Preparing for Galactic-Human Form-The Pleiadians
by Lauren C. Gorgo,February 01, 2008
Currently, many of you are undergoing a radical cellular shift, one that has been transmitted to your biological form via your DNA. Your DNA has also been altered and upgraded over the last cycle and is suitably prepared now to enter into a state of heightened receptivity. The biological form is soon to follow.

Many are preparing at this stage of awakening to embody the full prototype of the human template. This template was designed to be a conduit for interstellar awareness in biological form. The process of this rewiring requires a dramatic shift in consciousness to enable the electrical and synaptic receptors to function properly within the reformed infrastructure.

Together, the two components of interstellar awareness and physical embodiment procure the necessary elements for optimum health, longevity and vital nourishment for maintaining equilibrium. Those who have sufficiently cleared their vessels of impurities and lower thought-forms will be capable of fully embodying this new template within a matter of weeks.

The process that each of you is experiencing is a necessary adjustment period as you prepare to enter into your galactic forms. The galactic-human form is one that requires a clear template for full embodiment and the current energy that is seemingly pressing down upon many is to purify for the point of entry.

This is not an easy time for anyone, as many are accustomed to being in control of their physical health. However, as the new templates activate to engage in the new Earth frequencies, many will find that they no longer have the proper knowledge or resources to care for their well-being within the existing paradigm structure. This will naturally push many beyond their limits and into the vastness of galactic consciousness. The first wave ascensioners will have a vital role to play in assisting these souls through the awakening of the galactic Lightbody.

The point of preparing your biology for this final clearing is to ensure optimum success for entering more fully into the rapidly moving energy of 5D. The 5D energy portals that many have experienced through the cycle of initiation, however blissful, will pale in comparison to the ongoing reflective and refractive energy of this new space. We say reflective and refractive by way of the upgraded dimensional interface of new Earth's paradigm.

This new interface will encompass great changes in the velocity of light and transference of energy affecting creational matter. Because of this, it is imperative that the new human template be completely cleansed of any lower vibrating forces. If one were to enter into the higher frequencies ill-equipped, the rapid rate of transference could potentially become hazardous. In this way, purification is a requirement of upper evolutionary creation.

The incubation period at present serves a dual purpose. To purify the physical body for a complete overhaul and to acknowledge any outworn behaviors or characteristics in need of upgrading. This work will greatly enhance the experience of the soul in the coming days.

The human body is undergoing a rigorous restructuring, but soon following will be a time of great expansion and liberation for the soul. The liberation that we refer to is the freedom to escape the realms of thought that trap the soul in limitation and fear. The purified soul will be capable of ascertaining the new Earth frequencies necessary for the rebuilding of a new Earth society, one based in love, compassion, creativity and freewill.

As each of you completes the final restructuring, you will find that there will be new ways of caring for the physical form. Homeostasis can be achieved fairly easily, but tending to the body will be imperative for optimum balance.

You are arriving in a space that requires toxic-free living, thinking and feeling and energy must be clean and clear so as not to distort your field. This means that lower vibrational foods, environmental and social toxins will not be tolerated well.

We highly recommend a more macrobiotic diet to ensure your physical needs are met and we also urge you to align with joy as frequently as possible to re-energize and stay fit. These two requirements will keep you in an overall state of harmony and wellness. You will soon find that you attract these needs with great ease.

A true test of diligence is upon you, stay in the Light of hope and you will fair well. We are your galactic comrades guiding you through this essential phase to bring you to your truth as a co-creator of the divine.

You are on the threshold of an entirely new reality, your purpose as way-showers has served humanity well. Soon you will live fearlessly and walk in the luminosity of your fully embodied soul. Farewell friends, we are The Pleiadians.

In gratitude,