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16th Nov : The Gateway of Love....and the Cosmic Fireworks Party
16th November : The Gateway of Love....and the Cosmic Fireworks Party.

This Earth Log entry is written partly in response to all those people who have written in to ask why, when everything seems to be speeding up, their lives seem to be slowing down. This comes from healers especially, who are seeing their client numbers drop rather than increase as we enter into this new phase.

So, here is the information that I have been given from Archangel Michael on this topic.
As you enter Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness, you will indeed slow down. As you slow down, it will seem that everyone else is hurtling past you at great speed. This has always been so, but you have been hurtling along at the same speed, and so now you notice...."hey, I'm going slower...I'm slowing down". And yes, you get panicky and anxious, mainly because you have to "earn a living" at the old speed, and you feel as though you are not "doing" what you should be doing. "Why is Spirit not using me at this important time?", many people wail in despair.

Well, Spirit is working with you. You see, dear Lightworkers, you have to pass through the Gateway of the Heart in order to get into Fifth Dimensional Spiral Consciousness, that place beyond the Linear Time "hurtle" forward, that place where Consciousness spirals gently into ever new levels of Becoming and Being. Archangel Michael has called this Gateway of the Heart, the "Diamond Portal".

As you enter into Heart time, you need to find that still point at your own center. You need to BE, in order to be able to Create in the new way.

So, as you enter into the stillness of your own Being, you will feel that slowing down, until you are at a point of complete inner stasis and nothingness...then you can create on the next spiral of consciousness.

Now, most people are terrified of that moment of nothingness that preceeds birth and creation. They do their best to deny it and escape from it, by rushing around doing things and finding things to do in order to fill the empty space. The more you deny the emptiness, the more you push away the very thing you desire. You have to enter the emptiness, the Cosmic womb within, in order to begin spinning out the web of creation from your own still center.

As you watch everyone else rushing by at high speed and seemingly intent on their creations, you feel, but what about me? I am not rushing and busy as well?

The rushing around is an illusion of "busyness", it is what is left over of the Third Dimension, when looking active and filling your time with action was considered a virtue.

In Cheryl Hutton's beautiful song "To Be One", that she channelled from her Higher Being, the Divine Essence says: "What are dreams and hopes, if you just canít cope,/ Or wings and prayers if you never dare,/I need you here and now, in this mystery,/To BE free. To BE free.

So many people are not coping because they are still trying to create in Third Dimensional Mind Time, and are not creating from Fifth-Dimensional Heart Time.

So, what is Heart time? Well, it is slow. It is a state of Being. As the song says, "I need you to be here and now, in this mystery". Be PRESENT in your own life, be PRESENT with others. Be intimate, be close, be loving, experience your life as it is and as you are. Stop rushing around...stop being busy....stop.

That slowing down is a gift. It says you are ready to create at the next level. Honor the gift and let go and trust.
Remember that we come from a society where the two main tendencies have been action and consumerism. You work hard and then you consume. Work, work, work, shop, shop, shop....etc.....This is modern life. An unbalanced rush from one day to the next, from one month to the next, and ooops its Christmas again.

Fifth Dimensional life moves gently and with grace. It is filled with a quiet richness and great Love. It stands poised on that moment when you realize that you can just BE, and that you are FREE from the constraints of the linear third-dimensional rat race illusion. The creation power of the Heart is far stronger. That is why Archangel Michael has spent so much time in the past talking about the power to manifest and be. That is why in Cheryl Hutton's dream she saw all those cars stopped at the side of the road. The road is linear time, and humanity just can't do that any more. It just doesn't work any more. It just exhausts the new Human Angel who is designed to spiral gently through the Cosmic fields of Light on the wings of Love. Hmmmmm...sounds good to me.

That means, going slowly and with grace. Having the time to notice others and to be with them and to really hear them. Never to "be too busy" to be with another human in grace and love. I am always disturbed when I get mails that start: "I know you are busy but could you....". It is as though people have this image of me rushing around being "busy" and that I have no time for another human being whose needs are somehow lesser. Well, I may be tired, I may find I can't fit in everything as yet because I live on my own and work on my own, but you can be sure that I do my best to be present with you. I try to read every mail that I get and to send Love on the Heart Grid of Unconditional Love, hoping that you will feel that, and not anger because I have not been able to answer you with a mail.

I want to say also, that healing is not necessarily the Gateway to the Fifth Dimension. So many people are so focussed on healing themsleves and recycling the pain of their childhood years. Please know that in this new Fifth Dimensional reality, what you focus on grows. If you focus on pain and anger, these will grow in your life. It is far better to FORGIVE and LET GO. Move on. The past is an illusion. Be in the present " "I need you here and now, in this mystery, to BE Free. To be FREE".

The Gateway to the Fifth Dimension is the Heart and Love.
It is that simple. Be in your Heart. Love from your Heart. Love yourself enough to be in the Quiet Space of Power and Creation and do not be afraid of it. It will lead you to your Heart's desire!.

And now, about the Cosmic Fireworks party. As you may know from Archangel Michael's Energy report for November, we are entering a powerful period of alignments in time and space. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 24th will usher in some powerful Light, yes maybe even more powerful that what we have experienced so far this month. Now, added to this potent mix is the "exploding " Comet, which is now apparently larger than the sun and is the largest object in the Solar system right now.

Thanks to Christine Saul of the USA, who sent me the information about Comet Holmes, as it is called. This an image of the comet, in relation to the sun. The image is taken from

Well, I asked Archangel Michael to channel something on the Comet, and the request was declined. I think sometimes that this energy is a little prudish, for the word I was given was "orgasm". Was that meant to be a joke? Well, not really, apparently the explosion of Comet Holmes is like a great explosion of Joy and Ecstasy as the Cosmos enters a new era of Light. does that affect us?
Well apparently, there is a lot of turbulence out there in the Solar system and that does indeed affect the Solar Light Body. It contributes to the instability that is already out there.

If we were a more organically integrated society, we would be out there dancing around bonfires and doing other joyous things to join in with this great Cosmic fireworks display. In that way we would be able to ground and run the excess of Light energy that many of us are feeling right now. It is why Archangel Michael always tells us to be joyous and to celebrate and to do rituals and ceremonies of Light and Joy.

You may feel the energy as an increase of your own energy, or as extreme tiredness. You may feel anxious or depressed as the energy "hits" your nervous system. You may, of course, also feel filled with great Joy if you are able to fully present at this Cosmic party.

So, for now, I guess, just be aware of the great surges of Light and Energy that are out there right now!