The Community of Ascended Masters

Channelled Through Natalie Glasson

The Community of Ascended Masters on the inner planes consisting of the Galactic Federation, Great White Brother and Sisterhood as well as the inner plane Ascended Masters wish to share this special and sacred information with all who are receptive to the Light of the Creator and wish to assist in the divine spiritual growth of humanity, while aiding personal ascension and mastery.

We wish to bring forth to you today the dates of when the energy that the Ascended Masters are channelling and pouring into the Earth will be boosted as well as its meaning in your life. We, the Ascended Master Community wish to share information to help all make full use of the period of transformation that is occurring on the Earth now. From 08-08-08, we have been channelling an intense wave of energy into the Earth and the souls of those who align with our energy. This energy contains the purest form of the golden Christ consciousness as well as the Ascended Master consciousness, the result of this energy in manifestation on the Earth will be abundance taking many forms within your life. It is a period when you have the opportunity to master your thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions focusing all on expressing love with our support. The energy that is pouring onto the Earth will make mastering ones being easier than before, allowing all to achieve new goals at an accelerated rate. This simply means that a new level of mastery can be gained and anchored. An abundance of whatever you desire or believe will manifest into your life, if you focus on negativity you will receive it in abundance with greater intensity. If you focus on positivity and love, this will manifest in abundance within your reality on the Earth. It is vital that all align their energy to the light of the Ascended Masters to gain full benefit from this energy that can create a transformation or a rise to a new level of consciousness, within the physical spiritual growth process of many.

I am now aligned with the Christ consciousness and the energy of abundance that accelerates forth from the Ascended Masters on the inner planes. I am now a beacon of love and positive abundance on the Earth.

We now wish to share with all the sacred and special information about the wave of energy to aid you in connecting on a deeper level with the energy we are now channelling into the Earth. The transformations described are based on the amount of determination, effort and discipline one puts into their spiritual practices.

Dates of Additional Energy Boost on the Earth

5th September 2008 until 28th October Second Energy Boost

The energy that the Ascended Masters have been channelling into the Earth and its humanity from 08-08-08 will now rise to a higher vibration during this period, increasing the energy of abundance and love on the Earth and within souls. This period of time and the energy channelling from the Ascended Masters is focus predominantly on mastering thoughts and beliefs. The love and energy of the Ascended Masters will be focused into the Third Eye Chakra. This Chakra accesses enlightenment and insights while assisting in the manifestation of thoughts.

When you align with the new higher vibrational energy of the Ascended Masters it will cleanse and activate the Third Eye Chakra, amplifying all thoughts so that they manifest with greater force, speed and intensity into your life. This is a period when one must focus on creating positive thought forms in order to achieve the life they desire on the Earth for the future or the spiritual achievements they wish to integrate. Many people may experience a lift in their energy vibration or a heightening of the insights and enlightenment they receive through their Third Eye Chakra. Those who align with the energy of abundance will experience the Christ consciousness energy integrating within their mind, thoughts and beliefs, assisting in the constant and eternal expression of love and the Creatorís soul. It is important that during this period of time and energy vibration that you continue to align to the energy of the Ascended Masters while also focusing on only producing positive thought forms.

The Ascended Masters will channel their energy simultaneously into the Third Eye Chakra of the Earth which is located at the Great Pyramid, Egypt but is currently in orbit around the planet within the outer energy field of the Earth waiting to become manifest at the appropriate time. It is seeing the truth or accepting the wisdom of the Creator that most people desire but also have difficulty acknowledging. The energy will assist in anchoring the energy of the Earthís third eye onto Mother Earth to begin the activation and process of realigning the Earth. When harmony and balance is obtained then love will prosper and prevail on the Earth. Deep focus and concentration must be placed on mastering the mind to create only positive loving thoughts.

