Messages from The Council of 12
Transmitted through Selacia-December 2007

A Look at the Future

Since humans began their journey within the context of linear time, there has been a widespread desire to know the future in advance. People of all cultures have had fears about what will happen "tomorrow," fueled by concerns about potential pain and suffering.

Fear about the future often leads to a preoccupation with the future. Will it be happy? Will it be unhappy? Will it be less or more happy than now? What can be done to make it better? These are among the basic underlying questions of people with a chronic apprehension of the future.

It's normal to occasionally worry about the future. After all, the future is unknown and uncertain. People are conditioned to seek out the familiar and to feel more comfortable in known territory. There is a normal desire for guarantees.

Oftentimes the greatest future-related fear relates to death-when it will happen, how, and what will happen after death. In the 21st Century, there is also increasing speculation about the end of life as humans have long known it. Some even predict the end of the world. There are many disaster-oriented scenarios included in age-old religious prophecies about world events of the next several years. However, not everyone sees the near-term future as a doom-and-gloom situation. A growing number of people from diverse traditions are expecting a very positive outcome-a time of more peacefulness and enlightened consciousness as humanity wakes up from a long slumber and remembers how to love.

Humanity's Future Not Predestined

In a number of metaphysical circles, there is the idea that humanity's future is predestined. According to this view, the human race and the planet are certain to ascend into higher consciousness in a predetermined way. The process of creation, however, is not one of predetermination. Humanity's future is not rigidly laid out.

So what is happening? Humans are evolving and shifting at an unprecedented pace. People in every corner of the planet are being impacted. Other life forms, and even the Earth itself, are in the process of massive reconstruction. A dramatic leap into higher consciousness is underway. Outmoded societal structures are collapsing, sometimes quickly and other times over a span of years or decades. The institutions and systems most impacted and controlled by greed and power mongering are oftentimes the places most resistant to new more enlightened approaches. The people with the power want to keep the power.

Never before on Earth have there been so many changes so fast. Young people born today will need to become skilled in adapting to change, not only the types of change typical in a lifetime, but countless other shifts in circumstances that their ancestors did not face. Because it's all so new, the previous generations have created no roadmap for how to navigate these tumultuous times.

Future Plans and Realities

Imagine for a moment that you buy a home which seems to have all of the basic features you want. You have dreamed about this kind of house for years, and it is finally yours! You move in, having sold your other house. Within a short amount of time, you begin to notice some very aggravating conditions. The roof leaks on rainy days. The plumbing malfunctions regularly. The hot water heater makes hammering noises. The hallway floor creaks. You realize after a few months in your new home that the extra bonus room you set up as your office will need to be converted into a bedroom for your elderly mother, for she can no longer live on her own.

You noticed some of the home's imperfections before you moved in, yet you overlooked them. When you walked through the house with your real estate agent, for example, you had heard a faint creaking sound as you moved from one bedroom to another. In that moment, though, so enthusiastic about having found a house with so many of the features you wanted, you disregarded the irritating potential of the noise. Also, by the time you found that house, you were tired of looking, concerned about finding nothing suitable in your price range, and worried that you might have to settle for something less than you had before.

In this imaginary scenario, you move into your dream house and discover that the future you had imagined looks rather different when you "get there." You can still find plenty of things to feel grateful for-assuming you remember to focus on the good-yet oftentimes you find yourself complaining about the new reality you find yourself in, wishing it could be different. When you are alone with no one to complain to, you sometimes ask yourself what happened to change your rosy future into what feels like a rose with thorns. You wonder what you can do to cope.

Letting Go of the Fight

After deep reflection, you realize the value of accepting your situation rather than fighting it. You let go and turn to your inner knowing for solutions. Your intuitively guided reason shows you some very specific alterations you can make to create a more joyful circumstance. These involve both physical repairs to your home and adjustments in your view about life and living in a house that doesn't measure up to your previous expectations. Your inner knowing reminds you of how futile worry is, and of how much your energy is depleted when you are at war with your circumstances.

