by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

As I write this article, Humanity is experiencing an influx of very powerful Light from the Celestial Realms. New, 5th-Dimensional particles and waves are bathing the planet during the period between the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which took place on August 28, 2007, and the New Moon Solar Eclipse on September 11, 2007.

In the midst of this dramatic influx of Divine Light, we are also experiencing the rare numerological frequencies of September 9, 2007 = 999. The powerful blessings of 999 will flood the planet on September 18th and September 27th, as well.

Illumined astrologers all over the globe are heralding the magnitude of this rare moment. Every persons I AM Presence is striving to reveal, within each Ones Heart Flame, the opportunity at hand. It is a time of completion. It is time to let go. It is time to surrender to the Light. It is time to joyfully do what we came to this planet to do. It is a time for New Beginnings.

Because of miracles that have taken place over the past several months, the Earth and all Life evolving upon her are vibrating at higher frequencies than ever before. For this reason, the eclipse energies and the numerological energies from 999 are having an extremely amplified effect in all of our lives. This is true regardless of how aware of or how oblivious we have been to what is happening to us.

These energies are prodding us out of our comfort zones and pushing us forward into the next level of our service to the Light. For many, this will be a quantum leap into uncharted waters. We are being motivated in unprecedented ways to release all resistance and all interference from the past that has been blocking our bliss. This may involve people, places, conditions or things. It is time for us to move forward in the Light on the wings of joy and gratitude. Through the Grace of God, the entire Company of Heaven is standing by to assist us to do just that. All we have to do is ask.

The amazing events that were God Victoriously accomplished at the 21st Annual World Congress on Illumination, which was held August 11-16, 2007, have contributed greatly to this moment. During those wondrous days, Lightworkers all over the world joined in consciousness with the Lightworkers gathered within the Portal of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation and Transfiguring Divine Love in Tucson, Arizona.

The Lightworkers physically present at the World Congress on Illumination selflessly expended their time, energy and money to travel to Tucson to serve as surrogates on behalf of ALL Humanity. They came from:

Puerto Rico
South Africa
United States of America
Virgin Islands

In addition to the Lightworkers who were physically present in Tucson, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world tuned in with us in consciousness during that sacred week and wove their powerful Light into this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan.

During the Opening Ceremonies on August 11, the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies of the Lightworkers were raised up in energy, vibration and consciousness the maximum that Cosmic Law would allow. This activity of Light completed the final stage of preparation to allow each One to be the most powerful Instrument of God and the most effective transmitter of Divine Light possible.

On August 12, our omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Father-Mother God invoked the Mighty Elohim, who are the Builders of Form, and the Directors of the Elements, who guide and direct the Divine Intelligence within the Elemental Kingdom. The Elemental Kingdom consists of the Gnomes and Nature Spirits associated with the Earth Element, the Undines of the Water Element, the Salamanders of the Fire Element, the Sylphs of the Air Element and the Devas and Deva Rajas of the Ether Element.

Under the direction of our Father-Mother God, these majestic Beings were empowered to utilize the full-gathered momentum of the Flame of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation to purify the earth, air, fire, water and ether elements within Humanitys Earthly bodies and the bodies of Mother Earth.

The Elohim and the Directors of the Elements projected this Sacred Fire through the unified Heart Flames of the Lightworkers gathered in Tucson and those tuning in from around the world. Then the I AM Presence of each Lightworker absorbed the Flame of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation and breathed it into the center of the Earth on the Holy Breath. As this exquisite Flame of Healing merged with the core of purity in the Heart of Mother Earth, it expanded out through her Crystal Grid System. For 24 hours this Sacred Flame blazed in, through and around every facet of Life within the physical, etheric, mental and emotional strata of the planet.

On August 13, we were told by the Legions of Light in the Realms of Truth that the purification was God Victorious. In fact, the Beings of Light said the purification was successful beyond the greatest expectations of Heaven.

