Uriel's Message - Pause at the Feeling

Your feelings and the emotions that you experience are part of your life journey. They provide you with important indicators as to what a situation means to you in terms of your past and present. You can use your feelings to help you find the best and most powerful response to a situation when you can pause at the feeling instead of leaping forward into the emotions. When you pause at the feeling stage of a situation you can make decisions from a point of power and choose among the many options available to you.

Your feelings are an indicator of what kind of experiences are happening, the lessons to be learned from them and insight into your soul contract for this lifetime. You do not experience new feelings in any situation. Each life experience is created to assist you on your soul's journey of healing and understanding. Each feeling you experience is a repetition of many lifetimes of feelings. The feelings arise in order to assist you in making choices on your path.

When you leap into the emotions that your feelings introduce you move away from your spiritual understanding into ego-based thinking. This moves you away from your power and into the powerlessness that the feelings can evoke. When you learn to pause at the feelings and question what they are trying to help you with, you take control of the situation and allow your inner guidance to help you.

No matter what you may feel about a situation, its only purpose is to remind you of your ability to choose between being powerful and powerless, between wisdom and confusion, between fear and unconditional love. When your feelings arise, pause and reflect on what they are trying to tell you. They have much to teach you about your purpose, your soul's healing work and how you can be powerful and create the reality the reflects the heaven on earth you came here to create for yourself and for all of humanity.

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