Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

1 Manik, 0 Yax, 3 Manik

Greetings, dear Souls! We come before you with many things to discuss!
The protracted end game continues. What is delaying the announcements
is a series of formal procedures, which the last dark cabal senses will
seal their doom. This creates situations that require us to come up
with countermeasures which we feel are likely to be more acceptable to
them. This shrinking wriggle room is all that the dark has left. It
knows that these gestures of defiance are all it can now muster and
that maintaining the last vestiges of chaos only allows it to survive a
bit longer. And so we go round and round just a while longer, and each
time, the circuit grows smaller and smaller. Meanwhile the banking
crisis that is now part of the chaos is helping to destroy the old
order while it locks the new banking system into place. This helps our
cause as many hitherto staunch supporters of the dark are jumping ship
to join our ranks. Thus, not only are we beginning to outnumber the
dark ones but we are also becoming able to set the terms of the end-
game agenda.
This final process is testing the mettle of all parties
involved. Our priority is to remain patient, and ready to do whatever
is necessary to wear down the last adherents of the dark. Our Earth
allies also face the same challenge. This decisive period of attrition
against the dark will soon be at an end, and then all this will be
history. Our liaison personnel inform us that the sense of desperation
spreading throughout the ranks of the dark cabal is growing
exponentially. This means that the fulfillment of our goals is not far
off. Until then, we have instructed our fleet to remain at the ready.
To us, these final moments before our victory resemble the atmosphere
of suspense just before the dawn. Even your level of global chaos has
reached a plateau of sameness and repetition. Shortly, this air of
expectation will be broken by nature's dawn chorus, the sure sign that
heralds the new day. And nature's vocal greeting of the Light will be
the prosperity programs and the announcements appearing on your TV

Meantime, Heaven remains fully focused on her intent to move you
into full consciousness. Each day the number of "star seed" children
increases on your world, and each day more and more of you awaken from
your long slumbers. As you rub the sleep from your eyes, you begin
searching for books and other avenues that can help you in your quest
for the truth. You start to meet up with fellow seekers and to create
informal support groups. Your perception becomes clearer, and you begin
to view the ways of the dark as unnecessarily chaotic and deceitful.
Your search for spiritual meaning leads through the maze of
traditional, organized religions and on to more unconventional beliefs.
Then comes the awareness that you are not alone in Creation and that
we, your off-world family, are actually close to a first contact with
you. All this is depriving the dark of its blindly following support
base and opens the way to your much-prophesied new reality. This new
realm is pushing up all around you and lacks only the final undoing of
the dark cabal in order to appear suddenly before you.

Our current operations are designed to implement the desires of
Heaven and, simultaneously, provide the conditions for first contact.
We watch joyously as your consciousness grows; and yet this progress
needs to be accelerated by Heaven. In response to our queries, Heaven
explains that the operations undertaken by us all are part of a divine
plan that is taking this reality of yours on a special journey. This
journey is teaching you that your society is linked together by an
immutable oneness. Heaven is securing this nexus so that your world
moves in only one direction: from darkness into Light. This movement is
being intently tracked by the dark, and the fact of this unstoppable
momentum greatly disconcerts it. This transition to the Light cannot be
halted, only temporarily hindered. Heaven is transforming the world of
the last 13 millennia into something beautiful. This new reality has a
name: It is called, quite simply, the return of paradise!

This return of paradise forms part of a great saga that began
millions of years ago in the Vegan solar system. Here, on the third
planet from Vega, a highly sociable aquatic primate was transformed
into our common ancestor. This special primate quickly mastered space
travel and all that goes with it. In less than a few thousand years
these ancestors of ours had found other sentient star-nations that were
equally dedicated to the Light. Thus you and we started a voyage, which
has now brought us to this marvelous water world that you call Earth.
Here, a gracious dispensation from Heaven, one specified by the divine
plan, has led you to this confluence in your history. The point to be
grasped at this time is that you are not alone in this quest: You are
being gifted with divine consciousness and returned to your birthright.
Your past is the stuff of history, and your future waits for you to
fulfill your destiny.

This huge transition requires some assistance, and Heaven
assigned this role to us. Our assistance is not, at present, to act as
a rescuer; we are here to watch, monitor, and keep the playing field
relatively level. The dark is not permitted an overwhelming hand; nor
is the Light allowed to do it all for you. We have done as Heaven so
wished, and more. Now we stand in the midst of great change on your
world and await the call to begin unraveling the dark's UFO cover-up.
This fatuous though somewhat effective effort has long denied the truth
about us and substituted a morass of silly, frightening fictions, which
your media and entertainment industries fully exploited. They played
upon your fear of the unknown and constantly reinforced your disbelief
in our benign intentions.

One of the purposes of these messages is to end the fictions
about us. Until recently, the shadow of the Anchara Alliance engulfed
your world. As you now know, this shadow has been lifted. What is
needed is for those who understand this truth to inform their fellows
that their xenophobic worries are ill founded, and that around them is
a benevolent first contact mission whose primary concern is to relieve
you of these fears and inform the Earth plane that a great day of
heavenly wonders has arrived. First contact is the merest of starters
for what lies ahead for you. Throughout the galaxy, there is rejoicing
about the gift that Heaven has given you. This gift of consciousness is
awarded in order that you may carry out a destiny that goes far beyond
your future star-nation or even the Milky Way Galaxy.

You are destined to traverse the entirety of physicality and
reveal to all the very nature of this Creation. This sacred task is
something we have alluded to in various messages, and we restate this
to remind you that what you are accomplishing now needs to be seen as a
prologue for what lies ahead. Our arrival is part of a complex catalyst
that reawakens you and sets you off on your path of discovery. This
voyage through physicality is part of something greater, which the
Creator is to unveil for you at the appropriate times. You have been
barely sustained in this dark cauldron during these 13 millennia, and
now the time has come for you to move on, starting with your release
from the chains of the dark. This means that your age-old fears are to
be transmuted into the exhilaration of a grand quest and that the time
has indeed come for you to rejoin your true family!

Today, we discussed what is happening and, most importantly,
where you are going. Mother Earth watches with joy as you prepare
yourselves to move to the forefront of galactic affairs. Your return is
most eagerly anticipated, and we view first contact as the final step
in your divine deliverance! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts
that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed
Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be
Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)