Our Father-Mother God then revealed that the influx of Healing Light that bathed the Earth through the collective cup of Humanitys consciousness during the global Live Earth event on July 7 and the global Fire the Grid meditation on July 17, had paved the way for an activity of Light that had been in the works for millennia. This activity involved a Baptism of the Holy Spirit that would catapult Humanity into previously unknown frequencies of Christ Consciousness.

In deep humility and gratitude the Lightworkers at the World Congress on Illumination consecrated our hearts and minds to be the Open Door for this gift from our Mother God. With that heartfelt covenant our Mother God, and the Feminine Aspects of our Mother God throughout the whole of Creation, projected their luminous Presence into the atmosphere of Earth. After each One had taken her strategic position, the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child was invoked. Each persons I AM Presence responded and joyously assumed position to receive the greatest Baptism of the Holy Spirit the world has ever known.

As the Divine Ceremony began, a Cosmic Tone from the Heart of All That Is reverberated through the Universe, alerting the Legions of Light from Suns beyond Suns and Galaxies beyond Galaxies that a miracle was taking place on Planet Earth.

When all was in readiness, our Mother God and the Feminine Aspects of God throughout Infinity breathed into their Heart Flames the unfathomable power of the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love. This Sacred Fire, from frequencies within the Core of Creation beyond anything Humanity has ever experienced, was then breathed into the Heart Flame of every awaiting Lightworker.

Gently and lovingly, with a Divine Power beyond the comprehension of our finite minds, a Baptism of the Holy Spirit began flowing through the Lightworkers into the Heart Flames of every soul evolving on Earth. Each persons I AM Presence took supreme authority of this Baptism by Sacred Fire, and permanently imprinted previously unknown levels of Christ Consciousness into the genetic codings of each Ones Divine Potential. This miracle was victoriously accomplished in perfect alignment with each persons Divine Plan and highest good.

Now pulsating within the RNA/DNA structures of every person on Earth is a new level of Divine Consciousness, which is filtering into the heart and conscious mind of every soul. This Divine Consciousness is reminding Humanity of the Oneness of ALL Life and empowering us with the Truth of our Divine Birthright as Beloved Sons and Daughters of God.

This Baptism of the Holy Spirit created a quantum shift that brought the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within every Heart Flame into higher frequencies of balance than Humanity has experienced since our fall from Grace aeons ago.

On August 14, the Spiritual Hierarchy informed us that the success of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit had paved the way for a healing within the Masculine Polarity of God that pulsates in every Heart Flame.

Our Mother God was forced to withdraw from the Earth when we closed our Heart Chakras aeons ago. This tragic act was done in a futile attempt to prevent ourselves from feeling the painful effects of our misqualified thoughts, words, actions and feelings.

Since that time, the power of the Masculine Polarity of God has been abused or suppressed in one way or another by our human egos. For millions of years, the absence of our Mother God has prevented Humanitys masculine power from being balanced with feminine love. At long last, the stage was set for that imbalance to be healed.

Through various Divine Ceremonies that took place on that sacred and holy day, Lightworkers joined forces with the entire Company of Heaven to transmute the outer-world effects of Humanitys abuse of power. Every recalcitrant soul who was resisting the return of our Mother God and her momentum of Divine Love, and every soul who was still abusing the Power and Divine Will of our Father God was brought into the embrace of our collective Heart Flames.

When all was in readiness, our Father God and the Masculine Aspects of our Father God throughout the whole of Creation projected their luminous Presence into the atmosphere of Earth and took their strategic positions around the planet. For a 24-hour period, these powerful Beings of Gods First Cause of Perfection bathed the Earth with the Divine Will, Power and Authority of our Father God. This activity of Light created the sacred space for the Divine Masculine within every Heart Flame to reclaim its rightful place and for the fallen frequencies of Humanitys abuse of power to be transmuted into the Light to be loved free.

On August 15, we were blessed with another Divine Opportunity. On that day, which is dedicated in the outer world to the Ascension of Beloved Mother Mary, we were told by the Beings of Light that it was possible for the Light of our Father Gods Divine Power now balanced with the Light of our Mother Gods Divine Love, to be successfully infused into every person and every position of power on Earth.

