Mother Mary and Jeshua Answers Questions:
Concerning Walk-ins and the Ascension

by Carolyn Evers

There are many walk-ins on this planet. They are evolved souls who have, with permission, traded places with another soul. This gives the walk-in the opportunity to bring forth their work without having to spend the time incarnating into an infant form and passing through all the growth years before they are able to begin their work. Now that we are approaching a time of ascension, there are questions as to how this arrangement will finally come to an end.

1. Where does the walk-in go at the time of ascension?
Answer: This is Jeshua and Mother Mary who wish to answer this question as it comes under the management of our office.

First, let us say that there are different arrangements as they pertain to different agreements. We simply mean that all arrangements are not the same. That being said, most of the arrangements seem to cover the opportunity of those who release their physical body to the incoming soul.

We only mean by this that the soul arrangement for the one relinquishing the physical body is of great advantage for them. The karma of the outgoing soul is to be completed by the incoming soul. Many times there was despair for the previous soul as they felt overwhelmed by the ending requirements. So in effect their requirements to advancement have been completed for them.

The karma of which we speak is not only the clearing of the debts for the present lifetime, but all the DNA of the early family lines where in some cases the departing soul had incarnated in those past genetic lines also.

So the incoming soul had a large responsibility to complete all of this work. They agreed to do this because it would have been difficult for them to reincarnate as an infant. Since they came from such an advanced state, these early lessons did not appeal to them. So we mean to bring out the fact that each soul is helping each other on some level. No one is left behind.

2. Will the outgoing soul come back to reunite with the physical body that they left earlier?

This is one of those responses where we must say it depends. Many of these arrangements were left open-ended in the sense that the outgoing soul could decide if they wished to ascend in the physical. Some of the souls wish to stay on the spiritual side of life. Some even have no wish to reconnect with a physical body at the present. Remember that the soul walking out had problems that caused an overwhelming sense of despair and some of these souls have not healed sufficiently to be willing to come back and reunite with the physical.

On your level the physical seems desirable because it is all you relate to for the most part. However there are many souls who do not wish to be reunited with flesh as they felt the journey was too difficult for their state of mind and heart and ultimately this equates to desire.

Even souls who passed over at death, and were not given the opportunity to offer their physical body to an incoming soul, usually take time to bring forth again that desire to incarnate. Some of the reasons souls wish to stay on the other side is because they still wish to learn without the physical components, as the physical takes effort and discernment and guidance from the entity. Some do not feel ready for this.

We will state that those who wish to come back to the physical will indeed do this. They will find that they are refreshed and ready for the next rung of advancement. It is like a sort of graduation so to say.

3. The question arises as to what happens to the outgoing soul. Do they have a physical body that they join with in some other part of the cosmos?

There are several types of form. Let us explain. You understand the dense electrons in your physical body to a certain extent. You do not understand that it is a hologram and that it blinks in and out of existence every few microseconds. However, when you look into a mirror, you see what is being reflected back to you and you understand this.

In spirit there are several types of bodies and it is a case of how dense these particles are in their existence. There are places in the cosmos whereby the body is physical and almost as dense as your bodies are in your plane. Then there are physical bodies that seem almost shadow like in their denseness. Each layer is governed as to how the electrons or particles are compacted.

Then there are levels where there is no physical, but rather a group existence. Each soul thinks of themselves as part of a colony and they work in a group fashion. This seems very foreign to you, but if you consider a beehive, where each bee has their own job to do but work as a single entity, you can get somewhat an idea of what we are alluding to.

We do not wish to be evasive, but it depends upon where the incoming soul came from as to just what physical form they will take on the other side. Also remember there are some souls who reside in a spirit form and there is not a physical body as you understand it to return to. To them they have spiritual form and they are quite comfortable in their form as they have abilities that you do not understand at this time.

The moment of transition will seem to repeat the moment when the souls first exchanged positions if the incoming soul is returning. If the incoming soul does not come forth, again there are choices. The physical body can die at the outgoing transition of the walk-in or else another soul on the ladder of growing towards the higher realms might be given the opportunity to inhabit this physical body.

This process will be overseen by a council in which we have appointed souls who have proven themselves to judicate such situations. This is a grave responsibility and we have chosen only those souls who have proven themselves to have the necessary skills to judge these situations.

We said earlier that no soul will be left behind if they wish to grow and have taken the position that they want to expand their spiritual life in obtaining new understanding as to who they are and what is available to them. Of course in the new understanding all will be governed by love and compassion. This is the rule that all must abide by to move ever upwards towards the higher dimensions.

The emotions of love and compassion are the leveler so to speak. Those who do not feel love and compassion for souls and the Creators work will not move beyond a certain line that exists between the high astral plain and the angelic realm. This is the check point of which we have spoken many times. These emotions are the vibrations which allow the souls to enter the higher dimension. Those who are diametrically opposed to these emotions and Sources creations will be repulsed at this point. They will not enter the check point.

If you have other questions, you may join us at our conference calls where we answer all questions of those who join us on the telephone line.

Mother Mary and Jeshua
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