Beloved masters, if you watch or read the daily news, you must surely be aware
that the cleansing of the Earth is accelerating at an astounding rate. No, God
is not punishing humanity, and it is certainly not 'God's will' that anyone
should suffer. Down through the many ages you, as human Beings, have made 'God'
the scapegoat for all the tragedies and chaos that have occurred so that you
would not have to take personal responsibility for your actions. Your
third/fourth-dimensional world is composed of material and psychological
structures and, make no mistake, the emotional structures you have created and
have accepted as your truth are just as confining as the material structures you
have built.
Consciousness/creation/manifestation in the higher realms are fluid and
malleable, and are redefined and reconstructed at each higher-dimensional level
in order to be compatible with the vibrational patterns of that reality. This is
the process that is taking place on Earth, and within and around each human
Being on the earthly plane at this time. The more rigid, fearful and resistant
to change a person is, the more difficult the transition process will be for
him/her. Beloveds, you must be willing to let go of those things in your life,
which includes relationships as well as material things, that are no longer
compatible with your new 'State of Being.' You will find, as you move swiftly
forward and upward on the path of ascension, that whatever you are leaving
behind will be replaced with people and things of a more refined level which
will be much more meaningful and important to your future existence.
In this universal experience, YOU are the important ones. YOU are the major
players. It was YOU, the StarSeed, who agreed to separate from your Twin Flame,
to fragment and divide yourselves into many diverse facets of Self, to be
stretched and refracted to the limit so that the Cosmic Mind could observe and
record just how far YOU, the "Divine Sparks" of God Conscious, could be
compressed into density without totally losing your conscious connection to the
ALL THAT IS. Do not misunderstand what we are saying; you could never lose your
connection to the SOURCE, but you could and did become so entangled in the web
of density that most of you forgot who you are, where you are from, and how
powerful and magnificent you truly are.
We of the angelic realms, and a vast host of other Light Beings, were assigned
the task of "guiding, protecting, nurturing and inspiring" you, the Legions of
Light, as you journeyed forth into the great unknown. It has been our great
honor and privilege to make this journey with you as you bravely traversed the
valleys of shadow and darkness, and to watch as you triumphantly emerge back
into the illumined Light, and regain your conscious awareness.
Through your petitions, prayers and intentions, asking for your highest good and
the greatest good for all, and aligning your will with the Will of our
Father/Mother God, we of the angelic realms have been able to re-establish the
intimate relationship we originally had with each of you. This reunion of Spirit
has grown especially strong with those of you who have followed our teachings
over these past years and have striven to heal yourselves in order to return to
balance and harmony within the accepted spectrum of duality and polarity.
Beloved ones, these are times of great change, whereby you may have many
challenges, but you are also being presented with many opportunities. As you tap
into the higher vibrations of the Spirit realm, your subconscious mind is
becoming conscious as you release all the distortions and limited thoughts of
the past. Your conscious mind is in the process of receiving the vaster wisdom
of your higher consciousness via your Sacred Mind. You must begin to trust your
intuition and your inner guidance. If the thoughts that come to you are
inspiring, loving and offer expanded awareness, then you know you are tapping
into the wisdom of your Higher Self, your angelic guides and your master
teachers. They are whispering to you and they will never lead you astray, and
their voices will become stronger as you perfect your telepathic communication
with your Higher Self and the Beings of the higher realms of consciousness.
Know this: You are making a difference. You, the Legions of Light, are growing
in numbers and strength every moment of every day, and your Love/Light is now
reaching and penetrating the darkest corners of the Earth. The unconditional
love (Sacred Love composed of Adamantine Particles) that you radiate forth from
your Sacred Heart Center is beginning to penetrate the hardened heart shells of
a multitude of those still steeped in the third/fourth-dimensional illusion of
fear, limitation and separation.
