Etchilhampton Hill, nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 15th August.

Could this be sign of hope from above in these troubled times?

This huge Celtic cross appeared in a field on Etchilhampton Hill in Wiltshire. The size is over eight tram lines in width and about twice as long in length. Within the cross is spiral imagery which takes us back to ancient times. Very impressive indeed.

The new crop picture from Etchilhampton Hill shows clear Christian symbolism---"there will be signs on the Earth"---but also shows Mayan symbolism as well. Thus when Cortez and other Spanish invaders conquered central America around 1520 AD, they were shocked to find "crosses" in some of the native holy sites. They also heard legends of the Flood, and saw rituals of child baptism. All of these seemed to originate from a visit to central America by white missionaries and teachers around 60 AD (see "In Search of Quetzalcoatl" by Pierre Honore, 1961). The new picture also matches closely in style an astronomical eclipse glyph that appeared at Furze Knoll on June 20, 2008, thereby suggesting that both were made by the same artist.

Harold Stryderight


Pentagram or The Pentagon?

Barton Le Clay, Barton Springs, Bedfordshire, Reported 14th August.

This simply remarkable formation takes one's breath away. It has two wonderfully tapered and delicate crescents surrounding the mysterious pentagram.

The Pentagram was very important to the Pythagoreans, who were a secret society. This symbol runs through history in many mystical ways. It also appears in Masonic regalia, the layout of Washington DC, and is the basic design for one of the largest buildings on earth, The Pentagon.

Stuart and myself decided to make the trip north to the village of Barton-le-Clay to photograph all aspects of this formation which was in a wheat field in a beautiful valley surrounded by hills. We were richly rewarded for our efforts to cover this important event by just being able to be there!