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This was channelled through me yesterday and I was given strict instructions that the transcript was to be ready within 24 hours. So here you go and I trust you will get out of it what is needed.

Much love, Michelle




Channelled through Michelle Eloff ©

Johannesburg, South Africa

31 July 2007

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Transcribed by Samantha Gilbert & Michelle Eloff

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channelling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of transmutation, synchronicity, truth and peace. Greetings Beloved Ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved Ones todayís journey is one that will bring you into the deeper understanding of how empowering or disempowering your choices are. In understanding the twelve pathways of destiny you begin to understand how choice influences the quality of your life and the duration of each cycle, and the re-manifestation of those new bodies of light that are held within the realms of truth which you bring into the physical realms.

Now each pathway that you are presented with is an opportunity to grow, and basically that is the vast part of what the life choice is about. Each time you embark upon something new you are choosing a pathway of growth. Throughout your lifetime you are faced with choices. Each of those choices result in a specific pathway. Prior to your incarnation the twelve pathways are set down before you, each of these pathways work in perfect harmony with the twelve houses of Astrology, the twelve strands of DNA, the twelve master numbers of your universe and the twelve divine aspects of the complete Almighty I AM presence (six being the divine feminine and six being the divine masculine).

When you incarnate you come in on the first journey or the first ray of those twelve, which make up primarily the first seven years of your life during which time you are tuning into the twelve pathways of destiny that your parents have chosen, those pathways impact on your first pathway and determine the pathways you will choose from that point forward. Imagine these pathways working together like grids stacked upon one another, each grid which is a group of twelve pathways interlinking harmoniously as each of those sections or sectors of the grid activate one another. Each activation triggers a series of events which attract to you those people whom you are destined to meet, destined to be with, to make a life with or to have an encounter with which influence, once more, the quality of your life.

Each of those meetings present you with opportunities, opportunities to make choices. It is vital that you understand that these are not limited to your present lifeline, as you know it, there are other lines of life being expressed simultaneously in what is known as parallel and alternative realities. Each of those realities are being influenced by your choices and vice versa. An example could be that perhaps you meet a very important person, imagine it to be a potential partner, a potential relationship that offers you an incredible opportunity of growth, an opportunity to experience love and other aspects of life. Your connection is profound and everything inside of the both of you is pulling you together, however, maybe one of you is not free in the human sense to be with that partner and as a result choose not to embark upon a journey with that person. What happens then is an alternate reality is created where energetically the connection between the two of you plays itself through. However there will come another time if not in this particular lifeline or cycle then in another one, in another timeline which is often referred to as parallel lives where you will be presented with the same opportunity again. Many times when one is faced with such a deep connection it is usually the soul or the higher selfís call to honour the fact that a new life path/pathway of destiny is presenting itself to you. The difference now is that you are being called to respond NOW and not leave it until the next cycle comes about. By doing this you are dragging the process out. One of the reasons why so much is happening at once, and why meeting multiple partners in this timeline is so rife is because you are tying up all the loose ends of the past time lines so you can meet up with THE ONE, so to speak and get on with the really important stuff! 2007 - 2009 will be filled with ending the old and beginning the new. Some of you may even find you have no real, tangible reason to leave a partner, job, city ect. All you have is the inner knowing that it must be done, regardless. We beseech you to follow this calling!