It is time to let go of and eliminate your sense of isolation, division, and
your "I, me, my" mentality. At least from a heart level of consciousness, it is
time to abolish the boundaries of race, religion, culture and country, and also
the mind-set of being separate from the multi-dimensions of your solar system,
galaxy and universe. You are in the process of becoming citizens of the
universe, galactic spiritual/human Beings. As you become more proficient as
'Bearers of Light,' your influence /radiance will be projected further and
further from you in concentric circles and, therefore, your influence will
increase exponentially.
As you evolve into a 'refined state of consciousness,' many of the old rules of
the third/fourth-dimensional reality are changing. No longer are you confined in
a shell of illusion and separation. What you think and do gains power and
momentum, and you truly are becoming a dynamic force for good which affects
everything and everyone around you. You have no idea how powerful you are and
how much more effective you will become, and how many wondrous gifts await you
on your journey into en-LIGHTEN-ment.
Down through the ages, you have played many roles and assumed a great variety of
forms, along with the attributes and talents that fit the persona you chose for
a particular life's experience. When you came into your individualized
consciousness so many aeons ago, you contained a vast portion of your
Creator-consciousness, but the monumental task of becoming a cocreator separate
and apart from the SOURCE was new to you, for you were also 'holy innocent ones'
at that time. You have had billions and billions of years to perfect your skills
and even though, you, as StarSeeds have refracted and diminished yourselves a
prodigious number of times, you still have great knowledge derived from all the
experiences of the past stored within your Soul, Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind.
You are now in the process of tapping into all the wisdom and skills you have
accumulated through the many past ages, and are learning to use your 'gifts of
Spirit' all over again. That is why the 'veil of forgetfulness' is being
dissolved so that, as you return to balance and harmony, you can access the
'wisdom of the cosmos' stored throughout your physical cellular structure and
your vaster 'Being.'
No longer are 'young souls,' those who attained 'individualized consciousness'
in the more recent universal and galactic past, being allowed to incarnate on
Earth during these times of accelerated ascension. It is a time for the 'wise,
old souls of the universe' to inhabit the Earth in order to assist in the
transformation and the unprecedented evolutionary process now in progress. The
'holy innocent ones' and the young souls who have recently come into their
individualized awareness are being born on many new and wondrous star systems
and planets where the spectrum of polarity and duality will not be allowed to
swing so broadly and, therefore, their lessons in cocreation will not be as
painful or chaotic as they have been for you on Earth over these many past ages.
Dearest hearts, do you truly desire to assist your family, neighborhood, city,
state/province or nation to return to balance and harmony, and to speed up the
process of the Earth's return to its pristine beauty? Are you consciously making
the effort to anchor on Earth the refined frequencies of Light contained in
Celestial Cities of Light stationed in the higher dimensions? We have explained
how the Crystalline Grid now fully blankets the Earth; however, it is not yet
firmly anchored. It is you, as transducers and conveyers of this refined Light,
who will anchor these higher frequency energies, and in doing so you will create
the new sacred places and the emerging Cities of Light on the Earth in physical
These coming critical years could be called "Bridging Years," whereby you will
be bridging many levels of consciousness, and you will be building bridges (or
portals) to the Cities of Light and anchoring them firmly on Earth. You will be
building bridges of new awareness between you and your soul family on Earth, and
you will be re-establishing and strengthening the connection with the many
facets of your Divine Self, including your precious Twin Flame ( if the front
and back portals to your Sacred Heart are open), and you have initiated the
process of forgiveness of yourself and all others.
As more and more of you radiate your love, and send balanced and harmonious
energies out into the ethers, it opens up and builds what has been called the
Rainbow Bridge. This River of Life is the pathway of Light, radiating the
energies of the twelve major Rays of this universe, which are infused with the
virtues, qualities and attributes of the Creator. It is an Arc of Light and a
covenant between you, our (Almighty)Father/Mother God and us.
