Point From Which All Creation Has Come


Leigha Rose Starr

June 19, 2007

I invoke the Light of the Christ within, I am a pure and perfect channel, Light is my Guide.
I invoke the Light of the Christ within, I am a pure and perfect channel, Light is my Guide.
I invoke the Light of the Christ within, I am a pure and perfect channel, Light is my Guide.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The messages this day come from a Higher Vision of Creation than is known by most who are called Human. We would like to briefly describe that your experience is of your Planet, of the Planetary Complex, of the Solar System, what you call the Universe, that you live in.

We would like for you to move into your Heart Spaces, into the Point of Light that is the Essence of your Being, the Light that was dispersed, given to create your Individuated Experience as Human, upon this Planet, at this time. Or in some of your cases, you have connection or remembrance to other lives in what appear to be other times on your Planet. We would say to you that it is all at the same time, it is going on at the same moment, you simply have an ability as Human, to separate yourself and to be the Individuated Beingness that you are.

This may appear to be confusing, we would suggest that you move beyond the confusion, for there is much more to be aware of at this time. If you have questions, ask them and they will be answered. The reason that we are making this point is, there is a much ‘bigger picture’ than what you call Universal, and those that are bringing this message to you, would call it Cosmic, or All of Creation. There is a Oneness in you with All That Is, and much more, that is in the spaces in between, all that you perceive that is, or that which much of Creation perceives.

What we would like to describe to you is what is going on in your experience and expression in the Flow, within a ‘bigger picture’ than what you may be aware of. All on the Planet, be they Human or other, have become aware, at some layer and level, there is Great Change going on in, upon, and above this Planet and in the Complex that it resides in. Your perception is that things come to you in this Planetary Complex, this Solar System in the Universe.

The expansion that we would like for you to perceive is, all is flowing, just as the Planet is revolving around the sun and the moon is revolving around the Planet, this Solar System, in this Universe, in the ‘bigger picture’ all are moving. There have been changes that you have, as Humans, had little of no awareness of. There is much in the way of changes that you know of, and yet are pretending or ignoring, as if that they are not there, the time for that is complete, you are in the midst of Great Change!

Is this more, or greater than the change that you have experienced in your life? Somewhat, it has to do with the fact that the Universe if moving through a part of Creation that you might call catalytic. It is bringing forth shifting and changing in your Universe, in your Solar System, in your Planet, in your life.

It is time to have a ‘bigger picture’, for much of Humanity’s experience, the perception has been that this Planet is here for you, and the journey is about the Human Journey, and much of that was true. It no longer is about the individual, about Humanity, it is a Planetary experience that is a ripple in waves that are much, much bigger, both going out and coming in.

It is time for Humanity to find a good relationship with this wondrous Planet that has gifted them with the opportunities to create, to experience, to harvest wisdom, to be Who and What they truly are. To do that, you must find a perspective of relationship with the Planet and with each other.

The Energies of this time are emphasizing this relationship to be one of Love. This playground, this Planetary playground has been a place to experiment with the Energies of Separation from Self, from Higher Aspects, the Spirit of Self. Separation from God, separation from each other, separation from the Planet, separation from the Diversity. And part of that separation has been the playground of Fear.

This Planet made an agreement to be in the place that she is, for you, that time of being oriented towards Humans is done, partially because Humans have relinquished their rights and responsibilities to each other, and to those from other places in All of Creation, They have given away of themselves, they have fragmented themselves and each other, and they have come very close to really harming this Planet, herself.

Much of this has come forth in experience, consciousness, belief systems, organizations, fragmentations into separation that says, ‘You are different, so you are bad. You are like me, so you are good.’, this is called the ‘Judgement Game’. The time for Fear, Separation, as it has been known, and the Judgement Game is done, it is completely done!

The Planet’s Mandate of Love and Light is now brought forth, it has been coming forth for approximately 30 years and you no longer can deny these Flows in your life. If you do, you will continue on a downward spiral and your time in relationship with this Planet will soon come to an end.

Why do we say this? It is to give you awareness. What is going on? There is a shifting, more and more Light is being literally given off from your sun, blasted into the atmosphere of this Planet. It is warming up the Planet, it is warming up your lives, it is calling to your heart, and it says, ‘Time to open!’ Many of you have guarded, shielded and imprisoned your own hearts so that you might refrain from feeling Love, because you associate, in your fear, pain with Love.

To experience, to allow your Soul to come forth within you, in relationship with that which you call the Great Ones of Light, you may call them God, you may call them Jesus or Yeshua, you may call them Mohammed, you may call them the God of Buddha, or the Buddhists, you may call them the Hindu Gods, (the Gods of) the Earth based religions. You may even deny that there is a Greater Being, completely.