Many people do in fact respond to the higher selfís call to embark upon a new journey, while others remain within their current state of living because they believe certain choices have been made that need to be adhered to as a result of man-made laws. Now beloved ones, one thing you need to understand in the new paradigm is that man-made laws are going to disintegrate. These laws do not hold ground any more simply because of the basis upon which they were founded. The laws are changing, the universal laws are replacing man-made laws, therefore laws that have been instilled in terms of what you can do regarding life choices such as choosing whom you want to spend your life with, or whom you want to spend a period of time with is your choice to make, not a choice to be inhibited by a man-made law that holds you in any kind of state of guilt or fear because a promise has been made which at the time in all truth you could not make because you do not have the ability as yet to see the future. You are in a constant state of change, growing all the time therefore long term promises can in fact not be made and I am speaking not just of a promise to a lover, I speak of a promise to anyone. It is vital that you commit to the moment that you are in if that is what you feel you can uphold, beyond that you run the risk of disappointing people because you do not know what you future holds. You do not know when the next pathway of destiny will present itself to you and where that is taking you. So now humanity must accept the fact that change is inevitable and by sticking to empty promises, we will call it this because they are empty in a sense, they do not hold the visions of the future within them because it does not exist in terms of what the conscious consciousness is aware of, will bring misery and pain. It is false promises and this is where karma is created when you bind yourself to a situation that you did not have the power to do in the first place, so what this does now is begin creating a whole lot of alternate and parallel realities where different aspects of you must play out those unfulfilled experiences. Now you might say "but then what is the problem, I am experiencing it?", no, the problem is that you begin fragmenting yourself in order to experience all of those realities as opposed to re-collecting all those aspects, living in the moment of the here and now and experiencing it in its fullness. As time accelerates in its linear form you are experiencing the integration of all those fragmented aspects of yourself. However when you are faced with a choice and you choose not to embark upon that pathway of destiny for the so called wrong reasons, you fragment yourself again, and the person whom you encountered that you were destined to be with experiences a fragmentation as well, and so called Karma is created because that pathway of destiny was set in place, you came together, you met but you chose not to follow that instinctive need to be with one another, to experience one another. That instinctive need, the fire, the passion, the connection is all the elements that you set in place when you created that pathway to be the trigger, to be the flag saying "here we go this is the person, this is the situation that is going to be my message, my alert system that a new pathway has come to meet me". But, oh no people get caught up in all sorts of ego games that they cannot make a choice because promises have been made, because they have tied themselves, bound themselves to a situation, to a person, to a so called contract.

Many contracts have been cleared and in truth, let us put it this way, the only contracts you have that need to be honoured are the contracts you have with your children who are what is termed in a minor state and that is for the first twelve years of their life, where you are responsible for guiding them through those first twelve years which links them to setting in place the twelve pathways of destiny and all the other levels of the frequency of twelve. In an ideal world, I suppose you can call it that, every soul was supposed to be fully prepared to deal with life by the age of twelve. By the age of twelve every soul if honouring the journey of life will know exactly what to do with their life, what action to take in terms of living out their purpose and be able to apply the universal laws. This does not mean to say that at that stage the pre-teen would be ousted from their home space, no, what then happened was that this soul then became an active participant in the creation of home space in terms of decision making, contributing to the co-creative process in terms of establishing community, the common unity within the establishment of life. During that time the soul was already in a position to attract those beings who were creating the more advanced spiral awareness and intelligence in terms of preparing themselves between the age of twelve and eighteen for the next level of their life which would then perhaps become, if they so choose, the childbearing years and during that time they would be still guided and assisted by their elders during which time their ability to co-create expands even further, but no soul is bound by any law to remain with any person, any group or any situation if the soul no longer chooses it to be so. The soul will choose it not to be so because that cycle is complete, that pathway has been fulfilled, nothing more to be done and when that is not honoured that is when the problems set in. The heart chakra fragments immensely as well and this is what causes many heart wounds which influence ones ability to integrate the full power of love.

