Archangel Metatron Channel: March 14, 2008

Greetings I am Metatron Lord of Light ! I greet you one and all with the energy of home, with the energy of Unconditional Love. I embrace each of you with well being, indeed with infinite joy.

Dear Ones, as the heralded Ascension of 2012 draws nigh, there are many seers and many followers of prophecy that interpret the coming changes as end times with predictions of gloom and doom. And it may surprise you that we commend such seers for a job well done ! Indeed it is appropriate!

Why is this ?

You see your Planet is poised in the NOW of your time within duality and increased polarity. This very aspect of duality and polarity is that which allows this to be the planet of free choice, the plane of free expression. It is in fact the free expression within duality that serves as the magnet that has drawn you here. Indeed it has been my role through the eons of time to hold the energy that allows you avenues of choice. As such it is the expression that appears from you dual perspective to be negative that polarizes the opening of its opposite, the positive. Ultimately within your divinity you will learn that there is no such thing as negative or positive within the Zero Point Energy. To know this alchemical truth is to know that free energy is simply energy expressing itself by reflecting that which is generated in its midst.

However, you are not yet in Zero Point, rather you are in the fulcrum of polarized duality, and this has its purpose. The prophecies that are occurring now, whether negative or positive in your terms, have always been in vogue at fulcrum point phases within your planetary history. Seers and Elders who have predicted destruction seem to outnumber the ones of hope. Your accepted mainstream history, as observed from your 3rd dimensional perspective would seem to support the destruction prophecies. Does that mean you walk away, head hung in despair? NO !!! Indeed, it means the polar opposite.

Dear Ones...You must decipher the paradox! ... The dreamer must awake, and indeed is awakening now in critical mass. You must know that the possibility and probability for a different outcome exists, and that you will dream the dream until you take your power, and stand in making the positive outcome a reality.

And Masters, you have!!!

As the earth brings in the crystalline frequency, we tell you that the planets harmonic measurement, the human- grid frequencial has made benevolent progress and that there are enough souls now of high vibration to create the FUTURE and sustain it. There is now a higher light quotient upon the earth than at any other time on the planet thus far! We tell you that approximately ten percent of mankind on the planet are of sufficient light quotient to manifest the Ascension. Indeed this is more than enough to bring the New Earth into fruition. The Ascension will occur ! What does that tell you about the creative force of energy of that you term LOVE? Dear Ones, the blueprint is emerging.

Now, does this mean you can hang your hat and wait for it to happen. No, it means you keep on keeping on, and project your light. You must create, you must allow the light to expand in order to bring it in. That is the lesson of being in duality ! That is what you are here to learn and DO ! You see that which you term positive in duality could not exist without the electrical opposite that you term negative. So when you look around and see so much turmoil on the planet, realize it is the set up required for you to create the positive! In so doing you will learn that the positive, the love code is exponentially more potent than the negative in terms of creative force. One is constructive the other destructive and both are required for you to choose, to learn to create within the free will of duality! If everything were positive this would not be duality.

And so you ask, what is the evidence of the Ascension ? Dear Ones it is all around you. It is the quickening of time, the expansion of your awareness, the deeping of your senses, the abilities waking in you to not just dream of a better time, but to create a New Ascended Earth!

We tell you that in fact, there are places on the living planet that have already Ascended. There are places on your planet that are pulsing with the joy of higher dimension.

Golden Sun Disc Emit Zero Point Energy

And so we speak at this time of Machu Picchu ! For it is one such infinity point that has already ascended! Indeed at certain angles of activation, Machu Picchu is within zero point.

We have spoken about the connection of Machu Picchu to the mega vortex-portal complex of Lake Titicaca. A key aspect of the connection of Machu Picchu to Lake Titicaca, is that Machu Picchu contains within its field one of the twelve primary helixes of the Golden Sun Disc.

Within Lake Titicaca lies one of the great Golden Sun Disc. These discs are being activated into twelve helix spirals. They are emitting a divine energy of zero field, of pure love, unconditional love, a light-code that can only exist in the 5th dimension and above.

The Golden Sun Discs are the DNA, the blue print for the crystalline field?.indeed for the Crystalline 144 Grid! The Golden Sun Disc discs are now emitting a 12-strand helix, in a spiraling energy that will serve, as the prototype of the DNA for the planetary grids. Indeed, they are correspondences to the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, similar to the DNA of the Earth itself. They are energetic spirals. They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do appear disc- like when viewed.

Many of your metaphysicians tell you that there are 12 such discs on the planet. To clarify this we tell you rather, that there are twelve distinct frequencial patterns of integral sun disc.

