Dear friends of Light, I am Michael. I come with peace.

The great shift is happening now. For a long time you have been told that the Oneness Energy is here… and so it is. You now manifest the new understanding that all of you on Earth are ONE. This understanding really from now on makes all people start thinking differently. A group of masters from the highest the dimensions have now placed their minds inside the Earth and they carry out this big effort together with you, dear human torches! They have all connected to your minds to be able to execute this miraculous lift in human history. From this day this is manifested. We now see from the higher dimensions how the light is stepping forward on Earth. The collective consciousness is now burning away by the white fire of Grace into a clarity that is the field of the new wisdom between you that is showing the path to Oneness. This is the way it will be for ALL human beings because nobody will any longer have the old collective consciousness to tap their minds into. The single human being is now going to find their way. This means that we ask all of you who have awakened to talk about this. Talk about what you are engaged in… TO EVERYBODY. And everybody will be sensitive to what you say in a new way. Accept that those you speak to don’t understand everything yet… don’t let it stop you or get irritated… just know that you now sow the seeds of the new understanding by every word that you send out of you! Know that what you say has the value of gold in everybody’s consciousness… see that your words about unconditional love and a new Earth in Freedom and Joy can only be created from your hearts and that it is the only way to create Peace.

I say to you, time has come to live in the PRESENT. KNOW that everything falls into place when you act from your hearts. EVERYBODY is going to feel in their hearts that it is so. This will lead into an avalanche of falls of old ways of thinking and thus old systems too. Know that the old systems don’t serve you anymore so don’t be afraid, but know that the new Oneness ways of thinking will make new systems emerge in many ways that are going to serve everybody. Let go of fear and worry; know that what you are thinking in the present is being manifested and focus at good thoughts about love, fellowship and joy.

These are the words I wanted to tell you on this day of great importance in the history of humans. A great deal of the collective karma will also burn away by this… This is a huge gift of Grace that is being given to humanity from all layers of consciousness in the Universes because the journey of Humanity is so very precious for all of us. Know that we truly are with you and that from now on there are huge changes in all fields of consciousness around the Earth. The most important for you, dear Light workers; talk about this, tell about it… that you are now creating peace on Earth together – in a completely new way. All humans’ consciousness will change and thus you create the New Earth together. You are our co-creators. And so it is, beloved children of the Earth.
I am Michael. I come with Peace.”