Let us remain on the subject of romance. Why not, it is such a delicious one anyway and we know how much humanity is intrigued by romance. For instance you meet up with a person and you blow one anotherís socks off and when you are in each otherís company the energy that flows between the two of you is noticeable to everyone else. The chemical systems in your bodies are communicating with one another and begin preparing for your new pathway of destiny.,because your blueprint and the frequencies inside of you were encoded to respond or to react in that manner because that is what itís purpose is ; to respond to those reactions. However, perhaps one of you or both of you are involved with someone else and you decide "oh my goodness no, this is forbidden we cannot do this!" but you have forgotten about those pathways of destiny, so your heart chakraís break and aspects of that split off and a parallel or alternate reality is created. Usually alternate realities, which then can fragment even further and become what will then be deemed as a past life where one day in the future you go into regression and there you have a past life memory of meeting your masculine or feminine counterpart and because you were involved with someone els..... what a sad case, you could not be together, but that wound, that cellular imprint of separation, of deprivation and loss is something that influences you for the rest of your days, and that pathway of destiny is then put on hold because the pathways of destiny are meant to be experienced in their final stage with the souls unified. The six masculine and the six feminine united and experienced as one collective twelve pathways of destiny. Six masculine, six feminine.

With the age where it is, the fragmenting process can no longer be tolerated in a manner of speaking because the more you continue to fragment and the more you delay the process, it becomes a drawn out process and when your higher aspects witness this delay they need to start ensuring that you catch up. There comes a point however, where you pass the point of no return, this means there isnít enough time for you to catch up, what happens then is the soul is presented with a life/death opportunity where the person can choose to leave their body and reincarnate at a later stage and take off from where they left off, but would have to hang around so to speak waiting for their other aspect to make choices. Or, you are offered an opportunity to cram everything thing in at an accelerated rate where both you and your counterpart are faced with perhaps very intensive situations which would eventually lead to you finding one another again which could take a while, but if honoured in the first place you eliminate all the in between nonsense and you find eavh other quicker. So, cut out the drama of denying yourselves the new pathway of destiny. Listen to the language of your body which connects you to that person, if it is a romantic encounter. Or, perhaps even a geographic location, and I am sure some of you have experienced it. You go to a place on the planet and your entire being opens and it is vibrating with such ecstasy that you do not know quite how to comprehend it. But your body has found an aspect of it's spirit within the being of that geographic location. And by being where you are, you are absorbing those aspects, and if you feel the calling to geographically relocate, then that is what is meant to be. What happens is you deny it, you ignore it, all sorts of excuses are made up as to why you cannot be there. Why? because modern life has become so complicated, the days of the nomad have been forgotten, which is why simplicity is such an essential quality of life. Simplicity allows you the freedom to follow your destiny, to experience those pathways, and in so doing experiencing the full joy of life. The earth was never meant to be owned by anyone. Can you see how the need to attach oneself to material objects has limited your ability to experience life? And even more so, inhibited your ability to truly experience the pathways of destiny. What are some the excuses people utilize as to why a pathway of destiny cannot be followed? Your attachments! an attachment to a person, to an empty promise, to a job, to a piece of property, to a whole lot of other things, all of them being the excuse as to why you should remain within a frozen state of animation. Look at the wheel of Astrology. What does a wheel do? It moves! The wheel of life turns!, but humanity has chosen one spoke of that wheel and hangs on for dear life, come hell or high water. That is not experienceing the pathways of destiny, or experiencing life. It is having a taste of just one slice of one pie for the duration of your life. Imagine only tasting one piece of perhaps strawberry shortcake, yet never tasting chocolate cake, or cheesecake, or carrot cake, or ginger cake! should we continue? what about not ever tasting honey or any other delectable indulgence in your life? And precious ones, that is what the 12 pathways of destiny are about. They are delectable encounters! Why do you think a so called adulterous experience is called "forbidden fruit"? It's sweet, yes?! (laughter), of course it is!, because the fruit of life is the sweetest bite of all. So, bite into that "forbidden fruit" and allow yourself to experience that pathway. The two of you have created it for a purpose. You have drawn that person, that experience, that geographic location into your plan for a reason. So, why deny yourself that exquisite experience, by believing a ridiculous belief that you do not deserve it, that you are not allowed to be with that person, or to experience that exotic location as your permanent residence or for as long as need be until the next pathway comes along? For goodness sake Lightworkers, wake up and smell the fruit! You deserve that sweetness! Get over the old paradigms' ridiculous, limiting, inhibiting structures that deprive you of your 12 exquisite pathways of destiny.