The channel asks if these are extra-terrestrial in origin. Yes! They are extra- terrestrial in origin, but indeed all things are truly extra terrestrial in origin! They are from Sirius B and have been to varying degrees maintained by those from Sirius B, and are being expanded into 12- strand refinement at the present time by the Sirians.

Many of you, including the channel, are part of this, and have been for a long time. We have told you this before. Indeed others will be drawn to the sun discs as the work intensifies. You see they are the foundation, the blueprint that will assist the earth in synergy with the grids for forming what you term the new Earth. Some have erroneously concluded in these changing times that the earth will be destroyed and we say it matters not because the Earth cannot be destroyed and will not be destroyed?so the transformation of the Earth is not a destruction, rather a recreation of itself, and anything that can recreate itself cannot be destroyed, and so by definition will not be destroyed, you see.

The channel has asked if 12 energy satellites surround the 12-helix Golden Sun Disc in order to form the frequency of 144? In a manner of speaking, yes. Each Golden Sun Disc is in effect anchored and axialtonally tied to twelve energy sources that are in harmonic oscillation. Each of the twelve are as single helix aspectual energies that are axialtonally tied to the center integral discs and as such contribute the individual energies that compose the 12 strands. That would appear so, yes, satellite is a suitable description. In truth, from a higher dimensional perspective, there are more than 144, but that is the number that can be measured by humanity from the 12 dimensional perspective, and 144 is the frequencial code of the crystalline grid. Do you understand?

Channel : 144 is a good number !

AA Metatron : It is good for you! There is an exponential quality in twelve squared, that you have not truly applied to your physics as yet, so not truly understood. 144 is the frequencyof that you term the Angelic realm.

Machu Picchu is of such frequency. It can be termed as an ancient and timeless Light Temple. There have been other temples located in this location since the time of LeMuria and Og. Long has this timeless angelic light been recognized and revered. Now, you must understand that the prolific energy that you refer to as Light operates both within and out of relative time. Your physists have deducted that time slows as it nears the speed of light, and stops when it reaches it. This is mainly correct. Light passes through the lens of your planetary dimensional grids before it bathes your earth. As such it is refracted in certain vertices of the planetary grid, and achieves an enriched concentrated quality at specific infinity vectors. It does so at Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu is a multi dimensional prism of sorts that refracts the light into full spectrum and then uniquely absorbs and disperses it a higher dimensional coded format. The colors of green and violet are predominately reflected into and around Machu Picchu, although all are present.

The energy of this portal template is of a very rare synergy. And while it is potently beneficial and plays an important planetary role, it is not, on its own, what we would term one of the chakric centers of the Earth, although the channel believes it to be as such. In truth it is more accurately described as a major contributor to the global chakric center of Lake Titicaca, supplying heart and crown energy to same. This is the energy of the twelfth helix, and is contributed to the Golden Disc of the Lake in one pulse, and received back twelve fold in another.

This by no means lessens its importance, quite the contrary, for it is uniquely magnificent in its chakric beneficence. The Titicaca chakra would not be complete without it. However, Machu Picchu performs other functions is a multi dimensional stargate with many Cosmic alignments.

It specifically aligned to the planet Saturn. The planet Saturn has the combined dimensional frequency of 144, the square of the Earth Dimensional frequency of 12, which is indeed the harmonic of your Crystalline Grid. Saturn has a special alignment in your solar system, and plays an important role in the graduation of Earth. You see, the 144 dimensional frequency of Saturn is carried and pulsed by the ring groupings that encircle it. Your astronomers depict seven major rings around Saturn. In truth there are thousands of stellar particulate rings, , and each rotates at different speed and radiates its own frequency. These combine in 12 major groups. Saturn is composed of the original prima mata of the Solar Nebula creation, and is the lightest of all the planets. A large component of the energy waves that are being received in various portals and the magnetic poles, which are of course massive portals, are being pulsed from the radiating harmonic of Saturns rings. The rings of Saturn contain monatomic matter, atoms devoid of electromagnetic charge, and as such they are of an incredibly high vibratory harmonic and superconductivity. Machu Picchu s portal complex is uniquely designed and facilated to receive these.

Your Solar System is moving into a quantum electromagnetic vacuum, a field devoid of electromagnetism as it completes its current cyclic stellar progression. This is termed the zero point field. Saturn is predominantly zero point energy, and radiates this field within your solar system.

This is being received by the Earth, most powerfully in your polar regions but also occurs in potent quanta at Machu Picchu, The Ural Mountains of Russia and in New Zealand.

