Earth Log by Celia Fenn

The Grand Adventure Continues...The Gift of Service...: It is an interesting thing about being a channel, you are often surprised at what comes through, and of course what doesn't. Sometimes you ask and nothing comes, and sometimes you ask and a whole lot more comes than you were expecting. So, this is what was given to me recently by Archangel Michael as I was asking about the Grail Codes and what they would mean for us at this time.

The activation of the Grail Codes within our Lightbodies and our physical DNA means that we are now "wired" to receive Light in Galactic pulses directly from the Great Central Sun, or the Galactic center!

This answered a question I have had for a while, about the power of ther energetic changes that we have been experiencing since January. On my own personal "change" meter on a scale of 1 to 10, I would say that this is about an 8...and that is powerful. But previously, I have always noticed that the Sun was involved in these energetic changes, and it was fairly easy to correlate Solar Flares and Sunspots with energetic shifts as powerful as this one. But, the Sun has been very quiet in the last few months, and we are still experiencing huge energetic shifts. So, the energy transmissions that we are receiving are coming directly to us from the Galactic Center, and not via the Sun, as previously.

What that means is that the Grail Code activation enables us to become "independent" receivers of Galactic pulses or Heartbeats. We are each individually, and as a Group, now receiving the information codes for change and evolution directly from the Great Central Sun.
This shift has been made possible by the arrival on the planet of a New group of Crystal Children, who are known as the "Emerald Children". These children carry Cosmic Consciousness, and they have enabled us, through the process of "entrainment", to activate the "Cosmic Template" within our own Light Bodies. So, in 2008, we are now embracing full Cosmic Consciousness as we move towards the 2012 Bridge of Light.

And so, to accompany this activation, there has been an acceleration in the frequency of the Earth at this time. Another recalibration, to a Higher level of Frequency, another movement upwards on the Spiral of Conscious evolution.

You may have felt this as another increase in the "speed" of time, and as exhaustion and stress and depression, as your physical body attempts to align itself with this new frequency that is coming in with this new cycle of energy. Remember, that Archangel Michael spoke to us in January about keeping our balance..well now is the time to work with that balance and really make an effort to stay in your center. Of course, the fact that the economic system is wobbling wildly doesn't help.....what a wild ride and what an adventure! For those of you who are finding this stressful and feel tired and as though you are not coping...please get help. It will settle down and you will be fine, but you need to just allow your body the peace it needs to make the recalibration. If you are tense and angry and stressed, your body will struggle to recalibrate through the resistance. I know it may be hard to relax, but that is the best thing that you can do right now.

According to Archangel Michael, the Earth is now accelerating through into a new spiral, which may be likened to a "wormhole" in the Space/Time Continuum...and Earth is moving through a field of highly charged and electrified particles that are energizing everything to higher frequencies of light. When we are "through" this wormhole, we will start to see the changes. These will be cellular changes as we emerge at a higher level of our evolution. Many people have written to me to say that they feel something miraculous just around the corner, and Archangel Michael has confirmed this feeling.

In the meanwhile, look after yourselves well. If you have a physical imbalance, please get assistance. The Heart palpitations may be common now, but they can kick out problems if you have any in the heart area, so dont just shrug it off, get it checked out and make sure that you are OK. I went to my doctor and had my heart checked out to ensure that I was strong enough to do this.

I am also posting some beautiful affirmations by Tammie Stair that will help you to work with the Balance that Archangel Michael spoke about in January.
Now, one thing that Michael spoke about in connection with the Grail Codes, and that will help us all now, is that the Grail Codes also activate the highest vibration for life on Earth....that of Service to the Light. All the Grail stories speak of the "Quest" for the Grail and the Service of the one who Seeks. When you attain the Grail, or Become the Grail by activating your Grail Codes, your nature is Service to the Light. That is what creates Joy and Peace for the Grail activated Being.

