New Earth Rising : Cosmogenesis and the Lions Gate of 2007

The Energies for July 2007

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

"Lions Gate" by Margit Muehlbauer of Germany

Dearest Lightworkers, after the powerful energies of the Solstice on the 21st of June, the energies continue to intensify as you move towards the opening of the Lions Gate for 2007, which takes place from the 26th of July to the 12th of August.

As you know, dearest ones, this is the moment when the Earth begins her new cycle of spiritual evolution. It is what we would term the planetary New Year celebration. At this time, the Sun aligns with Sirius in the early morning sky in the Northern hemisphere, an event that the ancient Egyptians knew as the helical rising" of the star Sirius. The Earths two suns align in the sky, signifying the opening of the Sirius stargate, as powerful evolutionary energies and codes are transmitted to the Blue Star Earth from the
Blue Star Sun or Sirius.

But, dearest Lightworkers, here in 2007, not only are you commencing a new annual cycle, as indicated by the opening of the stargate, you are also entering into that new cycle of time that will take you into that moment that the Mayans called Cosmogenesis, or the creation of a new Cosmic Day. This is scheduled to occur in 2012, according to the Mayan calendar, and its galactic time-keeping.

At this present point, you are entering a new cycle of nine years that will complete in 2016. By that time, you will have experienced the
Cosmogenesis, or what we would call the Co-Creation of a New Cosmic Day, with Source and Spirit.

Yes, beloved ones, it is not only Earth that is moving towards a cycle of rebirth and renewal, it is also the Galaxy and the Cosmos itself. Your work, though, as inhabitants or children of Earth, is to awaken to your true work as Co-Creators, and to be ready to co-create the New Earth with Source. That is what you are here for; the choices that you make now will determine what you will create with Source. It is time to release all illusions and to start creating from absolute truth and light.

Know, dearest ones, that as the light intensifies in your galaxy and on your earth, only creations of light and unconditional love will take root and survive. All that is based in fear and exploitation will be revealed for what it is and rejected by those who seek peace, love and joy in their lives.

Dearest souls, what a gift this is, for the first time, you, humanity, as human angels, are privileged to co-create with Spirit. What you choose and what you create at this time will lay the foundations for the New Cycle and the New Earth. So, we cannot stress enough NOW is the time to choose life, love, peace, joy and beauty. Now is the moment to affirm Who You Are and to create from that essence. The Earth awaits your choices, you are the
creators. We in the Angelic realms are here to support your choices and your creations. We rejoice when we see the positive and loving choices that you are making in your work as co-creators of the New Earth.

So, in this month of July, as you enter into the new energies, we see many of you guided to certain places and rituals of love. Many have chosen the 7th of July as the time to honor the energies of the 07 07 07 and the opening of new stargates in the Earths galactic re-connection process. Others have chosen the 17th of July as their moment for global re-connection, as they have been led by their inner guidance. We ask you to honor these moments, as they are preparations for the powerful energies of Cosmogenesis and Renewal that will pour through the Lions Gate
in late July and early August.

Creating in Perfect Balance and through Sacred Union

Dearest Ones, in June you honored the Divine Feminine and the energies of the Triple Goddess. In July, and into August, the Divine Feminine comes forward to meet with her Divine counterpart, the Divine Masculine, to create the perfect fire or sacred flame, known as the Twin Flame. This is signified in the skies of your world by the Sacred Union of the two energies at the heliacal rising of Sirius, for Sirius represents the energies of Isis, the Great Mother, and the Sun
represents the Male energy of Ra-Herakuti-Osiris. In their Sacred Union, is the perfect balance of Passion and Creativity to co-create with Spirit.

And, as you move into the sun sign of Leo, the Goddess manifests as a Fire Goddess, passionate, warm, sensual, the perfect forge for the ultimate transformation of Cosmogenesis.

Dearest Lightworkers, the energies will be intense, electric, passionate, turbulent, creative! Stay in your center of Light and Peace, and stay Calm and Serene. Walk your path with Grace and Dignity and Unconditional Love.

Everything is changing and rebirthing on very deep levels. The elementals are making passionate love as they rebirth themselves at sub-atomic and deep levels. Dearest Ones, you are not the beings that you were ten years ago. You are different, the Earth is different. You are lighter and brighter, you are the Human Angels who are re-birthing a New Earth and a New Society. Flow with the energies of Peace, Joy and Love.

New Work and New Contracts and the Fourth Wave

Dearest Lightworkers, most of you have completed your contracts for the pre-cosmogenesis period. You are now moving to take up new contracts and new work for which you have been trained and prepared.

For many of you, this will involve entering into soulmate unions, and working as a team and within a Sacred Union or relationship. These loving and creative and passionate energies will be an integral part of how you experience the New Earth and the new energies in this period leading up to the moment of Cosmogenesis.

So, for many of you, it is the moment to step into your full potential and allow the world to see who you really are. It is time to express your power and to allow your light to be seen. As the Lions Gate energy pours through to the Earth, there will be a mass awakening that we will call the Fourth Wave.

Those of the Fourth Wave are not Lightworker family as you are, but are ordinary people who will suddenly awaken to who they are, and will seek for the Lightworker family to assist them, and will seek to become one with the Lightworker family at this time. They will be disoriented and anxious at what will be happening to them as the energy accelerates events in their lives. Dearest Lightworker family, it will be your work
to assist them by shining your light and living your truth, to show them that humans can be balanced and abundant in the new energies.

You have been trained and prepared for this time over many lifetimes, and many thousands of years. Now is the time of Awakening. Now is the time of Creation.

It is the time of Cosmogenesis a New Reality and a New Cosmic Birth.

The Energies in July

The Sun will be in Cancer, a water sign, until the 23rd of July, when it moves into the fire sign of Leo. So, the gentle and nurturing energy of Cancer will give way to the fiery passion of Leo at the Lions Gate.

The New Moon will be in Cancer on the 14th of July. A water moon is peaceful, gentle, loving and deep. The Moon is in its own house here, and so represents an optimum moment for planting seeds of feminine love and joy, and for celebrating the love and power of the Goddess within.

The Full Moon on the 30th of July will be in Aquarius, with the Sun in Leo. The Aquarius Full Moon, at the time of the Lions Gate, carries the full energy of the New Age. This is a powerful time. Respect these energies and honor them in meditation and rituals of light.

Mercury will be retrograde until the 9th of July, providing time for reflection and meditation, before moving forward once again into the powerful new energies.

Jupiter and Pluto are both retrograde in Sagittarius, and the Galactic center is at 26 degrees of Sagittarius. These planetary alignments are providing the galactic power that is the engine of these deep changes and transformations.

Dearest ones, the New Day is here. We wish you well as you create the New Earth. For, this is your destiny, and it is time to awaken and to express Who You Are. For you Are Children of the Stars. You are the Divine Essence in Human Form. You are Powerful Creators.

You Are.

Now is the Time!

2007-8 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

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