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I hope you won't mind that I am going to send The February World Puja Network Update in two parts this month and possibly next month. The reason is that we have so many new World Puja Network Updates for both February and March that I didn't want this important article on The Shift of Liberation to get overlooked. So, here is part one, my article on The Shift of Liberation. Part two will come on Friday with all of the fantastic World Puja Network happenings.

Copyright 2008 Maureen Moss

There is a shift in the cosmos and it's evident! There's a shift on this Planet and it's evident. Not yet consistent, though evident. Many are reporting that they feel that something "different is in the air." Some say they can't quite put their finger on what that "something different" is yet, though the consensus is that it's positive, it's palpable and it feels like at long last something more than a prediction, is being experienced.

Some share a deep sensing that there's been a shift of Light, as though the brightness has been turned up. I can personally hear it in people's voices while others say they can hear it in mine. I can see it in people's energy fields while others say they see it in mine. Something's shifted. Some consider it astrological, and certainly that's true since the slowest moving planet Pluto, changes locations for the first time since 1995 and will stay in place until 2024. I also consider it astronomical because I sense the shift is one of LIBERATION.

Since Dec. 24, just before the year turned I began feeling Liberation as an energy overlaying our current existence. At that point I experienced it as a planetary overlay finally pushing the intense Atlantean energy out of its dominating position and almost into extinction, (it's very, very close) and I remember my soul's sigh of relief.

After that Universal sense of Liberation went through my soul, then liberation became personal as it began insinuating itself into my life and also into many who are close to me. First (for me,) an undeniably Divine Intervention occurred in the physical realm liberating me from the "challenges only" (not the joy) of a particular life circumstance that I had boldly, faithfully and fearlessly pursued. Next the "message" of Liberation came inside of a movie trailer that was sent to me that I was then invited to preview in its entirety. Liberation was the theme of the entire movie.

Simultaneously a card that I have had on my desk for three years that has a 3,500-year-old mantra of Liberation on it literally began "lighting up" every time I entered my office. On one side of the card is the mantra of Liberation written in Hebrew that Moses was given at the burning bush; the other side holds "the story" of the Liberation that takes one into the non-duel experience of God's Oneness. Sincerely, I have looked at this card for all of this time, never felt compelled to tuck it into a drawer or dispose of it, and during this period of time it came to LIFE.

And then, another aspect of Liberation came to light within that same span of time. While buoyantly surfing the waves of grace and serendipity I was plunged into a former belief system. I could deeply feel the pain that being held hostage by this erroneous belief system perpetuated. I consciously stripped back each piece of it until there was nothing left. Out of that pain, came clarity and out of that clarity, LIBERATION.

And then, if all of that wasn't obvious enough pointing the way to Liberation, I receive an E-mail from a friend of mine in Florida yesterday who I have not received an E-mail from in at least 6 months and he wrote, and I quote, "for some reason Divinity nudges me to remind you to discuss your experiences with Moses!" He continues to say, "there's some very important information for you there!" Liberation, Liberation, Liberation!!!

The Masters of the Cosmos made certain that I was well equipped with evidence in the form of direct experience to know that the shift we are in is indeed The Shift of Liberation, and they certainly knew I would spread the word like wild-fire.

Many of us are poised in one of the most magnificent and daunting places we have ever been in our lives, the place just before liberation occurs. We are at the threshold of the "ultimate resonance" just prior to God consciousness. We are between "I will be" and I AM. When we embody I AM we will have dispelled the limits and inhibitions of our past and be lifted into the future of ourselves. When we in-body I AM we will live fearlessly though it is in living fearlessly that we will reach I AM and be fully Liberated. Do I know for sure that the shift we are feeling holds the energy and potential for Liberation, full Liberation? My greater self says YES. What does yours say?

I know and I remember that before we took on skin and bones we experienced liberation. We entered into a play that stripped us of our liberation and I know that now, by Divine Plan we hold within us the energy, the power and THE RIGHT to claim that Liberation right here and right now and live accordingly. That which once was (Liberation) IS upon us, and when that which is upon us becomes US, we will live Liberated as humans, something that has never occurred before this time as a collective and something that does not depend on the world external to make it so. It is, however, no coincidence that we are seeing a liberating aspect in the political arena in this moment as well.

The Shift of Liberation, though being supported energetically in ways that are undeniable, still holds each one of us responsible for calling it up from within us. Look into your lives and notice if you are working in the flow of the energy of Liberation or not. If not, you are resisting it out of fear of something old and erroneous that requires being disposed of. The truth is that so many times, through so many experiences we have looked our liberation in the face and said no out of fear. If we let this Shift of Liberation pass us by it may never pass this way again for thousands of years. Are you willing to suffer for that long because of something as incidental as fear?

Sri H.W.L. Poonja wrote a marvelous book in the Year 2000 titled "Truth Is." On the inside cover of "Truth Is" I wrote "may my desire to be liberated replace all desires from this day forward." Eight years later I am finally letting the Shift of Liberation consume me, how about you?

For those who may wish to have the mantra of Liberation in Hebrew it is Yod Hey Wah (procounced Vay) Heh. Each time we repeat the mantra we activate cosmic light, which in turn activates our inner light. Each time we speak the mantra we bridge the gap between "I will be" and I AM. Each time we repeat the mantra with passion and reverence we are creating sacred space to reside fearlessly in our Divine humanity, even when we feel the heat of a burning bush set aflame by ourselves or another.

For further support on Fearless Living visit and click onto Fearless Living Sessions. Thank you to the many that are standing in the Light of Liberation, for as you do you will shepherd thousands over the threshold.

With Infinite Love,

Maureen Moss
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