Archangel Michael "Festive Season" by Natalie Sian Glasson - Dec 2,

Posted December 3rd, 2007 by hiacynthia

Archangel Michael through Natalie Sian Glasson
December 2, 2007

Natalie's channelled messages
This week's message from Archangel Michael:

Dear beloved beings of the Creator's light,
It is I Archangel Michael leader of the Archangels who is standing
close to you speaking through this message. My message for today as
the minds of many turn to the festive season is of inner and outer
peace. May you each be a beacon of pure and blissful peace emanating
from your soul light. May the love and peace that you focus on within
your soul spread and reach out to those you meet and greet and may
peace descend onto the Earth. It is during this festive season that
many waves and surges of energy are being sent to the Earth by the
Creator as most are happier and therefore more receptive to the light
of the Creator. These waves of energy can raise your energy vibration
and assist in expanding your awareness, it doesn't matter what your
beliefs or the religion that you follow, it is your divine right to
open your being and soul to the divine waves of energy, embracing and
absorbing them into you being. Do not worry about absorbing
negativity for when you call on my protection and when you are
focusing on the love and peace of your heart you will always
experience and be surrounded by loving energy and beings of the light.
It is the receptiveness and openness of people that I now wish to
focus on, at this time of the year when you smile at a person they
are more willingly going to accept your loving energy and return a
smile to you so an exchange of energy will occur. When you focus on
the peace of your heart and imagine it radiating beyond your body and
into your surroundings this will affect many around you creating
harmony and love where it is most needed. I ask you as light beings
to focus on emanating
peace across the world as we are doing from the spiritual planes in
your direction. Peace is the quality of the Creator's love which I
wish to enhance and anchor into the Earth over this festive period.
I wish to also say that whatever your religion or your beliefs,
whether you celebrate Christmas or not the 25th of December is a
truly spiritual day, for you as a light worker if your focus is
placed on your spiritual growth and your soul. For it is the energies
that are sent on this day from the universe that you can focus on,
the waves of energy do not flow just because it is Christmas but
because people are receptive. It is not the material aspect of this
season that is important but the love and peace shared, the
enhancement in a person's spiritual growth by absorbing the light of
the Creator or the love of a light worker channelling peace on the
Earth. Think of the difference you could make to many by simply
opening your being and allowing your love, light, peace and power to
flow unconditionally from your soul. This is a beautiful
thought that would unite the world as one if it was practiced by all.
My message here is to not allow yourself to forget that you are a
powerful being and with your unconditional love and light channelling
through your being from the Creator, you can make a difference so
that humanity can enter into a new fresh year with a raised energy
vibration and an enhanced spiritual awareness, this is the most
precious gift you could give to yourself, the Creator, Mankind and
Mother Earth.
My beloved beings of the Creator do not allow your spiritual
practices to slip but enhance them to transform the Earth and the way
in which people view themselves. Never force your beliefs on others
but allow your light to radiate, it is much more powerful as your
light can connect with the true soul of every being.
My blessings and love are sent to you all; continue with your
excellent work.
Archangel Michael
May you walk in the love and light always,