As we have stressed many times before, we do not make predictions, for the free
will of humanity can withdraw or add to a probable future at any moment, thereby
changing it. As we have emphasized over and over again, 'You give energy to and
reinforce whatever you place your attention on.' That is why it is so important
that you focus on the positive traits of those around you and what is right in
your world, instead of what is wrong, thereby reinforcing the positive aspects
while weakening or dissolving the negative vibrational patterns around and
within you. Do not focus on the shadows or the inequities around you. Begin to
view things from a higher vantage point, and look for the 'big picture,' instead
of getting caught up in the drama of the 'small story.' This applies at all
levels of existence, and when you are 'centered' and radiating positive,
balanced frequency patterns, it affects all aspects of your life, as well as
those around you, and ultimately the 'collective whole.' Beloved ones, you have
the tools to transform your life and your immediate environment, and ultimately
the world. Be bold in your vision; focus on the positive aspects of your life,
and in those around you, thereby reinforcing the Love/Light, whether strong or
dim, that dwells within each and every person you meet.
When you align your will with the Creator's Will, you will be placed among the
ranks of the Builders of Form, under the direction of the Elohim, for it has
been mandated that all levels and facets of Creation are to be incorporated,
expanded and exemplified on Earth at this time. A new blueprint and Divine
schematic has been brought forth for Planet Earth in a great all-encompassing
thought form from the mind of the Supreme Creator. This plan for the New Age
that is now rapidly unfolding, and the Divine Blueprint for the new golden
galaxy, which is in the formative stages within the Cosmic Womb of the Divine
Mother, is being 'Seeded' with the maximum Creator Light in order that these
wondrous new creations may be manifested and made a reality as quickly as
possible. Many diverse segments of the new cosmic blueprint have been placed in
a multitude of great pyramids of Light throughout the higher dimensions, just
waiting for humanity to tap into these powerhouses of unmanifested potential,
and to bring forth the wonderful new vision that is waiting to be created in the
world of physicality.
Many of you seek to know what your earthly mission is for this lifetime and, we
tell you, your soul's greatest desire is that you reclaim the many facets of
your Divine Self, and return to the wondrous master of cocreation that you were
when you first embodied in the physical. As a Bearer of Light, you promised to
be our representatives on Earth and, within, you have all that you need to
fulfill your earthly contract. As doubts arise, remember, all of your
experiences of the past, whether they were successful or seemingly failures,
have given you a wealth of experience to draw upon..Beloveds, shine your Light
for all to see. Call on us and we will assist you in every way possible Know
that I am with you always, and you are dearly loved. I AM Archangel Michael
Transmitted through Ronna Herman * STAR*QUEST * Phone/Fax:775-856-3654 *
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DEAREST FRIENDS, As you are aware, I hear from people all over the world and,
therefore, receive a lot of input about what is happening in the lives of our
soul family. It seems as though we, as Bearers of Light, are in a 'pregnant
pause,' or a time of withdrawing into our 'inner sanctuary,' in order to allow
our new reality to come to fruition. This has happened to me a number of times
since I have been working with beloved Michael, most often, when it is time to
change course or move to a new level of awareness. However, this time it seems
to be more all-inclusive, and I have been inspired to review many facets of my
life including my mission, my relationships and responsibilities to my family
and those dear to me. It is as if I am fine-tuning my 'belief structure' and
consciously eliminating those things that no longer fit my new reality. These
are exciting and, sometimes, disconcerting times, but if we stay centered in the
NOW moment and allow our Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind to guide us, we will
emerge triumphant; honed and up-graded, ready to truly step into our
self-mastery and our role as galactic Spiritual/human Beings. The filters are
being removed from our eyes and hearts, and we must be willing to step out into
uncharted territory. Beloved Michael is downloading new information as quickly
as I can integrate it and, I must say, I am in a constant state of awe and
excitement about what is taking place around the Earth and within us. We must be
bold and steadfast, and we must constantly be aware of the thoughts and energy
we are radiating out into the world. Know that you are ever in my heart and I
send you all my eternal love and angel blessings, Ronna