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February 4, 2008

Topic: Perseverance and 2012


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Hi all,
Well, the Super Bowl is over and what an outcome! The underdog won! I realize that many of you might not be into football and that’s okay. My purpose for discussing the game is the message behind it. We are all in this game of ascension. Our goal is to cross the galactic equator in 2012 with as little emotional baggage as possible. If we do this then we will manifest more of the reality we want, a world we are thrilled to live in and to leave for our children. We are the generation that can do this but sometimes, in fact, many times, it is hard to keep our eye on the goal. We get distracted and disheartened by the seemingly endless challenges we face. And, they seem to be coming more quickly the closer we get to 2012. 
Eli Manning, the quarterback of the Giants, the winning team said that the way his team was able to win is that they refused to stop believing they could win. Also, that that was the most important thing...nothing else mattered as much.
When we put it all into perspective, 2012 is the most important thing. Everything around us, our lives, our jobs, our families, our worries adn cares, will all change in the next 4 years. The only real constant is that our planet and solar system are going to cross the galactic equator. Here’s my personal strategy for staying focused.
I say to myself, “Okay, this is my little game today. The fear of the moment. I have a choice here. I can either keep getting pulled in my this fear or remember that it is simply today’s illusion and will be replaced by another one tomorrow as I continue to clear my fears.” So, I make my choice--the later--and then move to the next step. I turn this fear over to my Soul to handle. “Here, it’s yours. Please work it out. I don’t intend to carry with me into 2012.” Then I thank my Soul and get on with my day. This technique seems to work and when I do it, I find that my fear is temporarily cleared. You could say that I have cleared another layer because emotional blocks are in layers like those of an onion. Each layer is a fear and that fear is manifested through some event in our lives. Back to the technique. 
With the fear layer gone, I am able to refocus on my goal. When fear is cleared, money flows again and the problem that triggered the fear is resolved...sometimes in the most amazing ways. 
2012 is my Super Bowl and like Eli Manning, I intend to win. How about you?
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