Responding to the clarion call of our Father-Mother God, the Elohim, Archangels and Ascended Beings associated with Gods First Cause of Perfection entered the atmosphere of Earth. These august Beings were accompanied by Legions of Angels from their Regal Courts.

Under the direction of the Elohim, Archangels and Ascended Beings, the Legions of Angels traversed the Earth, north, south, east and west. These selfless servants of God infused the newly balanced frequencies of Divine Power and Love into every position of power.

This awesome activity of Light began within the halls of power in the United States of America and expanded into the halls of power in every country in the world. Within these foci of power, the balanced Light of Divine Power and Love was secured in the core of purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life.

The Angels infused this powerful Light into every governmental facility, every corporation, every focus associated with the military and the medical, health, pharmaceutical, financial and housing industries. They infused the balance of Divine Love and Power into the criminal and judicial systems, the energy, transportation, food and water industries, the media, the educational, religious and family institutions and every other focus of power in the world.

Once this activity of Light was victoriously accomplished, we were advised by the Spiritual Hierarchy that Humanity was ready for the next phase of the Divine Plan.

The Lightworkers at the World Congress on Illumination were aware that the goal of this gathering was to create the sacred space for the I AM Presence of every recalcitrant soul on Earth to integrate further into his or her Earthly Bodies and to begin the integration of the Solar Light Bodies. The Divine Intent of this mission was to prepare every last soul on the planet for his or her eventual Ascension into the 5th Dimensional Realms of Infinite Perfection. Gods Will in this mission is for no soul to be left behind.

On August 16, the Company of Heaven informed the Lightworkers at the World Congress on Illumination that the monumental success of the events of the week had prepared Humanity for the integration of our I AM Presence and our Solar Light Bodies in ways they never dreamed possible.

In an awe-inspiring Cosmic Moment, the Legions of Light throughout Infinity joined with the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth. When all was in place, our Father-Mother God sounded the Keynote, and every soul on Earth was lifted into the embrace of his or her I AM Presence and Solar Light Bodies.

This miraculous event was victoriously accomplished in the Realms of Cause and will now daily and hourly manifest for each of us in the world of effects.

Once something is victoriously accomplished in the Realms of Cause nothing can prevent it from manifesting in the world of effects. The only variable is how long it will take, and that depends on how quickly Humanity integrates these changes into our daily lives through our thoughts, words, actions and feelings.

After that wondrous event, our Father-Mother God revealed that the unified efforts of Lightworkers around the world had reached a critical mass of Divine Power and Love. They announced that this milestone allowed the Earth and ALL her Life to Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution into the initial impulse of the 5th Dimension. Our Father-Mother God confirmed that this miracle has occurred far ahead of schedule.

For a while now, we have been able to experience the beginning frequencies of the 5th Dimension. This can occur when we reach up in consciousness or whenever we go within to the Divinity of our hearts. Millions of Lightworkers all over the world have gotten glimpses of the bliss contained within these frequencies of Light, but now it will be different.

Now the Earth and all her Life have crossed the threshold on our initial Ascent into the 5th Dimension. This means that we have the ability to stay permanently in this Realm of Bliss while we continue our Earthly sojourn. It means that if we deliberately and consciously focus on the perfection of Heaven on Earth, we will be able to tangibly experience it in our daily lives as never before.

Where our attention is, there we are. Now with the integration of our I AM Presence and our Solar Light Bodies victoriously accomplished in the Realms of Cause, we have the ability to hold our attention on and experience the perfection of Heaven on Earth right here and right now.

Lets all make a conscious effort to be the Peace Commanding Presence we are capable of being. Lets truly BE the Light of the World and the Open Door that no one can shut.

After all, that is the covenant we made with our Father-Mother God when we were given permission to embody on Earth during this auspicious time.

Lets fulfill that promise. I assure you, it will be the most glorious and rewarding thing you ever do.

God Bless you for the Light you are adding to the world.

Enjoy your Bliss!

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
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2007 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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