AND SO IT IS ... 7 7 7' that day has dawned, it has come and gone and we are back to living in the now moment of time as we view it, awaiting the ongoing developments of these rather special energy inputs that we are already enjoying.

The day dawned with a heightened expectancy and an air of mystique as the heavens opened wide and the angelic hosts were heard as their celestial choirs issued forth such tones of beauty and sacred resonance.

The world as we know it will never, ever, be the same after this grand yet subtle input and injection of purest divine love that has redefined the various grids and indelibly etched them on the eternal ethers of life.

What joy we share as we witness these events with such clarity and awareness. What responsibility we do joyfully accept as we become the conduits on planet, the means and messengers whom act as the lightening conductors that help ground and earth these heavenly inputs of such substance into and onto beloved planet Earth.

We literally joined hearts, hands and souls around this beautiful planet in one unified force-field of light and love personified, paving the way for this inauguration event to be successfully employed, filling all the planetary grids with such an increased light quotient and preparing the way for further energy defined attributes to most surely ensue.

Today has been a day of rejoicing, a day a sharing and participation, a day of unrivalled magnitude as the love/ light quotient streams forth in this Harmonic event of 7 7 7' and heralding all that will undoubtably follow in its wake.

Mother Earth is joyful! Lady Gaia is delighted! And God is well pleased!

This is virtually the true new year' that will most surely herald momentous eventualities that will rebuild and redefine the whole glorious flow and momentum of the ensuing events within this glorious universal ascension.

So beloved way-showers on planet Earth, take a bow, know that all I S in perfect divine order and that the pathway is prepared for all good things' to follow, majestically flowing in profound simplicity, and so it is.

Hold hard the helm of this beautiful ship, as Mother Earth leads you all into pastures new through, as yet, uncharted waters. Stand firm and walk tall in your light, in your power, and hold firm that vision of a grand new world.

Flex your spiritual muscles, bathe in the love that you are, look inwards with positivity and purpose as these sequence of energetic inputs abound and offer you a veritable multitude of wondrous opportunities. What a joy and a privilege to be here in these momentous times of change, wonder and enlightenment.

I Am that I Am.

(c)Alec Christos Gabbitas. Broadstairs, England, UK. 01843/866875 July 7. 2007