by Celia Fenn

'Shefa' by Dvora Pearlman of Jerusalem, Israel

Beloved Lightworkers. May will be an extraordinary month in an extraordinary year. You will experience, on the 20th of May, the second 'Buddha' Full Moon, when the Sun will be in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio. So, in this Lunar Cycle between the 'Buddha' moons, Earth will be flooded with the Golden Flame of Compassionate Love that is held in the Buddha field that embraces Earth at this time. And so, the opportunities for raising consciousness very rapidly and effecting major transformations both on the personal and planetary levels is greatly amplified.
It is, beloved ones, as though Heaven is holding open a door so that this Golden Light might pour over the Earth and be integrated into the Light Bodies of all who are ready to ascend to this new Consciousness of Love. For, this is a moment when Compassionate and Radiant Love is the most intense and beautiful. You will feel the 'pressure' of this Light as a need to change your life, change the way you live your life, and a deep desire for a life that is more in alignment with your I AM presence and your Higher Being. And this may cause discomfort initially, for you haev lived with distortions of your being for many lifetimes, and you have veiled off these distortions with repressions. But, now the veils are being lifted and you are seeing truth and feeling the pain as these distortions heal and are brought back into alignment with your pure self.
Beloved ones, you were designed to be Human Angels and to live on Earth in Joy and Balance in perfect health. The Earth was designed to be your Paradise home. But, you evolved away from this original plan and you integrated into your DNA patterns of distortion and disease and suffering. And now, in the Golden Light of Radiant Love from Source, you are healing and returning to your original power and clarity as Human Angels.
And so, as you have activated the Grail Codes and accepted once again the Balance of Heaven and Earth, and Masculine and Feminine, you are ready to create miracles of Love on the awakening Earth. Beloved Lightworkers, you are given the gift of working with the Golden Flame to create Abundance and Love.
And so, we will explain to you the simplicity of this process for Human Angels. The Divine Light of Source flows from the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun and is received by you through your Crown Chakra and the Pineal Gland, and is then transmitted into the Heart Chakra. From the Heart, it is 'transmuted' and woven into physical manifestation through your Dreams and Desires. So, the 'River of Life' flows through you and is transformed into physical blessings of Abundance through the Creative Weaving of the Heart. Is this not a magnificent creative gift from Source.
We understand that many of you still struggle to manifest abundance in your lives at this time, as you learn to reactivate this gift given to the 'Shining Ones', or those who carry the Golden Flame in their auric field. Beloved Ones, in order to carry the Golden Flame you need to release all illusions and attachments and allow your Heart to be the place where Heaven meets Earth and Masculine energy blends with Feminine energy in Perfect Harmony and Love. And, we know, that those of you who have chosen the path of Higher Consciousness, are embracing this process and allowing all the old distortions and illusions to be finally cleared and released.
And so, at this time, as this doorway of light stands open, you have the opportunity to receive this River of Light into your Hearts and to Weave your dreams without distortion or inteference. For, the purity and the clarity of your Heart will determine the clarity of your manifestations. The most abundant and joyful creations are those created without self-interest and gain, but for the highest good of all. If you can weave the Golden Light with this intention and send it out to Earth, it will manifest your dreams of Love and Peace. And, beloved Lightworkers, if you do this together, you will create a Field of Peace and Love and Balance that will hold the energy to manifest Miracles of Love on the Planet.
Beloved Lightworkers, we say too, that although this Radiant Light is called the 'Buddha' field, it is also a manifestation of the Balanced Flame of Source. The Golden Light is always transmitted from Source to carry both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine codes, and it is the Divine Feminine that carries the code of Balance. The Great Cosmic Goddess and Mother of Balance is called Ma'at, and her energy creates the Field of Light that supports Balance for Peace and Truth and Love. So, at this time of healing and balancing, the Light Codes of Ma'at will awaken the Field of Peace and these Codes will be transmitted into manifestation through the element of water. The water in your blood and your cells will transmit the codes to your body, and the water in the Oceans and water bodies of the Earth will transmit the codes to Earth herself and into her grids of crystalline light. And the Earth will celebrate the return of Ma'at or Cosmic Balance, as her Codes of Light are once again received so that the balance might be created and the Earth return to her place in the Cosmic Balance Field of Love.
And so it is, Beloved Ones, that you are now healing your relationships with your body, with the Earth, with the Source and with each other. You will find a powerful force of love in the next month that will guide you to heal and release all illusions and to begin weaving in absolute truth.
As you heal your relationship with your Body, and accept who you are, you will realize that your body is the perfect vehicle for your soul in its journey on the Earth. You will learn to honor your body and to trust its ability to Heal and Balance. You will no longer fear disease and suffering, for you will no longer need to weave such distorted creations fron your DNA. You will weave in Love according to the template of Health and Vitality.
AS you heal your relationship with the Earth, you will learn once again how the Earth supports you and loves you and provides for your every need. You will weave from Joy and you will weave experiences of Joy. You will no longer recreate distorted experiences of pain and suffering, for a balanced heart creates balanced experiences of love.
You will heal you relationship with Source, for you will no longer see God as a distant Father figure, but you will perecive the Light of Source within yourself and within all Creation. You will see that 'God' is both Masculine and Feminine and Child-like, and you will laugh at the wonder of the energy of a God perceived without distortion or fear.
And you will heal your relationships with each other. You will feel, at this time, a need to balance and heal relationships with others. As you align with your own inner truth, or Ma'at, you will clearly see this in others, and your truth will align with theirs. You will also clearly be able to see where truth becomes distortion, and to heal that distortion with the Light of Love and Peace.
Beloved Ones, as you embrace the Golden Light, you have become a Golden Chalice of Light, you have become the Grail. You have become the magical instrument of Abundance and Love. That potential rests within your DNA records and is now activated by the Grail Codes. It was the work of Jesus and Mary Magdalene to lay down a genetic template and a geometry of light that would be activated within the physical and in the realms of Soul Light on the Planet at this time, and so it is! You are once again awakening and filling your Chalice of Light with the radiant Light of Source.
And so, Beloved Ones, in this magical window of light, remember the Compassion of the Buddha and the Love of Kwan Yin. Remember the Passion of Jesus and his beloved Magdalene. Remember, those who have worked to bring Heaven to Earth, and know that now is the time and this is the moment when you can step into that choice and live its reality.
But know, Beloved Ones, that this is a radical healing, so allow yourself time and be gentle with yourself. You may experience intense feelings and energies as the balance returns and you are allowed to experience the full potential of Who You Are as a Human Angel.

The Energies for May 2008

The New Moon is on the 5th of May, and falls in Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and is and Earth sign associated with beauty, artistic expression and comfort. The planet Venus itself is also in Taurus this month, creating a powerful connection between the Sun and Venus in the house of the Goddess of Love. Love will be a prominent feature or theme of life in this month. This is a good time to work with healing and balancing your relationship with the Earth and with your Body. The Full Moon, on the 20th, is the second Buddha Moon. At this time, the powerful Light Codes of Ma'at will be fully integrated into the Earth's field, allowing for Balance, Peace and Prosperity on the Earth. This is a powerful time for all who desire to create Balance on the Earth to join in creating a Field of Peace and Love so that the Earth and her Peoples may feel this Joyous moment of Harmony and Balance.