In the first 7 years of life you experience that first pathway. During which time you experience spontaneity, your are considered "the fool", even up until the age of perhaps 18 years old, you are forgiven your foolishness, your impulsiveness, your spontaneity, hopping from one job to the next , one relationship to the next, and whatever else it is, because it is considered acceptable because you are a young, free spirit. But why should that ever end? Why must you sacrifice your spontaneity, your impulsiveness, your free spirit, just because you are getting older in society's terms, having to take on more responsibility in society's terms, and are not allowed to experience that sweetness of life anymore. You become serious, you become a stuck up old fart (laughter), and you refuse to move out of your comfort zone! Now is that worth living your life for? Is remaining within the same block on the street worth it if you know that one choice can change your life? Is it worth hanging onto a piece of property, some bricks and mortar just because you signed a contract? Is it worth holding onto a relationship that perhaps doesn't fully meet all your needs, and yes, you tolerate one another, and you have you have to make the best of things because you signed a contract together, or you made a promise? Do you know that when you make a promise to someone in all truth it cannot really last anything longer than 12 months, because every 12 months that vibration changes. Your entire body regenerates cellularly every 9 - 12 months, so if your physical body undergoes a whole new change, for goodness sake what do you think is happening emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Everything is changing! You cannot bind yourself to anything or anyone ever again in truth, because life changes! Energy is moving. You are constantly co-creating. Imagine every single river on your planet freezing right now. Everything that is in a state of animation stopping right now. What do you think will happen? All life will cease to exist, not so? because nothing is moving. It becomes frozen in time. The same thing happens to you when you stop moving, you stop growing, you stop following the voice of your heart; the responses inside of you. All of those responses are your voice, those are the triggers that you set in place prior to this incarnation that would be the flag up to you saying "Howdy do it is time to move on!" But you turn your back, why? because you have bought into the ridiculous belief systems of society. Now, I would have forgiven you that a few years ago, but not any more (giggles). You are now living quantum intelligence, so sorry sweethearts, no more excuses! This does not mean to say that you are going to leave your life partner if you are happy, or that you are going to drop your job tomorrow and move to an exotic island within the next week. But of course that is all possible! If that is what your being responds to! If you are in a relationship with someone and you meet another person and sparks fly, and you find yourself thinking about that person more than you would think of a friend or anyone else whom you meet, then there is something to consider, there is a deeper connection and more to be experienced together. If you are finding yourself miserable in your job, constantly thinking about something else you need to do, then all of this is your cue for change, to call that new pathway of destiny into your life and follow it without buying into any of the usual excuses that talk you out of making that choice. Rather, indulge in every possibility of what would be different if you followed that truth. That pathway of destiny will not present itself to only you without the people involved having a new pathway of destiny being presented to them. That's why I said, every layer of the grids work together simultaneously. When a gear changes in your grid, gears change in everyone else's grid that are affected, or influenced, or a part of the pathway of destiny you are following.

How do you experience the levels of growth of life? By allowing the 144 aspects of each pathway of destiny to be experienced. Aha! you weren't expecting that! (giggles) "Oh my goodness" you say "what are the 144 aspects of those 12?" beloved ones the 144 aspects of one pathway is the quality of the experiences going on within that particular one pathway. Those 144 aspects could be experienced in a few days, months, or years, depending on what you have chosen in terms of each of those 144 aspects. By this I mean, let us go back to romance! you meet the man or woman of your dreams for that moment in time of course, and you embark upon a journey together. That journey presents you with the opportunity to complete those 144 aspects. Now, it may not be possible for you to pick them out one by one, but you will experience them and complete them in terms of perhaps children you have together, places you may travel to together, opportunities you present one another in the form of life lessons, the buttons you press for one another, every thing that you learn together, that you help one another move through and the children you bear together makes up those 144 aspects. When that is completed, that journey is completed, and again I reiterate, you will know when it is complete by what happens within that relationship, you will feel when the cycle is complete, but many people continue beating a dead horse because number 1, they do not know what to listen for, number two, do not know how to listen to what is there, and three, when they are hearing the voice they are to damned terrified to even acknowledge what is coming to them, and their fear paralyzes them and remains frozen in the old paradigm, and their fragmentation takes place, and they deny the delectable fruit; the sweetness of life!.

