood? They greatly needed the money and I greatly needed the firewood.

Our needs are usually met, and many times we do not even know it as we are so used to feeling powerless, stuck, and unable to create. Being used to this state of being can at times allow us to accept without seeing what is right in front of us. We simply need to connect to a new and different way of thinking and being, and know that all solutions are there?all we need do is connect to them and get out of our own way and out of any beliefs that things have to arrive in a certain and specific way.

Many of our animal companions will be departing during this time of transition. But they are really not departing. When we cross over to the other side, we do it through the old 3D death process without our form, or through the ascension process, with our form. Due to various circumstances, some or our animal companions cannot take their current forms with them. Sometimes they are too ill or the like. In this way, they will of course be returning to us, but in very new and more highly vibrating forms. So they are not really going anywhere, but just changing clothes so to speak. The same is true for some of our human loved ones. We will, of course, be able to communicate with them with great ease in this new and higher vibrating reality. I do it with my grandmother all the time, and in this way, I have never missed her.

Another phenomenon many have asked me about is the situation with electronics. We are vibrating higher now than most electronics, so then, they seem to go haywire each and every time we make a vibrational leap. Before I left for North Carolina, my printer decided it would not work, my dvd player would not connect or work, my cell phone froze and I had to take the battery out and then put it back in, and light bulbs would blow whenever I turned on a light. This is all very common for the ascension process. It is simply a mis-match in vibrational alignments.

With new and higher vibrations now present, much is also magnified. If we were to get stuck in a victim consciousness, for example, that led us to believe everything was falling apart and we were powerless, we would then probably begin creating all kinds of situations that made us feel powerless and out of control. But if we are able to shift into something very new, with a new perspective, and know that we are always in charge (remember, we need to be more vigilant now than ever before), we would then begin creating and experiencing a much more pleasant reality for ourselves.

We just have to get out of the snowball effect when we get in a funk. At times it can be challenging, as the old reality is so darned uncomfortable and it may seem that there is nowhere to turn that vibrates where we now are. But if we can know that we no longer need to hold up the old, that we are absolutely allowed to enjoy ourselves now more than ever before( as we have earned it and are now on the other side), that we can be in our creativity most of the time, and that we can have fun while we are waiting for the old to really come down, we will then find ourselves in a very new space indeed.

October will bring in some refreshing energies. The equinox on September 22 brought in energies that magnified things, stirred things up, and for some, placed them in spaces of their worst nightmares. This was simply the old coming to the forefront encouraging changes to be made, and in most cases, big nudges to leave the old behind?..and now knowing that it is OK to do that. The energies of the old can at times feel like a big vacuum cleaner sucking us in?.the old does not want the light to leave! But the old must fall, and through this process, we can stay in our heavenly sanctuaries as we need no longer go back?.the old must give up and eventually be willing to come to us for a new and better way.

So again, get ready for October as we will then be securely plugged in to our new outlets and ready for some new and supportive energies? all in our court!


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,



September 29, 2008

Dear Barbara,

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For your reading pleasure from Staying In Alignement":


KNOWING WHO WE are and what we are here to contribute,
and supporting this in ourselves and others, will immediately
place us in alignment. This chapter could probably be summed
up in one sentence:

When we follow the path of what "feels good" to us, we
cannot go wrong.

And following what feels good to us is dictated by who we are. If
something feels good to us, it is usually best to go that route. In
this way, we are continually on a path of where we need to be.
We are in alignment, then, with ourselves. One sure fire way to
know who we are and what we are about, is to follow the path of
what feels good. When we feel a passion for something, it is
because we are remembering what it was that we came to do.
When we feel passion, it is because most everything about a
certain subject or path is fitting us and in alignment with us.
The more ducks there are in a row in regard to what fits us, the
more passion we feel. And the more passion we feel, the more
in alignment with Source we are, allowing this energy to pour
through us with no hesitation. This is the way it was meant to

At times we may not do what we love or what feels best because
it does not generate money, or we feel a responsibility to others,
or possibly we even put ourselves last. A lamp cannot generate
light if it is not filled with oil. The heart must first pump blood
to itself before it can take care of the rest of our body. And even
on an airline, we are advised in an emergency to place an
oxygen mask on ourselves before we place one on our children.

Taking the time to pursue a hobby, a creative outlet, or a
specific interest allows us to be much more of who we are. And
being as much of whom we are as we possibly can, greatly
places us in alignment with Source, as the part of us that is
truly Source, is the pure gold nugget of our gifts and talents.
Taking time for ourselves in this way also benefits others, as
our vibration is then higher.

Following our interests and spending as much time in
this arena as we can, places us in alignment with who
we are.

In more highly evolved societies in other worlds, the purpose
and contribution of each individual at their time of birth is
widely known by all. In this way, each and every person can
then be supported by the whole. Who they are is known and
seen, so an alignment to Source is then greatly supported.

When we know the soul purpose of another, we are then able to
support it in all ways. Many times when we think we are
helping, we are actually hindering, as with good intentions in
mind, we really do not know that all is in order when we see
what appears to be suffering on the part of another.

Supporting the soul purpose of another places us in
alignment with ourselves.

Integrity Marks the Trail

By following the path that feels good, we are not only in
alignment with our intentions, but we are also more in
alignment with Source. This is because higher emotions line us
up with the higher realms. Feeling good and being in a higher
state of being also assists us in manifesting many more things
that feel good. Remember, like energy attracts like energy.
Taking the road of doing what is right for us, automatically
places us in the higher realms. No matter what the options are
around us...even those that were created from an old 3D energy
and are no longer a viable choice; knowing that we can still
choose and create an option that fits us no matter what, places
us in alignment with ourselves.

Have you ever felt like a fish out of water because you were
involved with something that did not match your level of
integrity? Or perhaps even wearing an item of clothing that
simply was not you. Wearing something that doesn't fit who
we are, can make us feel strange and uncomfortable all day!
One day I was writing in my sweats for quite awhile, and then
had to go out and meet someone. I changed into my favorite
pair of boots, called Ropers, my favorite jeans, put on my
favorite woven bracelet, and away I went. I could not believe
how much better and powerful I felt only because I was much
more of me than I was in my sweats!

We need to be more of who we are to be in alignment. And I
cannot emphasize this enough.

When we are in alignment with who we are, we are
immediately connected to Source."

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Staying In Alignment...This short book will provide you with a clear
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