Yet in the deep point of your Heart of Hearts, you know that there is a Point that created, that is your Source, that you came forth from, that is the Light of your Beingness. Even those who play in the Deepest Density, or in some of your language, the Darkest Dark, have these Points of Light within them. Deny it if you will, or open your heart and be aware of Who you truly are as Spirit brought forth in Human form. Be the Beingness, the Spirit that you are, in relationship with the Light, and the Beingness that is present with others.

In discernment, yes, in that relationship, in judgement...let it go! It ceases to serve any! Many of your conscious belief systems, religions, and choices are based in Fear. Everyone on this Planet has a choice! Choose the Light and the Love in your heart, and come forth as the Beings that you truly are, or choose Fear.

If you are choosing Fear, we pray that your choice will be revealed to you, for many who feel that they have chosen Light, Love, and their Spiritual Beingness, will find they are living in Fear. A consciousness that has been given to them, a consciousness that has been brought forth as their belief system.

Be willing to spend a few moments each day, focused on the Light, the Love of your own heart in relationship to greater Beingness. Just a few moments, 10, 11 minutes once a day, will change your life! Stop, breathe, give gratitude, Be, and go forth in the Freedom from Fear that has been your life, your heritage!

To facilitate this, a gift has been given, an inflow of Love and Light, you may choose other names, that is just fine. Language can sometimes be a crutch, otherwise times it is freeing. The great point of Freedom is the Light in your heart united with the Light in your Planet’s heart, willing to be open to the Light of your Creative Source, aware of the Light in all the Diversity within you and around you.

A Flow has been opened, some of you are beginning to feel it, it will be more available to awareness by the time that is considered your Summer Solstice. By the first part of what you call July, there will be feelings within people, sometimes it will be as light as the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings. It will go the spectrum of experience, depending on the choices of that Beingness, it is the awakening, the opening of the Heart of Humanity.

This Light, these feelings, will bring you into a place of greater Joy, some may call it bliss. (Also) more connectedness to the Essence of your Being and that which created you and brought you forth. For those whose hearts are shielded, guarded, protected, boxed it...there will still be the opportunity for this Energy to open you, ****to bring you forth*** the remembrance of the Love that is your Beingness, the Beingness of All. For we are all connected.

Some will find that the experience of this will be light, delicate, joyous, filled with marvelous, joyous experiences. We are giving you forewarning, do not analyze it, do not label it, simply flow with it. A gift has been given of Remembrance, the gift is being received, whether you know it or not.

When you assign ‘meaning’ you begin to lessen the Flow! If you move into a place of Fear, you may find that the lightness is less comfortable and it will run the spectrum from the feeling of butterfly wings and a candle has been lit within your Soul. It has always been there, you are now aware of it, and in it is the warmth, the Love, the Light of your Being and of your Creative Source, which can be focused on and expanded throughout all that you know as your Individuated Being, your Self. Or it may feel tight, constrained, as if it is trying to break through the walls that you have put around you, which it is. If you breathe and focus and allow it to melt, your shielding, your limitations, it will do so. =If you become fearful, it will be less comfortable. Some may even begin to feel that they are having a heart attack. They is the heart allowing the Light to bring forth a healing of the attack of shielding, of limitation.

Breathe, bring in the Light, see yourself filled with pure Energy. Let go of your judgements, your polarization of ‘good and evil’, allow the Light of the Creative Source to fill you. You may perceive it as clear energy filled with rainbows, hearts, stars, however you may experience it. It is your choice. Fear and Separation, Judgement and Condemnation will create a less comfortable experience. Open and perceive that it is all the Great Creative Source.

You will find that by the middle of July, to the around of the middle of the 20's of July, this will be happening. If you allow yourself to open and expand, the Oneness, the Love, will be made manifest in your life! If you are finding that much in your life feels chaotic, difficult, it is, you are going through a process of letting go of what you perceive to be your life and you are breaking down that old Consciousness and Belief System to make a breakthrough to the Essence of your Being, the Oneness of All, the Point in Creation that has brought forth all creation.

We suggest that you start now, melting away the shielding, the boxing in of your heart. That you start by looking up the definition of judgement, and the definition of discernment. Practice discernment, take dominion...another word to look up the definition of, and move out of your places of judgement of others and most especially of yourself. Allow that which whose time of service is complete to move away, to come out of the shell and be the Gift of Light and Love that you truly are!

We thank you, we bless you, we are the Light, the Love of the Point of Creation that has brought forth all the rest of Creation. We use the word We for we are One, all the Aspects, all the Particles, all the pieces. Amongst all of that is every single one of you! We request (that) you connect for 10 or 11 minutes each day to this Light and Love. Expand your heart, expand your Beingness, and when you are ready, reconnect in you have never been disconnected in reality with the Oneness of All!

We thank you, We love you, We bless you. We are present in every molecule of Being, in every breath of air, in every moment of what you call your life! Thank you! Namaste`

Leigha was seeing that within 30 years, the Planet and Humanity will have shifted! YES!

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