29th October until 16th November- Third Energy Boost
The Temple of Mercy at Mount Shasta which is the home of Lord Buddha our Planetary Logos and governor of the Earth will be reconstructed on the inner planes for all who wish to visit. The Temple of Mercy is a sacred vast chamber within the ashram at Mount Shasta that can be visited during your sleep state or meditation throughout this time period. It is a special chamber created of light and intention from the Ascended Masters, allowing many who visit to align on a deeper level with the new boost of energy that will anchor into the Earth during this time frame. The temple will occupy many wise and evolved Ascended Masters to tutor, assist and advise students visiting from the Earth. Activation, healing and enlightenment will be the key focuses of the Ascended Masters, you can also visit to assist in preparing yourself for the full intensity of the Ascended Masterís energy that will climax at the beginning of the New Year of 2009. The temple can be visited as many times throughout this period and for many will act as a supportive energy and network to assist any changes or growths that occur in a personís reality on the Earth.

Predominantly the Temple of Mercy and the Ascended Masters will assist with the shedding of old energy that is no longer needed. The temple is named so because it is a sacred space that will alleviate any distress, confusion or discomfort due to accelerated growth or the releasing of old energy patterns during this time. It is a period where much wisdom will also be gained due to the influence of the Temple of Mercy. If you wish to gain the support of the Ascended Masters within the temple or wish to visit simply ask your guides and angels to transport you to the chamber within the ashram at Mount Shasta.

The boost of energy that the Earth will receive during this time frame will combine the energy of the Angelic Kingdom. Until now the energy of the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Kingdom has been channelling onto the Earth separately, but now they unite as an abundant energy, integrating with the Earth and its humanity. The Ascended Masters and the Angelic Kingdom will focus their energy on the Throat Chakra, assisting all in expressing the loving thoughts of their mind and their soul energy through their Throat Chakra and voice. This means that we must be aware constantly of what we are saying as it will manifest with greater impact into our lives. Again this is to allow mastery to be obtained over the mind and the voice or spoken thoughts.

The energy of the Ascended Masters will channel into the Throat Chakra of the Earth known as Mount Kailasa, Tibet.

Align with the abundant and loving energy of the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Kingdom allowing their energy to integrate into your Third Eye Chakra and Throat Chakra. We hope that you will take advantage of the presence of the Temple of Mercy; it has been constructed especially to aid humanity and souls on the Earth, but will only be available for a limited time. The temple is always constructed when change is occurring on the Earth to lend support and guidance when and where it is needed.

17th November until the 11th December- Fourth Energy Boost

This period in time welcomes the fourth boost of energy onto the Earth which again is of a higher vibration than the previous energy boosts from the inner planes. The fourth energy boost incorporates the light of the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Kingdom with the soul energy of Mother Earth and her kingdom. The energy received during this period of time is particularly sacred as Mother Earth begins to channel the energies that she has received throughout the past three periods of energy boosts, back into the receptive souls on the Earth. When you align with the energy of abundance and love from the Ascended Masters you will receive the love of the Angelic Kingdom and Mother Earth simultaneously, this symbolises the new level of integration with the Creatorís energy that is in manifestation on the Earth.

It is a period when change will occur; the most dominant old habits if they have not yet been shed will fall away as long as the person is ready to do so. Many people may find this period of time the most challenging as the energies they receive may be overwhelming but it is important to remain connected to the Ascended Masterís and the Creator with focus and determination. Concentration must remain on mastering a greater aspect of the mind, creating and speaking loving thoughts; one must be ready to allow unneeded energy to fall away with easy and without attachment, knowing in full faith that abundance in all its forms is being anchored onto the Earth and into their soul. This is a period where one must hold complete faith and trust in their guides, their own abilities and the energy of the Creator. It is also at this state of the fourth boost of energy that abundance may materialise in greater qualities on the Earth; such as a renewed wealth of happiness or enlightenment and even money depending what the personís focus has been throughout the process. If a person has been worrying or placing fear into their life then this is what they will receive in abundance. We, the Ascended Masters are only supporting you, helping you to achieve your spiritual goals; we cannot take control over your life.

The fourth boost of energy is focused on the Solar Plexus Chakra which is where most people feel or store their emotions. Mastery of the emotions will be a key aspect of the spiritual growth and the obtaining of mastery at this time. Emotions hold a great power and can undo all the hard work of lovingly programming and training the mind. We must learn to accept our emotions, to understanding their presence and most important release negative emotions anchoring greater love and light into our emotional body and the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is the focus on the Solar Plexus Chakra and the emotions that may bring a certain amount of unsettlement but this can be easily overcome by anchoring the energy of abundance, love and ascended master consciousness into the Solar Plexus Chakra with the intention of cleansing, then emanating the light received into your being. It is important to say that although the Ascended Masters focus on certain chakras it is up to the individual to make the connection and anchor the light otherwise the Ascended Masters are helpless.

