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"Golden Flame" by Christina Mueller of Germany at

Beloved Lightworkers, what a Blessed and Radiant time it is for Planet Earth in her journey of Change and Transformation. You have passed through this recent "portal" of the double Wesak Full Moons, and now you are ready to experience the powerful Cosmic Dance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies as Venus transits across your Sun in the month of June 2008.

Your Earth is already receiving the Golden Light of the Flame of Ascended Love and Compassion, bringing the Codes of Abundance and Peace. Now, in the month of June, there will be powerful opportunities for you as a Collective, to make huge shifts in your Collective Consciousness, and admit even more Light into your Collective Being. This month of June represents the first major opportunity in this year for Collective Shift, the second will be in August of 2008 and the third in October of 2008. We will explain these other dates at a later time, for now we will focus on the energies of the Venus/Sun transit in the first two weeks of June.

This present Venus transit is linked to the previous transit four years ago in 2004, and represents the exact mid point of an 8 year Venus cycle that began in 2004 and ends in 2012. The Venus/Sun transit in 2004 marked the beginning of a powerful surge of awakening and transformation on the Planet, and allowed for many of you to begin your journey into Higher Consciousness. We will explain why this energy is so powerful at this time. The Sun, in your Solar System, carries the archetypal Solar Masculine energy, called Ra by the Ancient Egytpian wisdom. Venus carries the energy of the Archetypal Divine Feminine, represented by Hathor, the Goddess of Beauty, Love, Art and Music. The transit of the Sun by Venus represents the archetypal Cosmic Dance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine as they weave their Creative Light in your Plantary "Heaven". Now, in 2004, this was an especially powerful moment for the Earth. The Divine Feminine energy had been slowly returning to the frequencies of your Collective Consciousness, assisted by the Indigo and Crystal children and those awakened Lightworkers who were able to carry the energy. It was strong enough in 2004 for this Divine Dance of Twin Flame energies in the Heavens to initiate a powerful surge of Creative and Transformative energy in the Collective Consciousness. Many people began their individual journey of Transformation, and many Soulmate and Twin Flame unions were created in the wake of this dance of the Sun and Venus.

Now, at this midpoint time, you are in the position to make another huge leap of Consciousness. Beloved Ones, you have, at this time, activated your Grail Codes and you are able to be in perfect inner balance, to be a "mirror" of the perfect balance in the Heavens. You are now able to receive the Galactic and Cosmic Information Codes directly from the Great Central Sun into your Pineal Glands and then into your DNA to activate the Divine Will within each cell of your body as a receiver of Divine Light and Grace. You are ready and prepared to be a new species, Divine Humans or Human Angels, who are an exact balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, one within themselves, able to receive the Creative Codes from the Source and to exercise their Divinely given gifts as Co-Creators of a New Reality. These New Codes will direct the next phase of your evolution and that of Earth. In this next four year cycle of Venus leading to 2012, you will receive the new energies of Transformation directly from the Great Central Sun and from Source. The Blue Star Earth will begin to evolve as an independent being, and you will be the guiding "Creators" of the New Earth reality in co-operation with Spirit. And you will exercise your "right" as Creators through the Choices that you make for the New Earth.

Beloved Masters of Light, we cannot tell you how we rejoice at this moment, as you come "of age" and assume the responsibility for your planet and its onward and upward journey in the Light. At this time, many of you have been moved into positions where you will be ready to assist and guide others in the Great Expansion or Explosion of Higher Consciousness that will follow these three key moments in 2008. Beloved Ones, we know that you are ready to serve the Light in the way that you are called and directed by Spirit, at this time. Your Light is needed, for each individual Golden Light creates a part of the Golden Flame of Ascended Love and Compassion.

You are ready, Beloved Ones, to activate the Paradise Codes and to transform your Earth into the Paradise Home that it was always meant to be. You are ready to transform your lives and to receive the Abundance that was always meant to be yours, each and every one of you. You are ready to be a Planetary Family and to understand that you are all One in the Golden Flame of the Love of Source.

And so, Beloved Lightworkers, in this time of Cosmic Radiance, as the Light increases, you will begin to "see" ever more clearly. And you will find that your perception becomes clearer and finer. And you will see the old energies of shadow and illusion that still exist even as the New Earth of Light is being born. It is important, dearest Lightworkers, that at this time you do not allow yourself to be drawn into old energies of fear, superstition and manipulation, and that you do not get caught up in patterns of "re-cycling" old energies and dramas as a way of avoiding the creative challenges of the New Energies.

We will offer you this suggestion, dearest ones, as you deal with the shifts and changes. Rely on your Heart and your Feelings at this time, rather than your mind and its judgements. Know that the New Energy creates feelings of Love, Support and Joy. If you experience fear, anxiety or anger, then you are dealing with old energies, and these may be created by "illusions" that you are still holding, including the "illusion" of what the Ascension process should be and how it should feel and how you should deal with it. Don't seek to blame others or look for the "answers" out there, go within, and see where you may be projecting old energies through habits of feeling and perception. These are miraculous times, and you are truly Cretors of your own Perecptual Reality, and what you experience is what you hold within yourself. So, we ask that you strive to be balanced, loving, supportive and discerning at all times. Know that you exist within the River of Life and Abundance from Source, and that what you need will manifest as you have need. There is no reason to fear the changes, as they bring you closer to the Heart and Mind of God, to the God Consciousnes within yourself. So, at this time of the Venus transit, followed by the Solstice on the 21st of June, we ask that you hold the energies of Joy and Peace in your Heart as the Planet re-births to Higher Consciousness.

"The Coming of the White Buffalo Energy" by Monique Monos of Belgium at

The Energies in June 2008
The New Moon falls on the 3rd of June, and is in Gemini, the sign of the Twins. In the New Energy, this sign represents the energy of the Twin Flame. In this month, Pluto will also retrograde back into Sagittarius, creating a powerful engine of spiritual transformation in the opposite sign of Sagittarius. This creates an optimum moment to experience an expanded awareness of the One Love of Source as experienced through the Twin Flame.
The Venus Transit in the first weeks of June provides the first Perceptual Shift "Gateway" of 2008. Allow yourself to move gently into this field of Divine Twin Flame love and allow it to expand your Consciousness and awaken your Perception of Higher Love and Beauty on Earth.

The Full Moon on the 18th falls in Sagittaris, and with Pluto and the Galactic Center energy also in Sagittarius, this will be one powerful Full Moon! It is a Fire Moon and allows you to celebrate the Passionate and Sensual energy of the Divine Feminine in her form as the Transformative Fire Goddess. Remember Sekmet, Pele, Amaterasu, Brigid, Vesta and Mary Magdalene. At this time, Venus will enter into Cancer, ruled by the Moon and Water, and so will provide the gentle, lunar balance to the fiery energy of the Fire Moon. It is a perfect time for a ceremony to honor the balanced Solar and Lunar aspects of the Divine Feminine energy in the New Earth.

Then, on the 21st is the Global Solstice, in the South it will be the Winter Solstice and in the North it will be the Summer Solstice. At this time, when the Planet reaches a point of Balance before it begins its next spiral of space/time, it is a good time to reflect on your journey on Earth and to dream your intentions for the next spiral of Light made manifest.

May your Intentions be Love, Joy and Abundance for the next Spiral of Earth's Creation and Evolution.
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