The World Love Tsunami - Please read

Dear loved ones,

My dear friends, I share with you today a wonderful opportunity of growth and surrender.
It is truly amazing how this year of 2008 has presented us with so many tools of consciousness expansion, of evolution, of letting of go of the old to make space for the new, of dying and rebirthing, amazing! For some, these oppotunities have revealed themselves as dramatic but necessary, for others as a welcomed new way of perceiving life and living it. Mother Earth is shifting and shaking off all that is no longer needed, bringing open the wounds so they can bleed and heal, relasing the illusions and showing the Truth.
This Easter, the whole Universe seems to have combined its energies towards our development, briging us this period of Death and Rebirth which is Easter right on the Equinox, which is introspection and creative expansion, right on the Full Moon, empowering our potential for change, right on a 7 vibration day (yesterday)- allowing for spiritual renewal. And today, the 22nd, we have the support of the energy of expansion of all of this potential towards the entire humanity, on an 8 vibration day, standing for perfection, infinity, heaven and earth combined, the love of the mother, victory!
I have been following the work chanelled by Michelle Eloff from, also, for quite a while now. She channels Lord Kuthumi, Cohan of the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom. He has presented us with a challenge on this year's equinox:

"There is an exercise we want all of you to perform and this I suggest you do with everyone that you know. Every person you know needs to sincerely write down everything about you that is beautiful, nothing to do with your physical body, the you, that inner soul quality. What is it about you that attracts them, that keeps them in your space and you are to do the same with them, this is to be a joint project and those of you here please ask this channel to make this a worldwide project for everybody to do this. It is not just limited to the group we are working with right now.

The more you feed the light of self, not the ego, we are feeding the light of self, the stronger you become and that inner glow shines through. You have felt it in yourself, you have seen it in others - there is just something about them, that is what we are wanting you to connect with, to focus on. That is what will nurture the love amongst all of you."

So, even if you're not much into this chanelling thing, I ask you, please consider this with your heart.

The first time I came across these words, I actually thought to myself "never, everyone will think I'm daft!", yeah, that's how the mind works. Then again, so what? What's the big deal if everyone thinks I'm daft? Is it daft to spread love openly?

This challenge presents us with a unique opportunity of growth and conscoiusness shift. Just imagine the power of millions of people worldwide focusing on the positive aspects about one another. We cannot even begin to grasp the full power of this, though we all know the power of thought, word and deed in shaping our reality. We have been taught very well to focus on the negative aspects of self, of society, etc. What if we all stop whinig for a while and focus on the Light within each of us, on the positive aspects of self? Can you imagine the wealth, the bounty we will be bringing into each other's lives?

We are being given the opportunity to love unconditionally. I suggest you do this with all of those you have "squabbles" with too. We are being given the opportunity to nurture our self esteem. I suggest you do this about yourselves also. We are being given the opportunity to open ourselves to receive. Have you ever noticed how it seems much harder to receive than to give? This is due to the illusion that we are not worthy of love, due to victim and lack consciousness. Well we are being given the oppotunity to change this.

Also, as we are all one, as we nurture the love of self in others we nurture it in ourselves and vice versa, and oh what a mighty sight this is!!!

I shall do this with each one of you I know personally and remember well enough and I ask you to please do the same for me, and if you know Paulo, Diva and Samuel, for them too. I ask you to do it with all of those you know, and ask them to do so too and so on and wow wow!

I did this with Diva and asked her to do it with all her friends, the rest of her family and even her schoolmates. Though she is still a child, she was torn between doing it and the shame of public ridicule. She was afraid. Let's see which side wins!!

This is my Easter gift for you, together with some photos of us!

In Love

Tania Castilho