Message from Archangel Michael
Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, envision, however you perceive, a vast, vertical column of Love/Life/Light pouring forth from the heart/mind core of the Supreme Creator, thus providing a central axis for all creation. This column of Living Light is the power source or the Lifeline for all creation. Now envision great spokes of Light radiating forth horizontally from the central axle at many different levels via the Divine Blueprint carried out by the Elohim, the Builders of Form, and the many divisions of the angelic kingdom. Thus the Omniverse were created. Each wheel of creation would become a universe composed of a great variety of star systems, galaxies and worlds without end. The spokes extending from the great central column of Light are the pathways of manifestation and are the prime source from which the fuel of life is supplied. Since our universe is one of the most recent to be manifested, its placement is at the bottom rung of the ladder, and is composed of galaxies, star systems, solar systems, planets, as well as the mineral, vegetable, animal kingdoms, and YOU, beloveds. We have explained before, and we hope you have taken this truth as your own: we are not existing in a fallen universe, but a universe of half-spectrum Light, instead of full spectrum Light which in this universe is called Metatronic Light. Your God Self bears the full spectrum of this Divine Light and you will draw forth as much as you can incorporate as you traverse the Path of Light.

We are endeavoring to give you another mind picture of creation and how the creative process works so that you can better understand the very complex process of how the Omniverse was created and how it is maintained through the Living Light or Adamantine Particles containing the Essence of the Supreme Creator. With this picture in mind, hopefully, it gives you a better idea of the concept that everything is happening in the NOW moment. We often suggest that you rise above a stressful situation in order to gain a better viewpoint, which leads to insight and, often, to a solution. Envision our Father/Mother God looking down upon the wheel of creation that composes this universe: they see the central column, all of the spokes and the wheel that comprise the outermost rim of this manifested universe. They can view everything that has been created, as well as observe what is taking place at any moment in time, the NOW moment. You can also get the big picture of what is happening in your world, but in a vastly diminished way. The gigantic wheel of life is ever changing and turning so that it seems you are moving from the past into the future. Older creations are being modified, having gone through the devolving process, and are now evolving in order to experience the many wondrous facets of creation, while new creations are in the process of being manifested in the worlds of form. Our universe is spiraling upwards on the wheel of creation so that we are gaining access to more and more Creator Light (the higher, more refined frequencies of creation). Therefore, your journey into the future is taking you on a spiral path within the confines of your earthly experience. The Earth is spiraling into a new position in the solar system, the galaxy is spiraling into a higher position within the universe, and our universe is spiraling into a new position within the Omniverse.
Humanity has been trapped in a horizontal, physical reality for many thousands of years. It is now time to cast your vision upwards toward the stars, and inward so that your inner vision can begin to expand in order to incorporate the vastness of creation, and also the vastness of yourself. It is a time of self-awareness, and also of cosmic awareness as you expand your reality beyond the confines of your manifested third/fourth-dimensional world. You must begin to view life with a child-like innocence, or with neutral perception, in order to acclimate and function efficiently within your swiftly changing world/reality. You must refresh your mind by releasing old, outmoded concepts, and when you learn to function within the Still Point of the moment, you must consciously focus on what you are doing with an open mind. When you are functioning with a closed mind of preconceived ideas, you will do everything the same way as you have in the past, with the same ineffectual results. The NOW moment is the birthplace of new ideas and expanded consciousness.