These 12 pathways are made up of a combination of many opportunities to grow. These are physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, spiritually and creatively. When any part of that is stifled it inhibits the 12 pathways forward. It becomes a festering aspect within the 144 aspects of that pathway of the 12. Each of the aspects draw in the aspects of the house of which ever part of the wheel of astrology you find yourself in, and which ever numerological vibration you find yourself in, which is why you have cycles numerologically. Each of those cycles are contributing to the pathway of destiny, to the 144 aspects. The vibrations within the DNA contributes to it, so everything is an exquisite composition of dynamics that orchestrate the most incredible scene of life that anyone could imagine, and could be the most exquisitely beautiful, extraordinarily delicious and empowering experience of any life time ever experienced, if you will do just one thing, surrender to life. Honour the call of your being, respond to the language that is spoken by your body, the language that was encoded into your body. Fright, fight and flight was encoded into your body as safety mechanisms. In order to preserve your life when you are faced with a danger the flight mechanism kicks in and automatically you run to protect yourself, that preserves you. Another situation may trigger the "fight" inside of you. What are you doing pushing aside your natural instincts and then sitting in a quandary praying to God, crying out to the universe to show you what to do, what your pathway is when you have just kicked it in the pants. Confusing huh? So think about it beloved ones.

The integration of these 12 pathways is not just about saying to yourself "I now integrate my 12 pathways of destiny" NO, it is far deeper than that. The first step is to make the promise to yourself in this moment that in this moment you are going to address everything in your life that does not serve the pathway you are choosing to manifest. And every day make a new commitment to yourself to honour the language of your body, your mind and your spirit and to respond accordingly. Very recently I delivered a message to a group of people, telling them that the next 18 weeks are going to be some of the most life transforming of your life time. This is linked to the Androgyny Templates work we are conducting through this channel including the grids we are currently anchoring and activating. These grids are speeding up time more than you are already seeing, and it is reshuffling all the grids of humanity on an individual and collective scale. Which is why you are seeing relationships all around you falling apart. Structures in government, in business, in families, in education and in medicine are all falling apart because the foundations upon which they are built is not the foundation of truth. It might have been a little while ago, but it is no longer. This is your signal that there is no more time to waste, there is absolutely no more space for excuses, for doubt, or for procrastination of any kind. Now is the moment to act! No thinking before you act! Take that leap of faith and trust that there is a greater force holding you as there always is. This is the time of truly integrating and living the quantum leap, the quantum life, and quantum intelligence. You are mastering the knowledge and the ability of the quantum world to feel something, generally your truth that is, and with quantum faith you step into that truth and you do what is needed trusting that the divine course of your life will manifest in that instant, because you pathway of destiny will take you in the direction you need to go. Therefore every person, every support system and everything else you need will automatically be in place, it has to, scientifically it has to be there, it cannot be any other way because the moment you choose, everything is intended in that moment and everything manifests in that moment. It cannot be any other way, it is the Law of the Universe, it is the Law of Quantum Science. In fact the fear that you will not be supported by following your truth is a complete and utter hoax, it distracts you from your truth!. It is scientifically, quantumly impossible for you to not be supported when you follow your truth. It is universally, cosmically impossible for you not to experience the fullness of life when you choose the next active pathway of destiny. This is why sometimes you are taken along a pathway kicking and screaming, and it feels as if your life is falling apart, it's because you don't listen and your higher self, your future self , needs to take control, overriding the ego, overriding your fears and yanking you in that new direction. But you don't need to experience it like that any longer. You can experience harmonious steps from one pathway to the next. Your body works with biorhythms, you have rest periods and active periods, everything is constantly moving, turning, changing, transforming, and it is no different when it comes to your life. So, any person who chooses to entertain the idea that now is the time to settle down nicely with someone for the next 25 years, in a comfortable job for the next 25 years, in their lovely little house with a white picket fence and little children running around for the next 25 years, I have news for you, big news for you (chuckles) that might have been the case in the old paradigm, but certainly not now. This also does not mean that you will not spend 25 years or more with a chosen partner, what it means is that you can only commit to your partner in truth for a year at a time, and then see how you grow together, the choices you make together, how you co-create together, and, it has been done and it will be done if you are growing together, it is quite manageable, but make sure you are not betting the wrong horse before you make your choice.

