Hasn't the time flown past since the release of The Wave of Love -  The Movie on the 7 July this year.  The Movie was a gift to assist humanity in simply being LOVE and consciously connecting with the Love vibration that flows from our Galactic Centre (core of the Milky Way).
Spirit provided the vision for the movie and guided the entire process...and it was one HUGE lesson in trust for me as I knew absolutely nothing about movie making...and to be honest felt rather overwhelmed with the task laid out before me.  There were many times I felt a little fearful that I would not be able to complete that which was being asked (oh yes, I am  human too !).
Spirit indicated that the movie would be viewed over 100,000 times as we entered into Stage II....and of course Spirit was spot on as our viewings are right on target (and yes another lesson for me in trust, how grateful I am for such great teachers!).

Only 5 more sleeps until our Stage II - 999 Attunement phase commences with The Wave of Love.
All subscribers, commencing this Sunday 9 September, will receive a daily attunement email.  Each email will include a small write up fostering a deeper understanding of the sacred symbol for the day, a channelled message and a meditation/prayer to assist in connecting with the energies.
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September is a huge month energetically, and nothing is going to occur on a small scale this month.  
From September 2 onwards humanity is full steam ahead due to quite a remarkable astrological line up supporting our connection and attunement with The Wave of Love.
In our daily email attunements during September, we will be covering what is happening astrologically and the significance it has for all at this time here on not under-estimate the what is happening energetically, as this Shift his happening on a grand scale.
In this last update before the commencement of Stage II, I would like to discuss the significance of what happened astrologically on the 2nd September and how this is paving the way for our daily attunements.
Note: All times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). To convert this time to your current place of residence in the world please click here to visit The Time Zone Converter website.
At 11.48pm on Sunday 2nd September Saturn moved out of the sign of Leo and into Virgo.
Saturn takes around 29 years to make one complete transit through every sign of the zodiac. Saturn has been transiting Leo since July 2005, and now on the 2nd September the move to Virgo brings with it some major changes energetically.
Saturn is the sign of discipline, structure, responsibility, focus and dedication.  Saturn can be rather a 'heavy' energy at times, but it also contains such wonderful lessons for growth and maturity on our journey.
Saturn has been transiting through Leo since July 2005 and this has been a difficult energy for some people to work with.  As we have seen Saturn is all about structure and discipline and this can sometimes clash with Leo which is about fun & adventure, taking risks, realising the big dreams and going for it !
Thus from July 2005 onwards, we were given the opportunity to get out there and throw away our fears and create from our hearts.  Many of us did just that, but found it hard to survive (financially and on many other levels) as the 'out there' energy of Leo did not provide the disciplined steps  to show us just how to make it all work.  The firey Leo energy was great as it pushed many of us into action and we dreamed big...but for many this also meant a time of struggle...
This has all started to shift from the 2nd Sept, as we now have the opportunity to work with our 'big dreams' and create much financial, emotional and physical abundance.
Virgo, an Earth sign is all about practicality and working with the finer details to make things happen.  This is great news, as our big Leo dreams will now have structure through Virgo to come to life and support us on every level.
Saturn in Virgo gives us a brilliant combination to work with in transforming our lives. 
Saturn teaches us how to consciously co-create whilst Virgo provides us with the know-how and the all important steps to make things happen.
As we commence Stage II this Sunday, these energies are supporting us on our journey of living authentically and coming together again in LOVE.
 Saturn will support us in being disciplined to follow through on our committment of self growth and performing the daily meditations. 
During Stage II, as we connect with 'What our soul purpose is & What we really wish to achieve for ourselves and humanity in this lifetime' Virgo will be there working with Saturn to make our dreams, visions, feelings, emotions and thoughts come together and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN NOW !!!
Many will find that this is the time for self study, workshops, meditation groups etc.. what ever it takes to find the tools necessary to work on you and make manifest a Heaven here on Earth as we approach 2012.
These are the energies supporting us into Phase II, I am so looking forward to the ride ! 
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