Call for Unification

The grid is built, ready and charged…LET'S GO!!

This is a worldwide Call for Unification in our efforts to co-create
a planetary civilization of Light! The time has come for us to
clarify and embody the concept of unification in order to synchronize
our heart-mind intent into one giant network and matrix of Light
force. By understanding that we all are on the same mission with our
individual focus and roles, we can work towards a conscious
transformation of our individual efforts into one collective force.
The intensity of our collective energy makes it possible to co-create
an ever-expanding matrix and transitory bridge for an infinite number
of people to embody the energies of unification, higher consciousness
and the new Earth reality.

Our unification on the planetary Crystalline Grid will allow us to
continuously receive and exchange information in Absolute Knowing
which is essential to accelerating our evolution as a species and in
alignment with the Greater Plan. As each of us enlists our services
with the unified collective, we reinforce this planetary network of
Light while fostering the creation of the inter-galactic bridge.
Serving as crystalline human portals and an extension of this
powerful light network, we can each receive and transmit these new
Earth energies to and from our intimate sphere of influence and the
geographic locations in which we live. We build our own networks of
light on this grid matrix and the channeled webbing expands from
there. With aligned intent, we can accelerate the unification process
especially into the areas of the world not currently being accessed.
We can stop the warring, the crime, the drugs, the abuse and bring
higher consciousness to the hearts of the multitude.

The goal of the massive harmonic resonant field created through our
grid unification is to amplify the power of Light on Earth and
throughout the Galactic to such a degree that the global and
universal shift in frequency will eliminate any potential rift in
harmony and peace in and among our population on Earth. This also
positively affects peaceful relationships with other galactic beings.
Moreover, it is through this type of unification that we can remain
stabilized and anchored during the accelerating spiral leading up to

There is a holy demonstration of monumental proportion emerging in
the Sedona vortex area of Arizona in the United States of America. A
City of Light. It has been built by beings of Light Intelligence,
guided by the Godhead. When it is revealed to the masses, it will
herald in a new era never before seen or experienced on this planet.
It will be catalytic to the emergence of other Cities of Light and
power stations around the globe. This City of Light will be one of
the major propelling forces for the world in its ability to transmit
Light and healing power across the Crystalline "Unity" Grid.

The Crystalline Grid, City of Light emergence and the Unified Mission
are explained in detail below.

The Crystalline Grid: Vehicle for Mass Unification

The Crystalline Grid links all of the crystals in the Earth and
crosses major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect
the Earth to cosmic forces and other dimensional worlds. It is a
lattice of lines also called ley lines. At their point of
intersection, energy vortexes of strong electromagnetic energy are
created. This elaborate geometric grid was also known to the ancients
and is why many of the world's pyramids, religious sanctuaries and
mystical sites coincide with its lines. It is through this geodesic,
holographic crystalline matrix that the "Cities of Light" will be
anchored on Earth.

This "grid of light", also referred to as the Unity Grid, the
Ascension Grid and the Christ Consciousness Grid, is a higher
dimensional, light grid structure that is now activated around the
entire planet for its use by humanity. There have been many
lightworkers referred to as "gridworkers" whose responsibility has
been in the repair and activation of this grid structure previously
used during the time of Atlantis. We give great gratitude to these
enduring souls who have been involved in this focused mission. This
grid will become increasingly charged as we approach 2012 and as more
and more of us merge into its multidimensional expansive energy.

Glimmering as a faceted diamond, the Crystalline Grid is our new
spiritual foundation and provides the template for new Earth
energies. Also called the "grid of stability", it gifts great
stabilization to our transfiguration process into the new crystalline
light body blueprint. Part of its energy is responsible for the
storehouse of the entire knowledge of the planet. It holds the
records, the codes and the template of the new Earth. Likened to an
enormous planetary wide meridian system and "cosmic internet", all of
us can now instantly connect on a higher, energetic level. We can
turn our focus to it, merge into and use it in a multitude of attain and embody unity consciousness, to help stabilize
transformation processes, to telepath with each other and other
realms, to send and receive healing energies, to receive higher
knowing, to activate latent coding, to manifest desires, to connect
with higher Light intelligence, to travel interdimensionally…
anything you want it to be with respect to your spiritual evolution
and advancement into higher consciousness. By connecting into the
Crystalline Grid, we all become receivers and transmitters of the
higher Light one unified team of Light force. As you
merge into this unity grid, you will begin to open up to your highest
human potential and the infinite realm of possibilities.