Beloved ones let us now introduce you to the Lords and Ladies of Destiny who'll begin the energy work aligning you with the next pathway of destiny, bringing into play all those new vibrations. Please close your eyes now if you have not already. Take a deep breath in your though your nose exhaling through your mouth and allowing your body to relax. With each in breath just acknowledge to yourself that you are ready to relax and to receive new energy into you physiology, your anatomy, your psychology and every other aspect of your being. While your energy relaxes, we connect you with all of you parallel and alternate realities (pause), all those parts of you who are staggered through the time lines which are considered past lives, future lives and alternate lives. Each of those realities containing a part of you. However the part of you that is here and now is the one drawing all the other aspects of your self in to the Golden Age. (pause) The part of you here and now is THE ONE opening the avenues of illumination to all those aspects of self that have as yet not achieved the level of consciousness you have. While this is being done your higher self, your future self who has mastered this manifests within your energy field merging with your magnetic grid of the here and the now. (pause) This now activates all the magnetic frequencies within you here and now, and extends these magnetic messages out to those aspects and you begin drawing all the incomplete aspects into the here and now. (pause) What this does is begin creating the manifestation of your most empowering pathway of destiny to date. A journey that you will experience in which you will meet the power of the light, the power of the love, and the power of the truth within life that exists within you, reflected back at you within someone else and every other part of that journey. This journey entails meeting your God or Goddess self. This energy was prepared on a planetary level very recently. These grids were anchored by the Divine Mother and were drawn through the Star Gate Chi-Sor by altering the grids around the heart chakra of humanity bringing about this most extraordinary change of events.

As more and more souls who are awake to the truth consciously choose this new empowering pathway of destiny, so the course of humanity's future will be completely altered. This is what will lead humanity away from the so-called perceptions of Armageddon, and into that Golden state of Golden consciousness, where people are no longer fighting to survive, or battling any other kind of force, but rather co-creating the dynamics within the chosen realities that become life. The life you experience which dovetails with everyone else's pathway of destiny whom you are destined to be with, to meet, to interact with, to befriend, to work with, to play with or anything else with. (pause)

We ask you now to stretch your energy field as wide open as you can (pause) and breathing in through your chakras to imagine this vast energy called The New Pathway of Destiny making it's way towards you, and as you consciously pull in this new pathway of destiny you begin to release all the magnetic attachments to your energy field that bind you to old pathways, all contracts, all promises, absolutely anything that has bound you through false perceptions to the pathway you are complete with which is now released, and for the next 18 weeks (ending 01 Dec 07) you will continue the process of releasing and anchoring yourself firmly within the new pathway, releasing you from the old and rooting you in the new. (pause)