You decide to embrace yourself and the situation. You forgive yourself for oversights, and for not knowing some things which were simply unknowable in advance. You remember how fluid the future really is, and how futile it is to worry about what might happen. You realize that the future you worried about before is here now, and if you don't like how it looks, you can change your experience of it.

Changing your experience means you can change certain things previously created, such as the noisy hot water heater. For the things that are difficult or impossible to change, the shift happens inside of you. You can decide how you respond to each and every circumstance of life. To be sure, there will be many things you dislike, yet you can find a way to be at peace with them. You can keep the new house and create a livable situation.

A Different World View

Just as the new homeowner can find peace in a troubling circumstance, humanity has that very choice now. For the billions of people living on Earth, the challenge is to embrace the planet as "home."

To do that will require seeing the world as one interconnected place, rather than as isolated continents which are home to diverse peoples. Fear and domination will need to be replaced by love and unification. This different world view will be born, not in the halls of government bodies or think tanks, but in the hearts of the ordinary human.

If you are reading these words, you have chosen to participate is this great experiment of humanity-to help create a brand new beginning for the Earth. At the core of your being, you remember the importance of this lifetime, not only for you personally but for all sentient beings on the planet. You also recall the vital links between what happens on Earth and what then occurs throughout other interconnected universes. You know the urgency of the situation. You understand the stakes involved.

Before incarnating this time, you made a decision to be one of the Divine Changemakers during Earth's pivotal years. You "signed up" without hesitation-the brave spiritual warrior that you are-realizing the great potential and the many benefits, including to you personally on your evolutionary path.

When you were birthed into your current embodiment, you likely did not remember any decisions about joining other comrades in a crazy dance of human reconnection. Most likely, upon arrival you quickly forgot who you were and why you came. Your remembrance of Self as a spiritual being, too, was most likely covered over with a thick layer of dust. You might even have felt you came to the wrong "place," to the wrong "family," or in the wrong "time."

What You Want Now

Now, at this juncture, you want to feel at home on your planet, and in your own skin. You want to feel empowered to create the changes you know need to occur. You want to feel as though your life has meaning. You want to feel confident in your ability to connect with the truth of what is really happening in your world.

A part of your challenge is that no one prepared you for what you would face. You were not given a map, or even a guidebook with ratings of the best and worst places. You have to figure it out step-by-step, moment-by-moment. Your comrades for the journey, some of which you likely have not yet met, don't have a guidebook either. It is up to each of you to sort out the truths from the untruths, and learn to discern meanings of your reality.

Quite often, as you have learned, things are not as they appear. There is much going on behind the scenes. You hear about some of it through carefully manipulated media channels. For example, you hear about pricing decisions, made behind closed doors, which affect the global economy as well as your own pocketbook.

Learning to Question

You are learning to question. This is a natural ability, of course, yet it is often underdeveloped and even discouraged in modern culture. In order to move into your Divine power in this life, you must develop your ability to question and put it into regular use in everyday situations.

It will be helpful to begin questioning your own questions, too.
For example, any of the following types of questions are future-oriented and will tend to keep you feeling small:

Will I be or have (a specific thing or quality such as happiness) at some future time?
When will I have (a quality or a specific thing such as prosperity)?
What if I get (a disease such as cancer) or become (unable to do something)?
What will happen if I lose (my home, my husband, my job)?
How long will this (situation, pain, condition, problem) last?
When will the world become (sane, safe, peaceful)?

Rather than question in this future-oriented way, consider asking questions that will empower you in the present to change your situation, or at least alter your view of what is occurring.

To change your experience of the future, you must change your experience of the present.

Role of a Divine Changemaker

Remember that you are a Divine Changemaker, creating not only your own present and future but that of the world around you. You change it by taking conscious actions in the present. You change it by becoming more aware of what's needed and of what needs to fall away. You then take steps to help create what's needed and you bravely do the inner work to release what needs to fall away.

