Lord Kuthumi - The Breaktthrough Channelling

Channelled through Michelle Eloff© Johannesburg Ė 28 Feb 2008

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I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of transformation, truth, understanding and synchronicity. Greetings beloved ones.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
Beloved ones as the energy continues to increase in itís intensity you come face-toface with paradigms of past programming that have manifested in a variety of forms, each form challenging your own sense of self, challenging the place where you find yourself and in so doing revealing to you the strength of your inner core self.
Embracing the Triple Goddess is currently a very intense process. The reason for this is because the Goddess has been one of the most suppressed energies and bodies of consciousness to date. As she rises in love from the depths of each personís being she is pushing through all the dormant layers of suppression, all the fixed programmes that keep humanity rooted within the realms of ignorance, realms that hold individuals in spaces and beliefs that where one is at, is the only place to be, and by this I mean doomed to a life of separation.
The disconnectedness that many are feeling is not a disconnection from the truth, it is the process of disconnecting from the old matrix, disconnecting from the old world that to a vast degree has been the foundation for your life until this point. It does not matter how long you have been on the pathway. The matter at hand is that the matter you are dealing with now is one that is dissolving all old matter in the form of life perceptions that have become the reality so to speak is being dismantled, and you are finding that new pathway, the road to freedom through the essence of the Divine Mother.

The Empress, which represents the mother energy, the central aspect of the Triple Goddess is one that has been greatly abused. Perhaps of all three aspects the mother is the most abused and the most suppressed. The mother energy, The Empress, is Michelle Eloff 2 the fertile expression of life, the nurturing, creative aspect. When a woman is in The Empress phase of her life she is often in a very powerful position.
The reason why I
say this is because she is in the position to bear children, to create a home, to create a career, to nurture herself, it is a time where she has at her disposal a lot of energy, the power to create empires.
The crone phase is a phase where one is utilising that which the mother aspect brought into being and that is where all of you are now at, in relation to the energy of March. Therefore the key date activation of the 13th of March takes you into the realms of The Empress, the mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. The wounds of the mother are currently being exposed, all of you are mourning the absence of the mother, you are mourning the pain you experienced and the wounds inflicted as a result of the mother being abused, and this echoes through many paradigms and dimensions of your personal experience physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

For some it is perhaps the most painful time in their current life and it appears as if everything is falling apart and in fact it is. This dismantling, the crumbling of the empire so to speak is brought on by The Empress, because the time to impress the new energy is at hand. You are being shown the new pathway, which is in fact the original path you chose prior to the fall in love. When I speak of the ďfall in loveĒ I speak of the love each of you embody, a love so powerful, so vast and so deep that you were prepared to fall into this realm of illusion and to rescue the sleeping ones and show them the way out. You knew it was going to be a very difficult task and this is why now we beseech you to keep your focus on the light, to know that you do not have much further to go and then you will see that where you are headed is in fact your own Garden of Eden, The realm of paradise is close at hand.
As paradise comes closer the parasites of the old world are being flushed out of your system. Symbolically your life is kicking and screaming, resisting this change because of the subconscious fears you embody that give rise to the fear that you will not be supported in the new realm - the egoís need to remain attached to that which is familiar, the comfort zone. I assure you that your ego, the lower ego, the ego aspect that is hanging onto the old for dear life will not be able to maintain itís grip on the comfort zone, and those of you who have manifested this opportunity to hear my words or perhaps read my words, you are the ones I speak to, you are the ones that must let go. The door is open, you are being challenged from many different angles but all it is, is a challenge, an opportunity for you to practice what you have mastered, to flex the muscles of self that you have worked so hard to build and to walk through it.
The challenges will be short lived and I assure you that whatever problem you face at this time is not as it appears to be. The challenge is challenging the old paradigm fears that have been stored in cellular memory, which are now being forced out so that the new way of trust, faith and the rise in love can replace it.