During this time line beloved ones it is vital that you listen and respond to the language of your body, the language of your emotions, your intuition; the language of your heart. This is now where the Lords and Ladies of Destiny step in. They begin to activate an accelerated clearing of the emotional body matrix, this clearing filters out all false emotion which are fear based, i.e. fear motivated. (pause) all of those emotions that are triggered by the old paradigm i.e. old pathway belief systems, attitudes, contracts and promises that you cannot fulfil because there is no energy to fulfil it with, it is empty, obsolete, complete. (pause) Feel the presence of the Lords and Ladies of Destiny projecting an exquisite ray of energy into your emotional body in any colour you choose to imagine it to be (pause), and this colour fills up every fibre of your emotional body and very, very cleverly isolates every illusionary belief system, attitude, contract or binding agreement that traps you in the old pathway (pause) Just imagine that energy dismantling it (pause). As this is done it begins to release those aspects of you in parallel and alternate realities that due to old binding systems have not been able to be fully integrated by you here and now; the you who is ascending the old paradigm, and stepping into the complete new world of co-creation, the world that many of you are unfamiliar with, a world that many of you have thought not possible, only a dream, a fantasy. This is a world where you can be with the one you wish to, to be with the people you choose to, doing what you love most, experiencing the exquisiteness of nature, of life, of love, of truth and creativity. This is your chance now to make that a reality. And if your heart calls to you to make that choice then do so now. Choose to take a step into that magnetic field of your new pathway of destiny and feel it's electrical currents merge with you, pulsating into every cell of your body, vibrating into your DNA, and the molecules and atoms of your body, and this now anchoring you within the sacred template of your newest and most divine pathway of destiny. And it is upon this pathway that you will experience the 144 aspects that give you the opportunity to exercise your free will, to make choices that will help you experience the fullness of that pathway, to experience the fullness of that life and to release yourself from an illusionary attachment to the belief system that you are not free, that you have to be bound by earthly possessions, therefore, manifesting a sense of entrapment, inhibiting your ability to freely roam the earth and experience the joy it has to share with you.

To freely roam the earth may not necessarily mean that you must travel to the other side of the earth, for some it is to be able to freely roam the earth within one's heart, to roam the paradise of self that seeks expression, that seeks fulfilment and completion. Being in a human body does not mean that you will not ever experience completion or wholeness, being in a human body does mean you are doomed to live in a state of fragmentation and separation for the rest of your days on earth, and that you can only experience wholeness once you return to the other realms, no so! That has all changed. Now you are becoming accustomed to the new ways of living the Universal Laws that override every single man-made law that inhibits a soul's freedom to explore life and express that creativity and co-create within the dynamism of this new world.

Now amplify the energy in your energy field and in so doing calling into you all those free aspects, every single authentic grid of your self that aligns with this new pathway of destiny. (pause) Open your energy field to bring in every person, every place, every inspiration and every expression that will ensure the full manifestation and experience of that pathway. (pause) The pathway where you will witness first hand your power as a co-creator living in a free world of free expression, free to love, free to roam, free to journey, and free to live in accordance with the Divine Truth of what you as a soul have chosen with the person and people whom you love most, who compliment your journey, and who are a part of that pathway. Bring it in now and root it firmly in your entire system (pause), and as you do this the Lords and Ladies of Destiny increase the amplification of the colour ray that now floods through the planetary emotional body matrix (pause), and it too continues to dismantle all the fear-based motivations that become the attitudes and belief systems of a fear-full world, a world frozen in time (pause), a world you are no longer a part of (pause).

Continue to breathe in deeply exhaling fully as your higher self, your future self weaves your energy system into this pathway grid aligning it with every single time line, energy frequency, creative thread and dynamic of light that will ensure that everything and everyone that you are destined to be with, meet and experience will come to you, or you will now merge with, if you have already connected with it, under grace in perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways. And some of you who might listen to these words in the future, or read them, some of you may have already met a person, or people, or had an experience that is a part of your future pathway and it is this encounter that is calling you to take action. It's calling you to let go and move forward. I assure you it is safe to listen and to act. (pause)

While all these energies are being recalibrated within your system beloved ones, all the energy within the 12 strands of your DNA is being taken to another octave of vibration, as is the energies of every planet within every house of your sign of astrology, every numerological vibration, every hour of every day that you are aligned with is now being taken to a higher octave of expression in exactly the same manner you are. (pause) . Each of your 12 pathways of destiny must be completed in one lifetime so as to achieve the ascension as it has been called. And it is this particular time line that is presenting you with that opportunity to complete them. You have completed a number of them already, in general you have approximately between 4 and 6 still left to complete. How long this takes is based on the choices you make, or the choices you don't make. It is all in your hands beloved ones, and your higher self; your future self with your permission will ensure that you make it, as long as you are prepared to step out of false pride, out of guilt, false sense of obligation, or any kind of fear and follow that truth. THE truth, The authentic journey that moves you into the next level of your life experience, which brings together all the grids of everybody experiencing the journey simultaneously. (pause)

