Celia Fenn : The Energies for October 2007

.:.AA Michael.:.The Awakening of the Planetary Heart and Ascension to New Earth Consci

Celia Fenn : The Energies for October 2007
The Awakening of the Planetary Heart and Ascension to New Earth Consciousness
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn
Dearest Light workers, this is the time of the Great Awakening, that great and transformative process that you have called the "Ascension". For indeed, at this time you are ascending fully, as a Collective of Consciousness called a "planet", from the old Third-dimensional Grids to the New Earth Multi-Dimensional Grid or Matrix.

This is a time for Celebration and Joy. In this month, you will feel the ascension or "lift" in your consciousness as a Joy and Lightness of Heart and Spirit. You will feel the Divine Feminine in her Solar aspect as Creative Energy and Joy as you anchor your Consciousness fully into the Diamond Matrix of the New Earth.

Dearest Ones, sometimes people ask us what this all means, and so we will explain briefly what this process of cleansing, releasing, healing and change. Many thousands of years ago, that which you have termed the "fall" occurred when you chose, through free will, to leave the multi-dimensional matrix of your creation and explore the limitations of the dense structures known as the Third Dimension.

For indeed, you are adventurous beings of light! As you allowed this drop into denser energies, your balance was lost and you moved away from the perfection of complementarity or the complementary energies of the Twin Flame, into the imbalanced and oppositional energies of duality. But, you agreed to explore duality as a way of exploring yourself and Who You Were in this denser energy.

And so, as you moved into density you created from within this energy of duality and conflict, and experiences such as "evil" and darkeners, of war and sickness and lack. These were all the creations of your imbalances and your duality consciousness.

And then, as the conflicts intensified, the Masculine and Feminine energies came into conflict, and they sought domination and control over each other. Many religions and philosophies were drawn into this conflict, and they lost their focus on the Path of Light and became vehicles for this conflict, and their acts became darker and moved away from the reflection of the Light that they sought to hold.

And then, a thousand years ago, this conflict was ended uneasily when the imbalanced masculine energy achieved "victory" over the feminine energies. The Feminine Grid which carried the Feminine frequency of the God Source energy was "switched off". We have called this Feminine Grid the "Magdalena Grid", in honor of the the Feminine Christ Consciousness that was carried by the Magdalene. But, when the grid was "switched off", it became heavy and dark and filled with the energies of fear and anxiety and depression, which were placed there by campaigns of terror and persecution that were waged against those who attempted to live the truth of the Feminine Goddess energy in their lives. It no longer vibrated to the energy of Joy and Creativity that was its original purpose.

And so, this shift was inscribed into your DNA. You learnt to identify with the distortions of the powerful but controlling masculine energy, and to fear and despise the weak and vulnerable feminine. And so, "victim" consciousness became a part of the story of Who You Are, but it was an illusion based on distortion and contains no truth, for you are indeed all powerful and light filled beings.

But, dearest ones, over time there have been many courageous souls of Light and Beauty who have entered this dense and unstable matrix with the purpose of holding the Light and Truth of Who You Are, and guiding Humanity back to the Higher Consciousness of the Multi-Dimensional matrix. But this decision to return to the Higher Fields of Light had to be made as a Choice of Free Will, just as the choice to leave had been such a choice. And so, in the last cycle of time, Human Consciousness as a Collective made that decision to return together, and so a process of healing and cleansing and re-balancing was under way. The Feminine, or Magdalena grid, is now re-activated and running on "full power" once again, and so the Sacred Heart of the Planet awakens and the Twin Flame energy or Consciousness is once again fully present for those who choose to awaken at this time.

And so - Humanity is ready to ascend from the density of distorted consciousness to the Pure Flame of Christ Magdalena consciousness. The long journey into density is over, and the Pure Light returns.

Humanity is ready to release the products and creations of density and duality, darkness and evil and greed and exploitation. These things will fade from your consciousness as you enter your consciousness fully into the radiant Diamond Matrix of Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

Dearest ones, you will feel these changes in your physical body, for your body is a microcosm of the Earth itself. You will feel old energies of fear and sadness being released and new energies of Lightness and Joy coming in to replace them. The Journey and Adventure of Exploration continues, but with a "New Earth" and a New Consciousness.

You will know times, perhaps, when the habits and addictions and memories of the Old Grid with its distortions will claim you for a while, and perhaps you will feel anxiety and depression and fear. But you will also increasingly know the Bliss and Joy and Heart Song of the New Grids as you feel what was originally intended - the Joyous Adventure of Creativity that is called Life on Planet Earth. And gradually, you will feel safe once again to fully use the Divine Feminine energy grids, the Magdalena-Christ Consciousness. You will explore your lightness of heart and soul and you will learn to manifest from the deep desires of your pure and loving heart.

For indeed, dearest ones, it is the time of the Awakening of the Planetary Heart and the Awakening of your own deep Heart energies as the point where the Personal and Planetary energies integrate and converge. As you awaken to the Twin Flame within you, so the planet awakens to the pure consciousness of the Christ/Divine Masculine and the Magdalena/Divine Feminine.

And so, it is achieved. Your work is to allow the shift and to trust that all is well. You will increasingly feel a lightness and an ease and a joy that you have not felt for a long time, perhaps for many lifetimes and for many thousands of years.

Balance will be achieved and you will gradually begin to see this new light manifesting into form on the planet.
The Energies in October
The focus points of this shift into the new matrix in October will be around the Full Moon on the 26th of October. On the 27th and 28th of October, Pluto will be exactly on the Galactic center in relation to the Earth. This alignment of Moon energy with Pluto and the Great Central Sun will create a powerful surge of Solar Divine Feminine energy that will integrate and unite with the Divine Masculine in a powerful manifestation of the Twin Flame.
For the Twin Flame is YOU - You are bearer of the "God Codes" and the central point of Union of the Twin Flames or current of Source Energy. You are the Earth awakening to Full Consciousness.

In November and December there will be three more powerful moments in which you can connect with the Twin Flame energy within your being in a powerful way. This will be at the 11:11 gate on the 11th of November, and the 12:12 portal on the 12th of December, as well as the Solstice at the end of December.

In October the Sun will be in Libra, the House of Relationships and Marriage ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love and the bearer of the Divine Feminine energy. May she lighten your Heart with the Flame of Joy as you experience the Union of the Twin Flames within your own Sacred Heart. May you be a joyous guest at your own inner Sacred Marriage of the Twin Flames - the Divine Masculine and Feminine that connect within you Heart.

So, dearest one, at this powerful and miraculous time, we wish you Joy and Celebration. May you "Come Home" to Who You Are and fully experience the Creative Power and Joy of Heaven on Earth. For in Heaven, the Twin Flames are "One", and here on Earth, the Twin Flames are One within your Heart as you enter into the New Earth Matrix. And so Heaven on Earth is created within YOU - and on the Earth.

And so it Is!
May Joy and Peace Prevail!
2007-8 Celia Fenn and Starchildglobal
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License