The magnetics of this planet are dramatically shifting and the energy
is merging into a crystalline energy field. The magnetics hold the
past. As the magnetic field dissolves, the past goes away. Without
the past, why would there be a need to war, to abuse, the feel
hatred? This Crystalline Grid can be used to stop the conflicts in
duality because all of these types of energies are based upon past

By uniting as a collective force on the Crystalline Grid and with
unified intent, we can accelerate the mass awakening of consciousness
and bring more and more people across the bridge. We can finally
restore peace to this world. Haven't we all have been asking how this
shift is going to happen on a mass scale and in such a seemingly
short amount of linear time? The Crystalline Grid is the answer.
Please go within to receive the Truth to what is being shared.

Emergence of the Sedona "City of Light"

Due to its massive concentration of crystalline energy and strong
electromagnetic fields, Sedona, Arizona is becoming one of the
world's central power stations in the transmission of transforming
Light energy across this planetary grid of unification.

Sedona is world famous as a major earth portal, energy vortex and
interdimensional doorway. As a major planetary "power spot" due to
its elevated frequencies, the entire Sedona area is currently
undergoing its own quantum leap into one of the new Earth's Cities of
Light. Many Cities of Light will be divinely established across the
globe to serve as geographical anchors of monumental healing power
and Light during the mass transformation of humankind. A "City of
Light" is the new Earth and these energetics are initially emerging
in certain world locations that can support this high frequency of
Light energy. Many visionaries are currently confirming what's been
prophesized by many past spiritual scholars as the "new Jerusalem"
now emerging in the interdimensional Sedona portal. Sedona will be
the first geographical location in the world to go galactic while
serving as the bridge between dimensional realities. Many of our
world scientists will be astonished at the impact that this silent
yet powerful move (currently in action) will have for the total

Sedona is a land once completely submerged under water, many times.
One only has to tune into the finer frequencies to connect to the
energies of the whales and dolphins that once swam here, helping to
seed the codes for this holy City of Light emergence. There is great
purification and a "changing of the guard" currently underway in
Sedona's energetic fields. There are new portals opening and the
vortexes and Light grid network are all being cleansed, recalibrated,
strengthened, and, in some instances, relocated for greater
stabilization and anchoring of this multidimensional new Earth
blueprint. The crystalline grid and its connection to other sacred
sites around the world is ultra powerful from the Sedona vortex area.
The largest portals on the planet that remain as portals have large
crystalline structures under them. Such is the case with Sedona.
Miles of crystal caverns exist underneath its sacred Native American
soil. These crystals are a combination of record keeper and generator
crystals with the Light codes of the planet encoded upon their
crystalline matrix. These, as well as the crystalline encodements
within the famous red rocks, are now activating to reveal and support
this massive transfiguration of Sedona's vibratory frequency.

The Unified Mission - Operation Crystalline Grid

What is the grid network?

We must identify the places of crystalline power that are appropriate
and destined as the central hubs or power stations of the grid across
the globe. These places of centralized power hold a high concentrated
level of crystalline energy, purified frequencies and are the massive
energy fields used to support this grid matrix (i.e. Sedona, Lake
Titicaca, etc.). From these central hubs, the network radiates out
into the world. Numerous channels branch off from the central power
station and connect into smaller nodules of concentrated crystalline
energy as periphery power stations. For example, these supporting
nodes are other strong geographical locations and even strong
spiritual organizations and communities that hold a high
concentration of Light force (ie: Federation of Damanhur in Italy).
The grid is a giant matrix of Light energy with mini hubs of
accelerated power and light that then connect back into the main
power transmitter such as a City of Light. In between the crystalline
nodules are a multitude of Light networks that are established for
the transmission of energies to and from individual people, certain
groups, world events, governments, the media, environmental concerns,
world issues, etc.. We, as the human portals and radiators of this
crystalline energy can direct tremendous amounts of transforming
energy from the grid to certain people, places and events. We can
also be charged and recharged with endless energy as we connect into
the grid and go about our mission in the outer world.

Remember, the grid is a storehouse of the entire knowledge of the
planet and holds the template for the new Earth energetics. By
synchronizing our thoughts and heart intentions on to the grid, this
creates frequencies that connect to our Higher Light and the Divine
Plan of Earth. On the grid, we have easier access to all knowledge.
We have easier access to unlimited energy. We open up to our highest
human potential. We become energy alchemists and masters of
manifestation. We can do this singularly or as a group. We will make
these worldwide linkages and help transform separation through our
thought/feeling waves, energy from the Earth and through the grid's
crystalline energetics. By connecting consistently to the grid and
using this as our bridge into the new Earth reality, we will make
profound and accelerated impact upon our individual process and that
of the awakening of humanity en masse. Can you now begin to see how
all of this can be accomplished in the simplistic energies of
intention, ease and grace versus enduring hours of physical action,
stress and overwhelm!

How to connect and use the grid?