Rather than simply focusing on what's wrong with the world, you recognize what needs to change and then you focus your energies on making changes within yourself. Your priority is to live as fully and consciously as you can, while also learning to be the loving and peaceful being you want to see everywhere you go.

You catch yourself when you dwell in the past, remembering that the replay of old tapes is draining your energy and preventing you from moving forward. You know that to repeatedly remember how someone or something hurt you is only reinforcing a painful past. You recognize that your only power is in the present moment. Realizing this, you shift your focus to the present and to what you can do to be happier now.

As a Divine Changemaker, you are in the process of learning new approaches to time. You and others like you are now in the midst of a revolutionary shift in how time is viewed and worked with. This shift is happening in stages, for the gap between the old and new is too great to simply jump to the new overnight.

Shifting from a Linear View

The linear view of time is now outmoded and too limited for where humanity is headed. A rigid linear approach keeps people thinking in a narrow way. Concepts of timelessness, natural time, cyclic existence, and the eternal cannot be explained in a linear way. These ideas are vast and run counter to an unbending notion of time.

You still have clock time, of course, and calendars. These are tools humans have devised to synchronize activities and plan for the future. While they are still useful in your modern day world, you will want to consider some new approaches for using clocks and calendars.

First, know that 24 hours is no longer experienced as 24 hours, for time has been compressed.

Second, keep in mind that time is not a material thing like a clock. You can't lose it or misplace it like you could a clock. You never "have" time to begin with, for it's simply an arbitrary measuring stick devised thousands of years ago to define motion and events.

Third, time can be experienced differently depending on who you are and your reference point. An hour of your favorite pastime can feel much shorter than the same hour laboring at learning a new and challenging task. If you are 15 and your next birthday is six months away, it can seem like the date doesn't come fast enough. If you are 65 and your next birthday is six months away, you may wonder how the years have passed by so quickly.

Fourth, if you approach the distant future in a linear way, worrying about the "what if's," you will be setting up a needless cycle of anxiety, pressure, and dissatisfaction.

Fifth, if you employ conventional views of time when viewing your own potential-basing future possibilities on your past experiences-you will limit yourself. To move into your full potential this life, you must be able to see beyond what you have already created. If you have failed at something in the past, this does not mean you are locked into failure. Likewise, if you have succeeded at something before, you want to be open to new ways of success. When creating anything that's really new, it will not be a carbon copy of what has come before. Be open to the new each time you do something.

Sixth, look to the natural world for clues about how to work with time in a less linear way. Animals allow their own body rhythms and sense of time to guide them. When the sun comes up, most animals awaken and begin their day. If they are hungry, they find food to eat. There are no rigid mealtimes. Animals such as squirrels store food for the winter, not because they have a calendar reminding them to do so, but because they naturally know to do it.

Seventh, begin to view your personal relationship with time in a more expansive and flexible way. That includes how you approach deadlines, whether artificial or "real." It can be helpful to set your intention to forge a brand new connection with time. As part of that, you will want to let go of the illusion that time is either your enemy or your friend. That is a dualistic approach, and out-of-step with the multidimensional being that you are. Time is just time. It is up to you to decide how you will relate to time.

As you are redefining your relationship with time, you will want to keep in mind your personal needs as well as your interactions with others.

Personal needs. An example is mealtime. Do you often eat when you are not really hungry, simply because it is "time"? Do you sometimes have a time focus when you eat, hurrying your meal, and then later realize that you ate twice as much food as you really needed? Do you ever feel a slave to a rigid schedule you set for a project, trying to force creative ideas at a predetermined time when your energies would be better utilized doing something else at that moment? Do you honor your personal needs for "down time" and self reflection? Have you learned to be in tune with yourself at a deep enough level to know when you truly need rest, food, companionship, alone time, or a specific activity? Do you factor into your busy schedule enough time to focus on spirit and your spiritual growth? Do you step back from the minutia happenstance of the day often enough to get a larger perspective that exists beyond the short-term? Is it easy for you to ask others for the time you personally need-whether it's alone time, more time to reflect on a key issue, or simply release from an artificial deadline?