Service to the Light at this time is accomplished by Service to the Light in Others. Indeed, in the Fifth Dimension of Light, we see that we are All connected and that we are All bearers of the Divine Light. To serve the Light is to serve each other. When you ask: "How may I serve you" are giving the other person the opportunity to express their needs so that you might serve them. If you are unable to serve that need, then you can say so with honor, but if you are able to serve, then you increase both your Light and theirs.

This is the reason why the old economic system is falling away. It does not serve the highest good and it does not serve the needs of individuals. It serves those who manage to accumulate money and power.

So, as you negotiate the crumbling economic system, you can ask yourself, "who am I serving", and what can I do in every situation to serve the light that I see in myself and in others.
And, in this way, we will discover that much of what we do in our lives and many of the choices that we make, do not serve the light in either ourselves or others.....and so we can make new choices that are more fully aligned with Service to the Light and the flows of the Sacred Cosmic "blood" within the meridians of our Cosmic Light Bodies. To live is to serve...and only in this frequency will we find true Joy and Peace and Love.


These beau

tiful affirmations were composed by Tammie Stair from the channel that Archangel Michael gave for January. They carry a beautiful vibration and are helpful for those times when you feel out of balance.

Relax, breathe deeply, play some soft background music, and then read each affirmation, preferably aloud.

I request to be in balance with Spirit .
I wish to be connected to my Heart ,
and let every breath I take pass through it
and radiate Universal Love , Joy and Peace.
I know that "All is One" and I live in Harmony and Respect with all life .
I walk my path in confidence, following my Heart's guidance.
I request to re-connect with the Love and Joy at my Heart's core
that is the essence of Who I Am .
I Release all fear and all judgment,
I release the hold of the mind and the ego .
I Surrender to the flow of Spirit in my life,
let me feel the Joy and the Love in all that is .
I Know that all else is illusion.

I request to be balanced with the element of fire ,
to feel a sense of Motivation and Enthusiasm for all life.
I am filled with energy and light and I feel Joy.
I release all anger and panic ,
as I find it easy to forgive and let go.
I will not fall into judgment to justify my lack of movement and growth.
I Release to the fire all that I no longer need in my life,
and I ask that the transformative power of Fire
reconnect me with my Passion and Joy
and to ignite that spark of Light that is within me .

I request to be balanced with the element of water
so that I may demonstrate qualities of Nurturing,
Caring, Gentleness and Sharing.
I feel Trust and Acceptance,
I will live in Grace and Gratitude, with Calmness and Serenity.
I feel Unconditional Love at all times.
I request the element of Water to reconnect me to my Grace and Serenity.
I Open my Heart to the flow of water,
that I might feel the essence of Nurturing, Love and Gentleness,
deep in my Being,
and that I may live in Grace , Calm and Peace.

I request to be in balance with the element of Air ,
So I may feel Optimistic , Hopeful and Centered.
I will be Flexible in my responses to life's challenges,
and I accept the process of change and growth with Joy.
I see change as a blessing,
no matter how it may appear in my life,
for I perceive the inner blessings.
Let the element of Air allow
for Movement, Shifts,
and cultivate Flexibility of Spirit and Trust
in the processes of Spiritual Evolution and Growth.
Let me hear others, and they will hear me.
I Ask that Air teach me to be flexible and graceful
and to bend with the wind like a reed,
so that I may gain inner strength and resilience.
I Ask Air that I may soar like an eagle on the spirals of wind
and see the Truth that is my Truth and the Love of All that Is.

I request that my Earth energy be in balance.
My life is Structured and Ordered
and I experience physical Abundance and Joy.
I feel Secure and Safe on Earth,
and I trust that what I need will be provided.
I enjoy being in my Body, and I feel Health and Vitality.
I honor and care for my Physical Body with love and nurturing.
I honor my physical environment,
and I will live with Simplicity and Grace and Beauty.
Simple things give me pleasure.
I request to regain my Earth balance with the Earth elementals
and ask to be re-connected to the Earth that is within me.
I Ask for the aspect of "grounding" in my life,
so that I may manifest and create in a grounded way,
and that I may enjoy life in a physical body, to the fullest.
And So It Is !