Many of the emotions that lie stagnant within the Earth from past traumas within or between civilisations that span across generations within history will also be cleansed. This is not indefinite but the energy will assist in lifting some aspect of the stagnant energy and emotions on the Earth. Much energy will be charged into the Solar Plexus Chakra of the Earth which is at Uluru- Kata Tijuta, Australia, it is important also at this time to honour Mother Earth and to connect with her energy on a deeper level which will ensure you are always grounded and centered, receiving the energy and nourishment that is necessary.

12th December until 24th December Fifth Energy Boost

This energy boost is of a different purpose, it is being channelled into the Earth to cleanse the grid work, ley lines and molecular structure of the planet Earth and each human physical body that is receptive and aligned to the energy and the purpose of the Ascended Masters. The planetary energy of a white colour from the Office or Ashram of the Planetary Logos Lord Buddha will be channelled into the Earth. This is when the Love Crystals of the Galactic Federation will be truly activated and programmed to emanate love eternally. They will act as tools to send energy across the land of the Earth. Many people will be drawn to the Love Crystals without realising where they are situated to simply bathe in their light and love. Others will feel the desire to meditate sending much energy to the Earth, also accepting energy to assist their own healing process from the Ascended Masters. This is the final cleansing and energising process of this period before the coming of a new found sense of stillness and peace, in truth this may be the abundant energy that we all desire. Stillness and meditation is vitally important throughout this period of transformation but especially this period of time, to allow energies to settle and integrate.

The fifth boost of energy is connected to the Crown chakra and the Heart Chakra. It is our mission to increase the sensitivity of the Crown Chakra to allow new insights, wisdom and energy to channel into a personís being while also activating and widening the Heart Chakra to enable all to express the light of the Creator and their soul with greater ease. We, the Ascended Masters will also focus our energy into the Crown Chakra and the Heart Chakra of the Earth to assist in the anchoring of love onto the Earth. The Heart Chakra of the Earth is at Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Avebury, UK. We must remember that each chakra has three aspects of focus points and many dimensions. The Crown Chakra is guarded by many evolved elders and will be revealed when humanity is ready.

25th December 08 until the 1st January 09- Sixth Energy Boost

Peace and stillness will be anchored into the Earth as a result of the constant flow of love that began in 08-08-08. Many may feel a sense of fulfillment, achievement and inner peace. It is important to simply align with the energy of Ascended Masters and allow it to integrate into your life. The energy will activate, balance and harmonies all the chakras of receptive people and the Earth to ensure that a greater radiance and energy vibration is experienced. Many will be able to reap the fruits of their hard work, dedication and efforts during this period of time, but the manifestation of abundance will continue to materialise on the Earth throughout 2009. During this short period in 2008, love, abundance and the ascended masterís consciousness has been anchored into the Earth and humanity; it will gradually integrate throughout the year of 2009.

A new found wholeness and unity with the Creator may be experienced by those who have remained aligned to the energy of the Ascended Masterís but the Earthís energy vibration will naturally lift and rise.

This is a period of transformation that you can accept or not, it is a transformation that will occur within your being. It will not affect the Earth in a visible physical way but is working on the spiritual energies of humanity and the Earth as a preparation for future spiritual growth and development as well as the major forth coming raise in the energy vibration of humanity on the Earth which is known as Ascension 2012. This is when many will receive and be able to access a new level of consciousness and awareness that is beyond anything experienced now, while still remaining within their realities on the Earth. It is the transformation within that is important and constantly visible and not the physical changes on the Earth. Allow yourself to begin to transform your being, reawakening and accepting the energy of the Creatorís within you, the journey starts now!

We hope that all will benefit from our explanations of the energies we are channelling into the Earth from 08-08-08 to 2009, understanding with greater clarity their purpose and how you can use the energy to assist your own spiritual growth process on the Earth.

The Community of Ascended Masters

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