Interactions with others. When you update your relationship with time, you will want to do so responsibly and without harm to others. To be responsible with time means that you consider how your actions impact the lives of others. Examples include your attitude and actions as you interact with other people on the road, in the market, on the phone, at work, or in another public place. Do you tailgate on the freeway when you are in a hurry? Do you get angry when you must stand in line at the grocery store at the end of your workday? Do you have a habit of being late for meetings with others? Do you arrive late at the movies and disturb others in the audience? Do you make plans with a friend and then change plans at the last minute without regard to how the change impacts your friend? Do you commit to projects at work without a realistic view of how long it will take, your delays setting off a series of other delays for your coworkers? In your most intimate relationships, are you respectful of your loved ones' time?

Being Where You Are

To simply be where you are-without a preoccupation with past events or future outcomes-is easier said than done. Even though a part of you knows that the present is the only point of real power, it can feel challenging to keep one's awareness present-focused. That's especially true if you don't like your present reality.

To be satisfied with your own existence, even amidst great challenges and suffering, is one of the most difficult things you can learn to do. Arriving at a peaceful coexistence with yourself and your outer world is not automatic. You don't achieve this by reaching a certain age. It doesn't come from where you live. It cannot be reached through fame or fortune. No other person can give it to you. There are no advanced beings from another planet coming to make this happen for you.

This state of peacefulness is only to be found deep within you, when you access your true nature. That eternal part of you exists beyond time and space. The eternal you is unaffected by the world's chaos. It is able to simply "be," no matter what. You can learn to connect with this aspect of Self. You can learn to be satisfied, peaceful, and free. You can learn to feel comfortable with uncertainty. This is your Divine birthright.

You are here during these pivotal moments in time to help influence the upward movement of human consciousness. To stay sane in the process, you will need to become watchful of how you allow others and the world view to influence your mind. You will need to become more aware of emotional states and learn to intelligently work with them to stay in balance.

Your Media Can Be a Blessing or Curse

Powerful media messages, these days accessed 24/7 by anyone who cares to, will remind you of the uncertain state of the world. You can see that as a blessing or a curse. Certainly, your ancient ancestors had no Internet or cell phones to give them the kind of global perspective of change you now have. They often did not know about the sufferings of people beyond their small villages. It was common to be ignorant of the connected web of life on Earth. History was not viewed globally, but regionally from the perspective of what the local peoples had experienced.

You can choose how the media and technology will affect you. You can learn to be OK with evolutionary change and with a world under construction.

Indeed, it is as though you and other humans are living in a construction zone. As humanity and the Earth undergo the process of massive reconstruction, you may feel like you want to run and yet there is no place to run. The changes are underway all around you, while you continue to live on the planet you have long called "home." If there were another planet you knew to go to right now, you might be tempted to go there.

Since that's not an option, you are like the homeowner with the new home needing repairs. You can choose to make the repairs, while also adjusting your view about life and living in a home that doesn't fit your current needs.

The key to empowerment in these chaotic times is to develop more self-awareness, train your mind to switch off the fear channel, and fully develop your intuitively guided reason and ability to question.

You will want to question what others say will happen in the future. You will want to question your own views of what is possible, determining where your blind spots are. Have you discounted something that is important to your soul's growth? Have you forgotten to make sensible plans for some aspect of your future physical existence? Are you taking adequate care of your body? Are you waiting for someone, or a certain event, to change your reality?

On a regular basis, inquire within to determine whether your view of the future is based on perspectives that are sane and balanced. Get in touch with any views that need updating. These include fantasies you may have previously unknowingly bought into, now seeing them for what they are. Acknowledge pessimistic views, too, such as doubting that your efforts can be worthwhile. To create the kind of future you want to live in, you must believe it is possible to change your present reality. You must embrace your role as a Divine Changemaker.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.


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