Falling in love, remember by this I mean you chose the fall from grace so to speak because of how much you love yourself and every other soul, has now brought you full circle to that point where you were promised an exit point into the realms of paradise.
There is only one thing that you need to do before you can fully be in that place and that is to leave behind the parasites, to leave behind the illusion.
The Empress brings her abundant bounty to you, she shows you that the fertile oasis exists within you, she assures you that there is the support structure, the love, the assistance and the guidance that you seek all around you. The Empress represents the Cosmic Mother, the dynamic source of creativity and that dynamic source has Michelle Eloff 3 sourced a solution for you. For some of you that solution is about to manifest, for others of you, you have already attracted the source of your solution into your space and all you need to do is open your heart and accept it.
Leave the egoís fear and choose the heartís capacity to rise in love and allow God/Goddess to help you through this phase for that is indeed all it is, a phase. Now this is another reminder to you not to be phased by the external challenges that are perceived as obstacles inhibiting your movement forward, with one choice, one word, one step in the next direction all of that can be wiped away by looking into the light and seeing the support, the solution that the mother and The Empress are presenting all of you with.

Mother Earth is a source of energy, a force of life giving life, a source that feeds you and as her body now shifts and her own moans and groans come to the surface so you are also shifting, and your moans and groans that have fallen on deaf ears are coming to the surface. The cracks in the old structure are becoming greater and as the chasms expand so the newness, which is in actual fact nothing new but more so the original energy than anything else can resurface. Do not resist your natural process of cracking up, the cracks allow the light within it, underneath it to shine through. The cracking up is your breakthrough and the breakthrough is upon you.
From the date of the 3rd of March of 2008 the cracking up process is accelerated. This means that the breakthrough process is also accelerated therefore more light shines through those cracks. Upon the 13th of March Mother Earth opens every level of her cellular memory to receive the frequencies of The Empress specifically and the Cosmic Mother will merge thirteen divine aspects of herself with Mother Earth and every other willing soul on earth. Those willing souls are those of you who are hearing or reading these words right now. As you absorb those thirteen aspects the frequency of your DNA will increase, this will reveal to you from the inside out the expanded realms of creation you are about to access.
During the period of the 20th and the 21st of March we will be removing a core thread from the heart of Mother Earthís body as well as from your own. This core thread is an implant if we can call it that, which was inserted into every heart point on Mother Earthís body as well as into your own heart. The removal of this implant allows you to establish a greater connection with The High Priestess in other words the crone, the wise old woman. The High Priestess is being accompanied by a very powerful being of light who some of you who are familiar with the native American Indian traditions know as White Buffalo Calf Woman. She is also an aspect Lady Mary, the Mother of Love. She brings the ancient wisdom of the original plan of creation and she gives it to those of you who are of pure heart, those of you who have surrendered the old way and have chosen to remember that your fall in love would result in the rise in love, but as you rise in love you rise beyond the point you were at prior to your fall, and that is the gift you are receiving as a result of your choice to fall in love.

This rise in love brings you gifts, love in a physical form that will love you as much as you have loved every aspect of God/Goddess so much that you agreed to fall in love, and now let me tell you something else and this will certainly stretch your imagination.
Some of you are going to be blessed with your Divine Counterpart walking into your life. Now what I mean by this is some of you have been told or realised yourself that your Divine Counterpart is not in a physical body. But now what we are doing is we are opening a dimensional gateway for a specific period of time that will allow those of you who are ready to re-embrace the power to rise in love, and your Divine Counterpart is going to walk in to a physical body and will share the rest of your days Michelle Eloff 4 on earth with you. But only you can allow that by choosing now to let go of the fall and to embrace the journey to rise in love.
So if you feel, believe or suspect that your Divine Counterpart is currently not in a human body than I suggest you prepare yourself for immense change because the moment you give the word that gate will open and the process begins, the process of that aspect of love, materialising and coming to be with you. This is being done because we promised you, you would be given this opportunity because you chose to fall in love. You are the only one who can allow it or stop it. You are the only one that choose to surrender and to allow this energy, this love to be with you or, you can choose to remain where you are, to settle for what you have and continue living as you have.

