This is the energy transmitted by the New Moon on 3rd June 2008.

A brief explanation of this SYMBOL is as follows: -

'This is a symbol of individual artistry as the property of all...with its expression both its strength and the means whereby others are encouraged to like accomplishment. Here is experience as a climax on the side of self -refinement in skills and talent and at a peak in its gratification and its promise of continuing effort and sharing of rewards. A continually expanded dimension of being becomes the constant revelation of man's true estate. The keyword is ACHIEVEMENT.'

How amazing to discover this explanation for the 13th degree of Gemini under the famous SABIAN SYMBOLS - if you don't know what they are do check them out on the net and you will find a whole new adventure in astrology!!!

If you are looking for a creative energy then this New Moon could be the one that makes all the difference. We have been through a tumoultous May - and the last week of the month seems to have brought many people to their knees in so many respects. And yet there is always hope. But the ultimate hope is breaking through the pain and realising your own power to CREATE.

Through the devastation of China and the suffering of its people, we are all able to find compassion where previously there had been anger through the Tibetan issue. The darkness of doubt and fear has been replaced by the creative seed of light. The Chinese people are an ancient and powerful race...capable of many feats of extraordinary magik. And now they rally to help and support their own in a way that has astounded the world.

On the other side we have Burma, another ancient and proud civilisation buried in a web of darkness and fear. Too afraid to believe that there are those in the world who would give without agenda to their people...and so would sit and watch them die rather than embrace the seed of light and creativity.

And so we find no solution where the darkness remains except to constantly call on that seed of creative hope that the smallest act of kindness might awaken the leaders of that country to see their actions so seriously lacking in concern for their own people...because they have learned to hide away for so long.

Now we find a similar situation in the area of politics...both in the US and the UK. There seem to be a lot of messages of CHANGE and a NEW DIRECTION. But little action that I can see in that regard. But the change is happening nonetheless and eventually the canditates that fit with this new higher vibrating source will find themselves at the seat of their new found power. They will have to start to CREATE from a new base. This is the challenge of our New Moon. It will bring forward into the light from the darkness of despair and suffering a series of events that assist us to see the true leaders in their new roles. The key words here are sharing, alignment, grace and purpose. These energies will embrace the new leaders.

On a personal level, I feel the light so strongly at the moment...the angelic realms gather close to the Earth to bring messages of HOPE. We will see this month of June a dramatic exchange taking place in an area where there seemed to no hope. It will bring into alignment the sovereignty of land issues...there will be positive developments which will come out of nowhere but which will have everlasting consequences affecting the entire planet. It will be in an area where force has been replaced with wisdom...and so a major breakthrough takes place........this will avert what I believe could be a major catastrophe for our planet.

This is the month of new relationships...finding peace through communication. Finding balance through shared service. But most of all opening your heart to the sounds that make you feel good. Music and art fit well into this New Moon. If you are trying to launch your musical, artistic or creative career then this is the month to get writing. It is not about copying others' material it is about YOU being the source of YOUR OWN dream.

The planet Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, has been going backwards but will start moving forward again on 20th June so any hold ups with documents, deals or contracts are likely to be sorted out later in the month. Venus, planet of love, is changing signs on the 18th of June and moving into Cancer. This will bring a more peaceful energy to people born under this sign. And finally Pluto is returning to Sagittarius for a short stint of about five months before moving onto pastures new in Capricorn later in the year. This is a time for Sagis to seriously reflect on what changes need to be made and getting the backing of the Universe to set them in action.

It is interesting to reflect on the changes in Government and money since Pluto's move into Capricorn in January. Perhaps we will have a period of slow down now followed by some reflection...that will be well needed in areas of fuel and credit for many people. Perhaps also we can hope for new ideas to come forward during this month to create seeds of hope rather than fear for so many in regard to the above.

The Full Moon this month falls on 18th June in the sign of Sagittarius. It will again give pause for thought in all aspects of life to people born under this sign. Is there something you have forgotten or not addressed? Did you leave something or someone behind? Could you have changed the outcome to a financial situation if you had given it more time? Issues of motherhood, mothers and home may well be at the fore of your mind now.

On a personal level, is anyone else out there also having the RAINBOW EXPERIENCE? I have been seeing them everywhere in the past few weeks. Perhaps the constant stream of rain across the moor where I live brings these divine rays of light through my window...but beyond that I am seeing them in books, on tv, on name it and they appear. So, finally, I bought a beautiful rainbow rug and invited its energy into my home. I feel this is a sign of balance through the light and I would wish you all to find that balance for yourselves in your own Rainbow Light.

This really is a month for looking deeply at yourself. Where there is anger, try to create another path for yourself. The new energies are bringing up some very deep seated fears - but they are also showing how selfish and self-centred we can be at times. The light will always enforce your ability to assist others. Try to remember that you are not the only one who needs the light - there are those around you now who are falling. Offer your seed of hope and love and make a difference to somebody else's life. It will make something magical occur - because love shared can only ever return in mega amounts to the source and that means you. Try not to waste your precious light getting caught up in other people's negativity - let that be apart from you and stay only in the source of love.

Wishing you a powerfully creative month of new friendships, love and travel. Elizabeth xxx ps DONT FORGET this month is the special REIKI MASTER TEACHER COURSE - full details on workshop page. This is a once a year event taking in the sites of Glastonbury TOR, the ABBEY and Chalice Well. Hope to see you soon.