Goddess Seminar in Algarve, Portugal

Activating the Goddess Energy on all levels and in all areas of life five-day intensive retreat in Portugal illuminated by Mary Magdalene, Isis, Lady Nada, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Lady Lakshmi and Lillith


“We invite you to return home, home to your own self, home to your truth, to your heart’s truth, to courage, your own truth in every moment of your existence.” (the Lady Ascended Masters of Light)

The Lady Ascended Masters
Lillith: The Wild Woman
Mother Mary: Mother Goddess Energy
Quan Yin: Unconditionally Loving, All-Accepting Wisdom
Lakshmi: Abundance On All Levels
Mary Magdalene: Highest Level Romantic Partnership
Isis: Empowerment
Lady Nada: The Healer

channeled and accompanied by Rhiannon

During this retreat we will allow ourselves to go even further into our own power … and not only that – we want to stay there forever! This is about the dismantling of blocks, which are still present and perhaps prevent us from developing to our highest potential in many or all areas of life. Self-confidence, self-love, internal and external radiance, romantic love and partnership, abundance on all levels, as well as a balance of love, wisdom and power in our lives, which includes finding and keeping the balance of the wild woman, the mother, the wise woman in us, and anchoring these in all areas of life.

The Ascended Masters will support us gently and lovingly, each using her specific dynamics:
Theme-related meditations, which will be adapted to the process both to the group in general and to those of individuals detailed channeling-sessions on all above mentioned themes channeled answers to individual questions vitalizing activations: Lillith (The Wild Woman), Mother Mary ( Mother Goddess Energy), Quan Yin: Unconditionally Loving, All-Accepting Wisdom, Lakshmi: Abundance On All Levels, Mary Magdalene: Highest Level Romantic Partnership, Isis: Empowerment, Lady Nada: The Healer
These powerful activations will support us in finding our own Master Energy and to consolidate it.
Being lifted away from our daily routine surroundings, the high vibrations of the location and the natural beauty of its landscape – all of this will help deepen and intensify our processes. In this way we will leave the old behind us forever and dedicate ourselves to a profound purification of energy on all levels.
Salema – a jewel in the middle of the western Algarve region, this captivating fishing village is considered to be a secret tip for Portugal lovers and is located in the “Parque Natural der Costa Vincentina”. Imbedded in the nature sanctuary “La Cabana Barradinhas” and just two kilometers away from the fishing village is an exquisite green oasis with palm trees, orange and almond trees. This area, marked by its natural and well-maintained beauty, is the ideal location to immerge oneself into the Goddess Seminar (with numerous charms to take delight in such as the octagon and the sweat lodge, the “celebration square” or the fountain << ein Brunnen wo Wasser spritzt? >><<oder: well , ein Brunnen wo man Wasser holt? >>
The southern climate will prevail during the seminar breaks – the powerful presence of the sea, the sunlight with its warming rays, … and the natural beaches of the Algarve region, making our hearts beat stronger – with its beautiful bays in the surroundings or the lonely beaches on the dramatic west coast (20 kilometers from the seminar location). In addition, there is the possibility to visit the Monchique Mountains and to take advantage of its many leisure time activities (surfing, golf, organized boot rides, dolphin watching … ) or to go on a shopping trip in the next closest city of Lagos (25 kilometers away) as well as to enjoy the Portuguese cuisine with its shellfish à la “bem viver”.
In this way all framework conditions for the seminar are ideal for dedicating oneself to a Goddess Seminar, which will be supported by the holiday mood of this southern region.

MayLi Reisenhofer
Mag. Christine Baier

Contact in Austria:
Saadet – 0676 722 56 99
Contact in Portugal:
Christine Baier – 00351 919913986

Seminar Location:
Cabana Barradinhas

Flight and Accommodation:
Each participant organizes her flight on her own,
but we will advise on accommodation.

Seminar: € 500,

Getting there:
Flight from Vienna to Faro (transfer from Faro to Salema by rented car or taxi) or flight from Vienna to Lisbon (transfer by rented car or by bus).

Seminar times:
Tuesday to Saturday
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
and 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
More information (pdf)