And so the accelerated spirals of destiny are born on a planetary level, and as these spirals interlink, merge, move through and around each other, so the planetary pathways of destiny leading to the Golden Age can become fully active, and this is what is being completed over the next 36 months. The final foundations are to be laid within the next 18 weeks, and you are a part of it. The Lords and Ladies of Destiny will continue to work through your energy field ensuring that every connection is made to every person who is a part of that pathway, and that they too are assisted in responding to the call that you have now heeded, and that everything falls into place, allowing for these encounters, these destined meetings and journeys together to manifest. (pause)

Give thanks now for this opportunity to open your energy field to draw this energy in as you have (pause). Visualize a golden cloak settling over your energy field serving as a mantle of protection, a mantle that will insist in you fully integrating the energies of your new life path (pause), and from this moment forth it is now an active part of your energy field. Some of you have already been tapping into this new pathway, drawing the people and experiences into your energy field, and for some of you this may have began as long as a year ago. But you are ready now, you have heard the voice of truth speak. Never hesitate to follow it.

Give thanks to your higher self, your future self and all those divine beings of the light who are assisting you in bringing this pathway into full manifestation. (pause) Give to thanks to yourself for having made this choice today (pause) . Begin drawing your consciousness back into your physical body. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out root yourself to earth, feeling all the systems of energy you need to function properly in your physical world back in your body. Take another deep breath in as your stretch your legs and rotate your ankles, stretch your arms, rotate your wrists, rotate your shoulders and your neck allowing the energy to flow freely through the joints and anchoring you properly. (pause)

Beloved ones it is vital that you accept this pathway as a new part of you, not something else to be feared. Absolutely no thing will be removed from your life if it is a part of your pathway. Because you are embarking upon a new pathway does not mean that everything must fall away. Remember, there are many who are making the transition at the same time as you, and we are asking you to honour those voices, those niggling aspects inside of you that are trying to catch your attention and to acknowledge that what no longer is comfortable is because it is not a part of you anymore. Because it is time to experience another level of you, another level of freedom. So, in fact by collecting together all those fragmented aspects of yourself, which are called your past lives, history is becoming one expression, all the layers are being integrated in a manner of speaking, which is why it is valuable at this time to be aware of what your choices are, because with the grids overlapping each other as they are now, we are setting the stage to merge all of the grids together, extracting from each level, from each parallel and alternate reality the qualities of light, and integrating them into one expression, one world which is the Golden Age. Therefore all of history will become one story, which will be come the new story. Think about this because you will experience the same process as all of your grids are drawn together, merged and all the mastered aspects extracted to make up one story. This is why it is so vital for you to get over your history, and clearing the emotional body matrix in this fashion is being done for that purpose, for history to be left behind, the old wounds to be released, to choose the new, to focus on what is here and now and how that will become the future, as opposed to harping on history. History is just that, history, an old story, one that you have learnt from, not one that you have to keep on repeating.

So, beloved ones, may the life of your new story fill your being, and may this new story bring healing and fill your history with the qualities it was originally meant to carry; the stories of wisdom, of lessons learnt, skills mastered i.e. the powerful intelligence to create something new having learnt from the past. Make that your mission and let that be the system that guides you into the future.

Continue to trust in the many invisible arms that hold you, knowing that there is never a moment that you are alone, a moment to fear, or a moment to doubt our love, or the love of our cosmic parents, for you, and in fact for every single one of us. May your journey of illumination be a story of de-light you would like to share in your future with those who come after you. I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love & Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.