For the next ten days you are asked to surrender, to surrender every fear, every wound, every ounce of your pain, to allow it to rise in love so that the gift of the Cosmic Mother can materialise for you in the form of that being, being a part of you. It is an undeniable love and you know in your heart of hearts that to live without love is not a life. No soul who is open and who understands the nature of love can live their life without it. So donít fool yourself and tell yourself that you can live your life alone, walk your path alone, remember no man or woman is an island unto them self. You were not created to walk alone and the pathway of the lone warrior if you would like to call it that is an obsolete one that is an old paradigm archetype of self-pity. To choose isolation is in fact the manifestation of the being victim to the ego, self-pity, indulging in the wounds and the victim matrix inside of yourself. To overcome that archetype, to master it and to move into this paradigm of rising in love your choice needs to be love and because of the law of attraction, cause and effect, as within so without and every other quantum science it is inevitable that that energy will become a physical part of your reality. It cannot be any other way because that is the law of matter. By dissolving the old matter something will replace it, a different matter and in this case the matter of the heart, and it is the matters of the heart that matter right now.
It is all these matters that are changing and this is what is giving rise to the original frequency of love, the power of The Empress, the compassion of the mother to conceive, to nurture, to birth, to nurture, to create, to manifest and once again to conceive. It is only, and listen carefully to my words. It is only the mother that has the power to do that physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The maiden does not have the power to conceive of life, only once the first menstrual cycle has taken place can that happen and then she is considered to have stepped into the first stage of mother power. The crone cannot conceive of physical life once her cycle, her menstrual cycle, has come to an end, so bear in mind how powerful The Empress, in other words the mother aspect of the Triple Goddess collective energy is. This is applicable to men and women.
When the Sacred Marriage of the masculine and feminine has completed itself within, all will recognise how powerful the mother is within, and Mother Earth is a solid entity you can see her, feel her, touch her and taste her, she is the manifestation of the central aspect of the collective Triple Goddess, the being that can conceive of life, nurture it, birth it, nurture it, create and conceive some more.
Our message to you at this time is to embrace how powerful you are at this time, to utilise the power of the mother energy, to allow The Empress to become an aspect of you, crystallised within yourself and to allow her to manifest the gift of love in your life so that you can rise beyond the point you fell from, and this precious souls is the Michelle Eloff 5 gateway to paradise, the point where you enter the Garden of Eden, you embrace your heaven on earth or whatever else you wish to call it, it is your choice.
Open your heart to welcome the solutions the Divine Mother is presenting you with or will very soon present you with. Succumb to the new, which is in fact the original and let this phase go. It is not there to paralyse you or to destroy you.

You are breaking out of the chrysalis. You are in a birthing stage and being born is far more painful than dying, therefore you are not dying. Your pain is not the pain of death it is the pain of rebirth, and the moment you get that, you will realise that you have already died to the old. Like a newborn infant you are resisting what lies beyond the comfort of the womb, you are resisting what is perceived as another process of being separated from what you are familiar with, which was the original fall in love - that original wound that was created, and it appeared as if you were being wrenched from the arms of our Cosmic Mother, torn away from the heart of our Cosmic Father and left abandoned, alone having to fend for yourself in a hostile world filled with ignorance, pain and suffering.
Our message to you is another one of those triggers, the reminders that we promised you we would deliver you to alert you that the rise in love has begun.

The fall is over and I beseech all of you to open your heart to know that the rise is smoother than the fall ever was. So celebrate with us, let love in, allow yourself to mourn your wounds if you must but not to the degree that you turn your back on what you deserve, the love you deserve, the light, the support and the freedom you have earned.
For the next ten days you will be reminded of this. This is your opportunity to welcome the materialisation of our Cosmic Motherís love in your life. You are preparing the stage for the final act and what an act it will be. The greatest act of love ever to be experienced!
I Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom stand alongside you reminding you that the original code of love has returned and you are being shown where it lies. Allow that thread, that implant to be removed and as the plug is removed so your heart opens on yet another level to welcome the fluid love in.

You are part of a fluid universe. Consciousness has become fluid. You are no longer trapped within the fixed dynamic of the old world and the nature of the fluid world is that love flows, and your divine or cosmic counterpart energy is fluid as well and will find itís way to you regardless of what an ego chooses. It is not limited to a human body.
It is far greater and far more powerful than any human being. As I said the only thing that stops it is you, because it is you.

And so it is then beloved ones that I leave you with this information, ingest it, digest it and invest in itís light because you deserve it. My final reminder to you is that the fall is over the rise has begun, may we continue to rise in love together. I bless you with the energies of unity consciousness. I bless you with the gifts of the sacred love that comes to you through our Cosmic Divine Mother. Welcome The Empress and know that the power reflected through her is within you and may all always be well in your world.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.

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