Home alignment for 8/8/8

Dear All,
With much being broadcast about the importance of aligning and assisting the new frequencies to anchor on earth on Friday 8th August (8/8/8), I have been prompted to suggest a simple technique to do at home, linking in with all the other gatherings around the world, if you can't join one of these groups.
It would only take 8 minutes, and is ideally done at 8pm UK time. Other times will be OK, just asking that your meditations are aligned with everyone else.
The method is based on the infinity breath, described below.

The infinity sign is a figure of 8 and the infinity breath is simply a visualisation of the top loop of the 8 on the inbreath and the bottom loop of the 8 on the outbreath.
The useful part is managing to have the centre of the 8 in your Solar Power centre which is located in a large area between the heart and solar plexus.
When you breathe in, you feel/see/imagine the light travelling from this centre, up the back of your spine and head, over the top of your head and down the front of the body to the centre.
When you breathe out, you see the light travelling from your centre down the back of your spine , below your feet and up the front of your body to your centre.
It is good to practise this a few times before the day, to get into the swing of it. You then can extend the 8 to encompass your soul star and above, on the inbreath, and connect to your earth star and mother earth on the outbreath, feeling your love expanding and unifying with heaven and earth throughout.

It has such a lovely effect anyway, you may want to do it at other times!

It is this infinity breath that you can do for 8 minutes on 8/8/8 at 8pm.

Wishing you all peace, unity and joy!