The Crystalline Grid stimulates us to evolve into self mastery over
all limiting thought and feeling and to embody only the highest
levels of impeccability and integrity. As a unified collective
consciousness, the grid will help us integrate and harmonize as a
true group energetic of enlightened beings. It is an instrument of
peace, cooperation and Love. It cannot be misused because one must
reside in a purer, higher frequency to use and connect to it.

We connect through our intentions, focus, meditations, transmissions,
healing energies and other desires to and from other channels and

The grid connects our Light Bodies to each others and to the Earth.
The geometry of our Light Body is resonant to the geometry of the
Earth's and the grid's crystalline energy. This is why it is
increasingly important to place focus upon Light Body development and
its multidimensional structures. The more the Light Body is
developed, the more easily one can connect to the endless
possibilities and highest potential of the Crystalline Grid.

Ways to connect:

Go within and ask
Personal intention and focus
Group intention and focus
Meditation, visualization, sound/tone, the breath
Harmonizing the geometries of your Light body to geometries of the
Working with specifically programmed crystals
Planting crystals in the Earth programmed to connect to the grid
Asking your higher Light and guiding Light intelligence to assist you
Connect through your solar plexus power center or multidimensional
heart gateway
Connect in the full grounded-ness of your human form
Connect when in group meditations, rituals and ceremonies
Connect in every day as part of your spiritual practice and awareness

Remember this is a bridge and new earth reality…transition and be in
this awareness as much as possible!

Examples of how to use the grid:

To send Love and support to others
To heal oneself and transmit distant healing to others
To connect with other individuals and groups
To assist with personal transformation processes
To assist with planetary transformation processes
To stabilize, balance, transmute energies
To shine Light into areas of separation
To assist in duality transcendence
To activate latent coding
To access the Universal Language of Light
To develop and transmit telepathic communication
To link the world into unity consciousness
To increase manifestation powers
To develop skills in higher consciousness
To facilitate communication with guides and higher Light intelligence
To connect to the greater Sun and Source energy
To use as an entry and exit point for interdimensional travel
To receive download of one's divine blueprint and life mission
To embody absolute knowing

Is this grid managed?

Many are already taking advantage of the Crystalline Grid's
accelerating potentials. This is not a controlled, hierarchal
implementation rather, a co-creative manifestation orchestrated by
higher Light Intelligences. It is a self operating and self
sustaining system of communication and energy transfer. This web of
Light is new Earth structure and will become a massive global and
universal spiritual telecommunications system and transitory bridge
that supports the planetary shift.

It is strengthened as more and more people connect into it. Regarding
the overall understanding of its use, this is where we can all join
together and share ideas and experiences. A forum or several forums
can be created around the world and in different languages to share
experiences, ideas and results of the action on the grid. Ways to
improve our abilities to connect, transmit, receive, and to bring
forth other uses will be paramount to our mission success.

When do we start?

We start immediately. The grid is now active and in place. The sacred
sites and central power stations are energized and strengthening in
power. All of the Cities of Light exist in their etheric templates.
We can begin to draw upon the assistance and power of these cities
and the new Earth now!

Live it, breathe it, merge into it now! Organize your group's focus,
network with others and establish links with other resonant spiritual
contacts. Spread the word. With unified intention, we must connect as
many Lightworkers as possible to the grid in order to strengthen its
power and the force of unified intent.

If you feel called, please forward this email to as many people as
possible and worldwide. We have translations in Spanish, Portuguese,
French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin) and Hindi.
Contact Children of the Sun for these translations at

In closing…

In her 1996 published book, "The Light Shall Set You Free", Dr. Norma
Milanovich writes, "Soon the new electromagnetic grid will be
complete. When this occurs, the etheric, cosmic doors that emerge
will create entrance and exit points that facilitate interdimensional
travel. Communication with the gods, just as in Atlantis, will
become "business as usual," and all who earn the higher vibrational
frequency connected with the Higher Self will have access to this
communications channel network. The new matrix will be likened to a
tuning fork as it vibrates and connects the higher consciousness of
humans all over the world. The grid will create a web of Light and
focused human consciousness, vibrating on wave lengths that use the
Universal Language of Light to transmit messages. It will be a super
highway for evolution in the years to come."

Submitted by:

Children of the Sun
P.O. Box 651
Sedona City of Light
Arizona, 86339
United States of America
(928) 203-5805

Much gratitude to the following energies for inspiration and deeper
understanding of the Crystalline Grid mission:

Thoth, mission download; Kryon through Lee Carroll, on the grid
shifts; Maia at Spirit Heart Sanctuary;
Soluntra King, on Earth's grids and portals; Ronald Holt and the
Flower of Life research;
Dr. Norma Milanovich, on the electromagnetic grid

Thank you to our editor, Elizabeth Follette and language translators:
John Lopez, Isabel Snyder, Sedona Keller