The most accessible and developed at this point occurs at Machu Picchu. The synergy of this monatomic frequency with the condensed light of Machu Picchu s spiraled creation energy is particularly beneficial for the planet and humankind. The light movement of the Machu Pichu portal is in the creation spiral, or golden phi, in a massive cone. It is absorbed all the way to the Earths core and disseminated upward in pulses of perpendicular energetic beams. At certain times of year, particularly the equinoxes, the pulse is of brilliant intensity, and affects the time space continuem in the portal and its surrounding double vortex, and geo magnetic alterations occur. Small energetic spheres of light are on occasion emitted as if from the ground and stone when these geo magnetic pulses become heightened.

Now, as your Earth prepares for Ascension, geo magnetic changes are occurring at both the magnetic poles. The rate of spin about the axis will lessen somewhat, and this will affect the cyclic ratio of Earths inner crystalline core to the mantle. The inner core is indeed beginning to spin at a greater acceleration. This is the primary cause of your global warming. This is occurring now, and is also the source of what many of you are experiencing as the quickening of time. You see the ratio of the earth rotation to the rotation of the inner core determines the pulse of the space-time continuem. Now we will say it remains to be seen as to what degree of earth change will occur with the loosening of the planets axial torque and planetary warming. But the global cataclysm foretold by your prophets and seers for millennia, we will say, need not occur. You have changed it. There will indeed be an appropriate process of purification, but not on the proportion of global devastation. As the earth brings in the crystalline frequency. We tell you that the planets harmonic measurement, the human- grid frequencial has made benevolent progress and that there are enough souls now of high vibration to create the FUTURE and sustain it, as you enter the 20th cycle.

Experiencing Infinity

Now, verification of how an individual perceives an infinity point such as Machu Picchu will vary. A third dimensional human will perceive and interpret based upon their light quotient, their awareness, and integrity. One may see the portal here or the transference of energy there, and they will interpret it differently, individually. If you would approach the same portal from a crystalline standpoint it will define itself differently and each place that you would stand, each stance would offer to you a different perception and a slightly different definition. Now it is also varies with the specific vector of space-time continuum how these will define themselves. Where one stands based upon space and time. Does one stand upon the past, the future, the present, does one approach it from what dimension? All of these change the geometries each time you see. Many speak of visiting power points for the purpose of activating them, aligning them and anchoring them. In truth it is the power point that activates, aligns and anchors the human. And each human will receive this in a way tailored and defined by his or her light quotient and system of belief.

Infinity points, sacred sites, if you will, involve all that you would term the platonic solids and more as well that are not revealed. They are not revealed because they are not aware yet. The conscious mind attempts to make logic out of it you see. When an expansive paradigm is encountered the logical mind attempts to fit it into what it already knows and into the frame confirmed by the ingrained main stream science; so the mathematics, the logarithms, the algorithms all would attempt to locate how to fit the new concept. And of course it would not fit because it is based upon a crystalline essence and so it would be misunderstood or dismissed. And so the better understanding of the cosmic matrix and their interplay on and with the infinity points on your earth are waiting the human group mind to expand a bit more into comprehension of that greater reality.

We would say to you that there is even greater life that circles about and above your planet now wishing to enter into your mass field of awareness. It is light of a sublime nature. It does not hold logic, it does not hold vision, it is not the light of promise but it is the light of wellness and we will say to you that if you will allow this light to enter your sphere of influence, your field of awareness, you would find yourself lighter in spirit almost immediately and this is only achieved by intent. This subtle brilliance is available to humankind , to the individual by self-projection. You can apply and avail yourself of it but YOU must call it forward, and become it. Seek and ye shall find. You must engage the light of the truth of wellness within yourself. Because in seeking greater knowledge one does not always seek or choose to include wellness, self love, but they are synergistically required to do so in achieving the crystalline vibration. They are complimentary and each would benefit by it.

Divine dimensional light for each human is transmitted from within your own being, not from without. It is based upon the energy of ones own truth, the confirmations that are the Cosmos and from that place they are aggregated. They are expanded within you as only light frequencies can be and then vibrate themselves into the mind and heart where by the magic of your intent they are converted to wisdom. But it is important that you will know that it is energy that you send, energy that you receive, energy that you speak, and that you guide, and that you call upon that reveals to you your true divine self. Points of light and infinity dot your planet, and they offer great acceleration, but the most important sacred site, you see, is within your heart, and you ever carry it with you.

I am Metatron, and you are beloved
?and so it is?.